7 Useful Tips To Write the Perfect Business Mail

Have you ever judged people by the way they write their emails?

Don’t be embarrassed, because we all do that.

In fact, every time you send out a formal email to a colleague, a senior, a subordinate, a client or to a person you are yet to meet, you too get judged by your style of writing an email.

So, how do you draft an impressive work email?

Had it been an academic assignment, you could have availed online assignment help and got away with it.

But, when it comes to email drafting, you have to compose mails on a regular basis.

Therefore, it will be helpful for you to learn a few useful tricks to draft an impressive formal email. Pay heed to the suggestions given below:

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  1. Write an impactful subject line:

An average office worker receives around 90 emails per day, which is technically a lot.

If you want your message to be read by the recipient, you need to make an impact as soon as it is delivered.

7 Useful Tips To Write the Perfect Business Mail

It’s the subject line that a recipient reads first. If you fail to impress the recipient with the subject of your email, it might be left unread.

Choose your words carefully while writing the subject line.

Also, you may need to keep an eye on the number of characters used in the subject line.

  1. Don’t forget to start the email with a greeting:

A simple greeting will not take much of your time, but it can certainly improve the quality of a formal email.

Unless the recipient is unknown, you should always start the message with a greeting, like “Dear sir”, or perhaps “Dear Mr. Parker”.

In case you are unaware of the identity of the recipient, you should write “to whom it may concern” instead of that recipient-specific greeting.

A lot of people start their emails saying “Hi” or “Good Morning”.

It is okay to acknowledge that you have an informal relationship with the recipient.

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  1. Be clear about your message:

In a professional email, you don’t get the chance to showcase your creative writing skills.

Here, you need to be clear and precise about the message that you need to convey to the other person.

It is wise to begin the mail by defining the purpose.

A professional email does not involve too many sentences.

In fact, the best kind of formal emails contains only one or two sentences.

Also, most people do not have the time to go through a long message.

It is better if you keep your message concise and to the point.

  1. Don’t make the message sound rude:

Even if you are writing the email to a subordinate or to a service provider you are disappointed with, try not to sound rude.

If you are not happy with the recipient, you can still convey your message without being rude.

If you are mailing the IT department in your company, instead of mailing “Give me the password for WordPress login”, you can mail “I am supposed to work on the next WordPress project.

So, if you have the login credentials with you, kindly do share it with me”.

7 Useful Tips To Write the Perfect Business Mail

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  1. Add closing remarks:

When you are done writing the message, try to conclude the mail with a closing remark.

For instance, if you are mailing a leave application to your reporting manager, concluding the mail with something like “I will be grateful if you can consider this request of mine” may add more value to the message.

The closing remark differs from one mail to the other.

Depending on the nature of the mail and the message the sender is conveying, the closing remark can vary.

It will be foolish if you end your mail without using a closing remark.

7 Useful Tips To Write the Perfect Business Mail

  1. End the mail with an appropriate closing:

Just the way a formal work mail welcomes the recipient with a greeting, it should also conclude with a perfect closing, along with the name of the sender.

You may have already seen how people close their emails. You also need to do the same by using things like “Best regards”, “Sincerely”, “Thank you”, etc.

People often use “Best wishes” or “Cheers” while closing their emails, but that is only applicable when the sender and recipient are good friends.

It is better to refrain from using such casual remarks at the end.

  1. Proofread the mail:

Before you hit the send button, always proofread the content of your mail.

Is there anything you are missing? Is the tone right?

Proofreading will give you the answers to all the questions about the content of your mail.

7 Useful Tips To Write the Perfect Business Mail

Even though the content in a professional work email is pretty small, you cannot run the risk of having grammatical or spelling errors in it.

Since you will be sending this out for professional reasons, having errors in the mail will allow the recipient to have a bad impression about your knowledge.

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These were the basic tricks to draft the perfect work email on your own.

Start practicing these tips and make a solid impression on your colleagues.

Showcase your incredible email writing skills right away!

I am hope you liked this post and found it helpful if you did then must share it with others and help them to make their emails professional…

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