How To Overcome From Writer’s Block? 10 Tips For Bloggers!

Are you suffering from writer’s block?

…Not able to write new blog posts for your blog…

It is the most terrible situation when you aren’t able to write new content for your blog.

I had also faced the same situation many times when I was not able to write for my blog. I was in a situation where my mind was not getting ready to write a single word for a new post.

But I had managed to overcome from writer’s block every time. I follow many methods to get rid of writer’s block and come back on track for writing.

This happens with bloggers, content writers and also writers who write books.

Your readers are waiting for the new blog post on your blog but you are not able to write anything, so, how a new blog post will come?

This post will help you to know what is writer’s block, what causes writer’s block and how you can overcome from writer’s block?

What Is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is a condition for writers when they lose the ability to write content. In this condition, writers are not able to produce new contents.

There are many causes of writer’s block.

Every writer faces this problem, It is not good for the writers because in that they can not produce new content.

AND this also become the reason for quitting blogging, or the work they write for.

A blog needs to be updated frequently but if you are struggling with the mindset that doesn’t let you write then this is gonna hurt your blog too, in term of traffic and income.

You know that you’ve to write frequently for your blog but this condition is not letting you write. You don’t know how to overcome this.

Well, you will get amazing tips that I use for getting rid of writer’s block and it works well.

But before, you should understand why you get stuck into writer’s block.

What Causes Writer’s Block?

Here are the reasons why you got stuck in this situation where your mind is not letting you write:

Out Of Ideas: When you are out of new content ideas, you can get stuck into the writer’s block.

Timing: You can’t write because the time you choose to write is not good for you. You might not feel comfortable in that. Or this is not the right time to write, you may need to do more research on the topic you are going to write about.

Getting Afraid: This commonly found in beginners, they afraid of writing new content because they think that their writing skills are not good. This can stop you from writing just because you think that your writing is not as good as your competitors’.

Perfectionism: You have an idea to write a new blog post on, but you can’t write because you think that you are not perfect in that particular topic which leads you to writer’s block.

Distraction: The most important thing which doesn’t let you write, the place you use to write from have lots of distractions which not let you write.

Thus, it also happens with the tool you use to write. When you are using a tool that doesn’t provide you with a good environment to write then you need to change the writing tool.

There can be many reasons that cause writer’s block in blogger. But these mentioned reasons are found most commonly…

Now let’s move to the how you can overcome from writer’s block once you get into it and not able to write for your blog.

As I have faced this situation many times and every time I managed to get rid of it. I am sharing all the tips below as per my experience and which worked for me.

Tips To Overcome From Writer’s Block For Bloggers

There can be tons of tips/methods you can use to overcome from writer’s block. You only need to find what you love to do, what can make you stress-free, what helps you to fresh your mind.

Because the writer’s block is a type of stress that doesn’t let you write.

Here are the tips you can follow to overcome from writer’s block and keep on track of writing for your blog:

Go For Walk

Writer’s block happens when you take stress about writing or creating new content for your blog.

You need to make your mind free from that STRESS…

You can go for a walk in the evening or morning to make your mind fresh and let new ideas come into your mind.

When you go for a walk, try to forget the stress you have. Because if you continue thinking about that, it can make it more complicated.

A walk will also help you when you are writing for a long time back and got bored or tired of writing. This walk will make your mind fresh and help you to focus on writing when you start again.

I do also follow this for myself, I give at least 1 hour daily for a walk in the early morning. And literally, it helps me to be productive for the entire day.

Do Non-Writing Activities

Children’s books editor Maria Tunney find that keeping yourself away from your own work and get into someone else’s work can help in getting rid of writer’s block.

When you are doing the same work for a long time, writing continuously from weeks can make you bored from the work you are doing.

You can help your friend in their work related to their office projects, help your mom in cooking, take care of your garden etc. You surely have lots of option around you…

So, changing the path for a short period will help you to get back with more power and ideas.

Take A Break And Do What You Love To Do

How To Overcome From Writer's Block? 10 Tips For Bloggers!

Everyone has something which they like most to do and they always become happy while doing that.

There should be something that makes you happy whenever you feel any kind of stress, it can be playing games, cooking, reading books etc.

For me, I love to play cricket with my friends that make me happy. If physical cricket is not possible at that time, I also love to play cricket games.

It always helps to make my mind fresh and throw away negative thoughts that stop me from writing new content.

So, when you feel you got demotivated from writing, means you stuck in writer’s block. Try to take a break of some hours or days, and enjoy doing what you love to do, what makes you happy.

Find your favourite activity which can make you happy, Maybe you love to:

  • Watching Movies
  • Listen to Songs
  • Playing Games
  • Cooking
  • Reading books
  • Painting
  • And so on…

Eliminate Distractions

You are stuck in writer’s block, it means you are demotivated from writing… can’t write more…

Distraction is the most commonly found reason why bloggers stuck in writer’s block.

It is very tough to write from a place where you have to hear too much noise which distracts you continuously, you can’t focus on writing. Right?

In this situation, you can leave or change your work area. You can move to a cafe, library or set up an office at a new place to work without being distracted.

There can be another type of distraction, that is the writing tool you are using to write. I use Calmly Writer that provides a completely distraction-free environment for writing that helps you to focus only on writing.

Gutenberg Editor is also very cool when it comes to distraction-free writing… I use its full-screen mode that removes the left side WordPress menu and gives you a white screen where you can write without being distracted.

Here is the list of best writers you can use for writing…

Create A Routine

overcome from writer's block by creating routing

Having a routine for writing can really help you in writing and keeping you away from writer’s block.

As a blogger, you have many tasks to do, from writing content to promoting them. Right?

But you can’t write at any time, there should be a time when you are more productive and feel good writing.

For me, I always writing blog posts at the night because there was no chances of getting distracted, no phone calls and messages, no one to make noise because everyone sleeps that time.

I have seen people love to write in the early morning, so you need to find out when you are comfortable in writing. Find out those hours when you are more productive than other hours of the day.

Create a routine and assign writing new content in the hours when you feel more productive than other hours of the day.

This tip will really help you to stay productive and away from getting into the writer’s block.

Spend Time With Someone Who Makes You Happy

Everyone has someone special in their life, I am not talking about GF and BF. 😉

It can be he/she or anyone you love to see and who can motivate you, be it your parents, mentor, teacher, old friend etc.

Spend some time with him/her, that will fresh your mind and let come positive vibes into your head.

It is true, when you are happy then you will give your best to all the work you do.

Convert Your Ideas Into Bullet Points

If you are someone who found it very difficult to write the entire post which throws you into writer’s block.

So, creating outlines before starting writing a post will help. Because this way, you can divide a long post into small sections.

I personally do it before writing a new blog post, I create bullet-points for the entire blog post which makes easy for me to write the entire blog post.


Freewriting involves writing in pre-set amount of time without taking a single pause.

When you are not able to get ideas to write on your blog post under the NICHE you write.

Stop writing that…

Start writing freely, doesn’t matter what to write and forgot about the spelling and grammatical mistakes you are making in between writing.

Ignore them!

The motive of freewriting is, writing without taking a pause, writing without second-guessing… free from doubt, apathy, or self-consciousness, all of which contribute to writer’s block.

You can set a timer in your phone and start writing without taking a pause and caring about the mistakes you are making, just write.

Writing Introduction In Start Is Not Mandatory

The introduction is the start of your blog post, that hook readers to read the entire blog post.

But if you are like me, who always stuck in writing the introduction which throws you in writer’s block.

Stop thinking about the introduction, start from where you feel comfortable to write. You can write the introduction later when the entire post complete.

Take A Break From Blogging

overcome writer's block

This my FAVORITE method!

If none of the above methods working for you then you try this one.

Take a small break of some days or weeks from blogging and plan a trip to somewhere you want to go to. I use this method when I deeply into stress and can’t give time for writing.

It always works for me.

FAQ About Writer’s Block

Here are some frequently asked questions about writer’s block:

What is writer’s block?

Writer’s block is a situation for writers when they lost the ability to produce new content. In this situation, bloggers are not able to write new blog posts for their blog.

What causes writer’s block?

Here are the reasons that cause writer’s block:

  1. Distraction
  2. Laziness
  3. Timing
  4. Fear
  5. Perfectionism
  6. Out of new content ideas

How long can writer’s block last?

It can be last in some minutes, some hours, some months or even it can take years to last. It is a very painful situation for bloggers and content writers where they can’t write new content.

How do you get over writer’s block?

Here are the methods you can use to overcome from writer’s block:

  1. Go for a walk and fresh your mind
  2. Talk to someone who can motivate you
  3. Do non-writing activities
  4. Take a break and do what you love to do
  5. Eliminate all the distractions around you
  6. Create a routine
  7. Use Freewriting
  8. Take a break and change your environment

What’s another word for writer’s block?

The other words for writer’s block are Writer’s burnout, creative burnout, Inability to produce new creative work, burnout etc.

Closing Thoughts

Writer’s block is very painful for bloggers and content writers, I have seen beginners quit blogging just because they can’t write any more.

If you are a blogger then you can not afford to get in the writer’s block. Because as a blogger, you have to update your blog and publish quality content for your readers.

Writer’s block is a kind of stress for the writer’s block that stops you from writing new content for your blog. Which might lead to quitting blogging as happens with beginners.

No one cares about a blog that has old posts published and now you aren’t able to write more content.

Your readers will start moving away from your blog and will find other blogs where they can get the same information.

I have mentioned all the tips which will definitely help you to overcome from the Writer’s block.

Don’t forget to mention the method that you found working for yourself in the comments, which helps you to overcome from writer’s block.

I hope you liked this post and found it useful if you did, then share it with others…

Overcome From Writer's Block
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