Why & How to Skip Google Forms and Use WPForms Instead?

Have you ever created any form in your WordPress site?

I am sure you have created many forms, So far…

You are investing time and money to bring people to your business website but less of them are filling forms.

It is like you are throwing your money out… Isn’t it?

Do you know what is the reason behind it? why people abandon the most important part which is filling lead generation forms?

This is what we are going to talk about in this post.

The reason is the Distraction!

Web pages contain multiple offers which distract users and take them away from the most important part, your lead generation forms.

You know when you create forms using WordPress Form builder plugins, it will look something like this…

Why & How to Skip Google Forms and Use WPForms Instead?

This was the StayMeOnline Contact Forms earlier, You can see sidebars on the right side, a search bar… Header navigation with pages link…

Don’t you think that it is distracting?

This happens because forms layout is managing by the themes you are using…

When people will come to your forms, it can be anything like a contact form(as you saw), a survey form, a guest post submission form or a lead generation form.

If they came and want to get in touch with you by filling that form, they will not able to focus because of having distractions on the page.

Because the page where form placed on is having advertisements, links on sidebars and other offers which distract users from filling a form.

For making a distraction-free form, you maybe use Google Forms… I have seen many people using Google forms on their contact pages.

I am sure you know about Google Forms very well…

Google Forms is a web-based app used to create forms for data collection purposes. Students and teachers can use Google Forms to make surveys, quizzes, or event registration sheets.

I have created a test contact form using Google forms, you can check that out by clicking this…

Google form is good for creating forms but if you want that form on your website’s page like you want to create a contact form using Google forms for your blog/website, I know you can create it easily but you will not get URL like yoursite.com/contact rather you will get URL something like https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRyovIAVV281ps0w9VRWXClW1WA8f43WGhv4aso2zp4KqZ3Q/viewform.

I am using WPForms for creating forms for my blogs, I also recommend it to you because this is the no.1 form builder for WordPress. You can read more about it…

You will get 50% OFF if you will purchase by my link: Buy WPForms Now

As I said, I am using WPForms, I found myself lucky because they recently introduced their Form Pages- Distraction-Free landing pages add-on for WPForms.

You can read more about it: Introducing Form Pages for WPForms – “Distraction Free” Form Landing Pages to Boost Conversions

I found it best alternative of Google Forms for creating dedicated Form pages, this will help you to created dedicated form landing pages in less than 5-minutes.

Creating form landing pages is so easy with this Add-on, you can create it by yourself, don’t need to hire any developer.

Let me tell you, how exactly you can do this?

How To Create Form Landing page Using WPForms(Literally In 5 Minutes)?

Now we are on the important part of this post… I am going to explain how you can create Form Landing pages using WPForms.

WPForms Forms Pages add-on only available for Pro version if you are still using WPForms lite then upgrade now by clicking this link. (Save 50%)

I am sure you have WPForms Pro installed Plugin on your WordPress site, now need to activate WPForms form pages add-on.

For activating add-on, Go to WPForms>Addons and find Form Pages Addon.

Click Install Addon and then Activate.

Why & How to Skip Google Forms and Use WPForms Instead?

Once it successfully activated, you can create dedicated Form landing pages any of forms you have created using WPForms.

Just Go to WPForms>All Forms, you will get all the forms on the next screen… If you not created any forms yet then create one now.

Choose from which you want to create Landing Page for, click Edit.

In the next three clicks, you can enable the Form landing page for that particular form. The below’s image will explain everything…

Why & How to Skip Google Forms and Use WPForms Instead?
  1. Go to Settings…
  2. Click on Form Pages.
  3. Enable Form Page Mode.
Why & How to Skip Google Forms and Use WPForms Instead?

Add your page title, and add a message you want to show your users on the page. You can check the preview by clicking Preview Form Page.

Why & How to Skip Google Forms and Use WPForms Instead?

You can Customize Permalink of the form page, add header logo, Hide WPForms Branding if you want to, choose colours and Style of form pages there are two available Modern Design and classic design.

Here is both design, you can choose what will you use on yours…

Why & How to Skip Google Forms and Use WPForms Instead?

This is how you can create Distraction-Free Form Landing Pages using WPForms, this will help you to boost your Conversion and give a user-friendly environment

Why You Should Skip Google Forms and Start Using WPForms Instead?

Here are the disadvantages of using Google Forms…

  • Design customization is very limited. Advanced users can change the design to use the tool with a greater number of purposes.
  • There are some security concerns. The user has to create a good password and protects it to increase the level of security.
  • There are certain limitations regarding the capabilities of this tool. It accepts texts up to 500 Kb; images up to 2 Mb; and for spreadsheets, the limit is 256 cells or 40 sheets.
  • You will not able to use your own brand logo on Forms header.
  • You can’t customize URL to your own website.

But with WPForms you are not limited, You have tons of option to customize your Forms. Even you add custom CSS with your Forms to make that cooler.

You can add your brand logo on the header of the form page, Customize the permalink which you can’t do with Google forms.

And you can also increase the File upload size with WPForms, you can set your own size.


I hope that it is enough to make you understand why you should skip Google Forms and start using WPForms for creating Dedicated Distraction-Free Form Landing Pages.

Further Reading:

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Why & How To Skip Google Forms And Use WPForms Instead

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