How To Create WordPress Website Offline: Beginners Guide

Do you want to create a WordPress website offline?

If I say that you can create your WordPress Website even if you don’t have an Internet Connection?

Yes I mean you can create a WordPress Website Offline.

Am I mad?

No, I am not. It’s true, I created StayMeOnline offline first then I moved it from local server to an online server.

It is very easy to do and It will also help beginners to learn about WordPress without purchasing a domain and web hosting.

There are many tools available which you can use to create a WordPress site offline like:

I have tested two methods personally and I am going to show you both today.

Why Do You Need To Create WordPress site Locally?

WordPress installed on localhost provides you with a testing environment which you can use to run tests.

Beginners install WordPress locally to learn and explore WordPress and to build and design your website without making it on live server.

Developers use that to build themes and plugins.

It is for experts who want to have a WordPress website where they can run some tests.

People also use localhost to create a stagging site where they can run new tests for their live website. By this way, if those tests won’t go well then it will not hurt the live website.

How To Create WordPress Website Offline Using Xampp?

Xampp is a popular software for installing WordPress offline. If you are planning to learn WordPress before developing your website live then Xampp is the tool you need to use.

I’m going to explain step by step process, how to create WordPress website offline using Xampp?

But before moving ahead, you should be known, what is Xampp?

Xampp stands for (X)Cross-platform, (A)Apache, (M)MariaDB,(P)PHP and (P)Perl. It is a very simple and lightweight Apache distribution that makes easy for developers to create a local web server for testing purpose.

You can use Xampp for creating your WordPress website locally(offline) and once all the developing work is done, you can easily move from local to live server.

Install Xampp On Your Computer

In the first step, you need to download and install Xampp on your computer. You can download Xampp by clicking this link.

I recommend installing the latest version of the Xammp.

download XAMPP

Setup WordPress On Xampp

I hope you installed Xampp successfully on your computer. Now open the Xampp and start Apache and MySQL by clicking the Start button.

Have a look at the below image it will help you.

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After this, open your browser and go to and Download the latest version of WordPress by clicking on Get WordPress button at the right-top corner.

Download latest wordpress

On the next page, hit the Download WordPress 5.3.2(version might be changed in your case) button to download WordPress.

You will get a zip file that you need to extract it by Winrar or you can use whatever tool you like.

extract wordpress

You’ll get a folder named “WordPress“, all WordPress files are in this folder.

Now copy the WordPress folder that you got after extracting. And go to Windows(C:)>Xampp>htdocs and paste the folder there. 

You have to rename the folder to your site name. This will be your site URL to access the admin panel.

As I renamed it to Demosite then my URL is localhost/Demosite and admin panel URL is localhost/Demosite/wp-admin.

Now open the browser and type localhost/yoursite. You will see the WordPress setup page.

When you click on Continue after selecting the language, it will show you to keep database details like database name, database username, database password etc.

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Create Database For Your Site

You don’t have any database for your site. First, you need to create a database for your site.

For creating a database for your WordPress site, you need to open PHPMyAdmin which you can do by going to localhost/phpmyadmin. It will open PHPMyAdmin of Xampp…

phpmyadmin localhost

Click on New to create a new database.

Enter your database name and click on the Create button.

Now you need to assign a user to your database, you can easily do this by clicking on the Database name you created and then Privileges at the top.

Click on Add user account link to create a new user for your newly created database.

You need to fill details like username, hostname, password etc… for creating a new user, make sure to note down details because you will need them again.

Scroll down and make sure to Grant All Privelliages and at last, click on Go.

Now you are ready with your database details. Click on Lets Go on WordPress setup page. Then you will see another screen where you have to fill your database details.


Enter the database details…

If you fill all details correctly then you will see a success screen that will be looking like this…


Click on Run the Installation button and move to final steps, On the next screen where you have to fill basic information about your sites like Site Title, Username, Password and Email address.

Make sure that Search Engine visibility box is unchecked then final click on Install WordPress.

You did it, you have installed your WordPress website offline successfully. Now you can log in with your login details.


Visit your website by entering localhost/yoursitename and for your WordPress dashboard go to localhost/yoursitename/wp-admin

How To Create WordPress Website Offline Using Local by Flywheel?

Local by Flywheel is a new tool by Flywheel hosting that allows you to install WordPress locally on your computer for learning and testing purpose.

I recently came to know about this and found it very easy to use to create a WordPress website offline.

Here are the steps that you should follow to install WordPress locally using Local by Flywheel:

Download & Install Local by Flywheel

You can easily download Local by Flywheel from their official website or you can click here to download…

It will ask you to choose the platform you want to install it on. It supports Mac, Windows and Linux…

Once you select the OS, it will ask you a few personal details like First name, last name, work email and phone number and at last, click on Get It Now.

It will start downloading Local by Flywheel, once it successfully downloaded. Install that on your computer.

Once it installed successfully, open Local by Flywheel. It will ask you to enter your new website name. Enter your site’s name and click on Continue.

On the next step, you need to choose your environment. I recommend you to select Preferred and click on Continue.

On the next step, you need to enter your WordPress username, password and email. Once you filled everything, click on Add Site to create this site successfully.

Congrats, you have successfully created your WordPress website offline.

On the next window, you will see all the details about your WordPress website. You can see on the window there is an admin button to visit the WordPress admin dashboard and View site button to visit your live website.

There is an awesome feature that I like most in Local, you can also let others visit your website by sharing the live link.

Yes, you can have a live link of your website and share with others too. For this, you need to enable the Live Link from the bottom of the screen.

Once live link is enabled, your website is live on Flywheel server so now you can now see your website live on this URL.

Isn’t it too easy to create a WordPress site locally using Local by Flywheel?

Yes… this is more simple to use tool for building WordPress website offline than Xampp or other tools available.

It’s Your Turn

Don’t think that you can not customize your WordPress site as like other people can customize who are using the live server. You will get all the controls which others have.

When you create your website completely then you can easily move to live server. Without losing data and customization.

This post is especially for the folks who want to learn WordPress. And who wants to make their site but they don’t have money to Invest in domain and web hosting.

They can create their site on WordPress and move to live when they have money to purchase domain and hosting.

Let me know by dropping comments, which one method you liked the most for building a WordPress website locally.

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