How To Overcome From Writers Block?

Some days ago I was suffering from the Writers Block, Usually, I write one post daily and publish it here.

But Some days ago I could not write the post daily because of my heart was not saying to write. I had many ideas about which I can write. I had a lot of blog posts ideas to write on.

Maybe you don’t know What is Writers Block?

Writer’s Block is a condition for the writers, In this condition, they lose the ability to write, That time they cannot produce new content like Ebooks and Blog Posts. 

Every writer faces this problem, It is not good for the Writers because in that they can not produce new content.

We have to write blog posts for our reader and update our blog. But in that condition, it is very difficult to produce the new high-quality blog post. 

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In this posts, I am going to share with you some tips which I have personally used some days when I was suffering from the same.

Go Outside

Go Outside

Sometimes we got irritated by writing, it happens when you write a lot. If you are writing from 5 hours before then you will definitely get this problem where you want to stop writing immediately. Or you don’t want to write anymore.

You can say you got bored by writing posts or something else.

For avoiding that block you just need a break from the writing for some time, You can take a short break for 1 hour. 

Then you can go out on that break from your office or setup. You can go for a walk or market to see what interesting is going on?

This is the one of my best way to overcome the Writers Block. This always works for me and definitely, it will work for you as well.

Do Your Favourite Activity


Everyone has something which they like most to do and they always become happy with that activity.

Like for me, Whenever I get demotivate I love to listen to songs by earphones in my ear. This makes me feel alone. 

As I have an activity which I love to do when I get demotivated. 

Find your favorite activity which can make you happy, Maybe you love to:

  • Watching Movies
  • Listen to Songs(Like me)
  • Play Games
  • Social Media
  • And many more…

Eliminate Distractions


If you are demotivated from the writing then there is definitely a reason for that. 

Like many of the bloggers are not able to write in the environment where children are playing and making noise. In this situation, you can leave or change your work area. You can move to a cafe or library to write your blog posts or ebooks.

Find out what is distracting you from the writing and eliminate it.

Create A Routine

Create a Routine

Many people don’t like to follow routines, but is the very effective way to be productive. 

Set a time for writing, make sure to set time in which you are more productive. 

For me, I always like to write a post in the late night (11:00 pm to 1:00 pm) these are the hours, I feel free and environment also good no one can disturb me because everyone sleeps in that hours. 

Talk To Someone

Talk to Someone

Everyone has someone to which they can be happy after interacting him/her. That person can be your friend and your love once. 

That is the special one with which you feel good to talk to him/her. 

Motivate Yourself

You start writing because you want to create awesome ebooks or blog posts our your reader.

Lack of motivation is the main reason behind the Writers block, Let try to motivate yourself. Let Image, why you want to write? What will you get if you write a quality content?

  • You can also do these things to motivate yourself:
  • Watch Motivation Video on Youtube
  • Read Motivation Books
  • Read Bio of Successful people in your Field
  • Listen to Motivation songs

Closing Thoughts

If you are a blogger then you can not afford to get in the Writers Block because as a blogger, you have to update your blog and publish quality full blog posts for your readers. If you failed to do so then you will lose all the traffic and reader which you earned from your blog.

No one care about blogs which has too old posts which they already read.

I have mentioned all the tips which will definitely help you to overcome the Writers block. I hope you like this post If you do so then don’t forget to share this which your friends by clicking the sharing buttons below.

If you have your own ways which you used to overcome from writer block then don’t forget to mention it in the comment and you can also share with me on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. yeah Ravi, even I also feel this some days in a week. but I know what is it and how to recover myself from this irritating situations. thanks, bro this tip will help me a lot.


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