WordPress Custom Post Type & Taxonomy: Meaning & When To Use?

WordPress is the best platform for the blogging, You can do everything with the WordPress even you don’t have knowledge of Coding languages.

I am sure you are aware of Post and Pages in the WordPress, even you have created many post and pages on your WordPress blog.

Do you know about WordPress Custome Post Type? Don’t you? No Problem, in this post, I will share everything which you should know about the WordPress Custom Post Type.

When you install WordPress, It comes with some default post type which are:

  • Post
  • Page 
  • Attachment
  • Revision
  • Navigation Menu 

When these default post type cannot fill your needs then in this situation we create a custom post structure for the post.

Why You Need Custom Post Type?

We need Custome Post Type when we want more from WordPress, I mean when you think that your content will not be fully explained and the default WordPress post is not a good style for your post then you need to use Custome Post Type.

For Example, Usually, People write the post to share their knowledge with their readers so they only need to write text and use some heading and text formatting which can be done with WordPress post.

But if you want to create a movie review site where you need to show ratings and some other custom fields so for this, you need to use WordPress Custom Post Type.

Usually, Bloggers use WordPress Custom Post type to create deals section and videos section on their website. You can see on ShoudMeLoud’s Deals Section and Videos Section, both created using Custom Post Type.

You can also take a look the Wpbeginner’s Deals Section and Glossary Page to understand different structures of Custom Post Types.

And you will see StayMeOnline’s Deal section too which will be made using WordPress Custom Post Type very soon, I am working on it.

What Is Custom Taxonomy?

If you did not aware of Custom Post type then I am sure you are also not aware of Taxonomy. But if I say you know about Taxonomy and you are using it since when you created your first post/page in WordPress.

Categories and Tags are the default Taxonomy which comes with WordPress. And you are using them from your first day of blogging.

Taxonomy is used to making groups for your custom post, it is like categories but we can not use Categories everywhere if you do so then your post and custom post type’s content will be mixed.

For Example, If you are running a movie review site and have lots of movies then you can create custom taxonomy like Action moves, Comedy movies and many more.

How To Create Custom Post Type And Custom Taxonomy?

There are many plugins which can help you to create custom post type and custom taxonomies as well.

But one which I like most and found it easy to work on, And I will share more plugin in our upcoming post. So for this Stay Tunes with Us.

Custom Post Type UI

WordPress Custom Post Type

Custom Post Type UI provides an easy to use interface for creating and managing custom post types and taxonomies for your website.

It is very easy to use for creating Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies from the single plugin.

Here is the tutorial video about How you can create custom post type and custom taxonomy in WordPress? 

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It’s Your Turn

Bloggers usually create a custom post type for Deals section or videos section on their blog, and I have seen on many food blogs where people use WordPress custom post type to explain food’s recipes. 

I am also working on creating deals section for StayMeOnline by using Custom Post Type.

I have explained everything about WordPress custom post type and taxonomies. Now it’s your turn to create a new custom post type on your blog.

I hope you like this post and found it helpful if did then don’t forget to share it with your friends to let them know about the Custom Post Type.

And If you are facing any issues in creating Custom Post for your blog then feel free to share with us in the Comments section.

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