Why 9 of 10 Successful Businesses Invest in Blogging?

According to Statista.com, there are over 440 million Tumblr blogs alone as of Oct. 2018.  I start with this statistic so that you can put into perspective the amount of blogging that is going on currently.  


Why 9 of 10 Successful Businesses Invest in Blogging?

This trend is only projected to rise in the coming years and with this said you might be wondering why businesses are taking up blogging so ferociously.  

Did you know over 2 million blog posts are published on the web every day?

What is the secret that these businesses have learned that your business hasn’t figured out yet?

Below I have outline 7 different reasons why 9 out of 10 successful businesses invest in blogging.

1. Establishing Credibility And Building Authority

It has always been known that when it comes to consumers’ buying habits, most people are going to buy from a company they trust.  

The question becomes for not only brick and mortar shops, but online businesses, how do you establish that trust using the internet when all you have is a website?

The answer is simple.  Blogging!

Blogging is almost a necessity for any and all businesses in the present day. It allows your expertise shine through and to convey to your audience that you are the best in the business and they should buy from you.  

Today, nearly 68% of consumers spend time reading from a brand they are interested in.

It becomes important to have a good cadence down when blogging.  Make sure you are blogging at least once a week to get valuable information to your readers about the products or services that you offer.

Smart business owners know that one of the best ways to do this is through their blog.

2. Provide Valuable Information To Your Readership

What better way to build trust then to provide valuable information to your audience.  There is a reason that your subscriber joined in the first place.

Most business owners, especially online retailers, know that the visitors take time before making a purchase.

But what if you get your visitors as subscribers and start providing them with valuable information they are looking for? More than likely, they will end up showing interest in a product, adding to your visitor to lead ratio. Isn’t it?

You may already be asking yourself how long this new blogging strategy is going to take and if it will be worth it.   Below is an interesting graph by OrbitMedia on how the time it takes to write a post has changed over the years.

Why 9 of 10 Successful Businesses Invest in Blogging?

3. Selling Your Products

This is one of the more obvious ones, but nonetheless it must be mentioned.  Blogging is a way for you to tell a story or provide detailed information about a product or service that you sell.

As a matter of fact, 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report, 2016)

You can’t necessarily write detailed stories on your static website without cluttering it to much.  That’s why blogging takes the role of selling your subscribers on why they may or may not want to buy your product.

4. Build An Email Subscriber List

Most business owners start blogging so that they can build a subscriber list.  They know the power of having a captivated audience of people who are interested in their products or services.

The most effective way to build lists it to provide value for your potential blog visitors so that they continually want to come back for more. In fact, B2B companies that regularly blog receive 67% more leads every month compared to those who don’t.

As your subscriber list grows, you can start sending out more targeted sales messages with your product lines and services that you offer.

Most businesses build lists that are automatically attached to their auto-responders. When someone subscribes in using their email sign up plugin to receive emails, blog updates, etc., the auto-responder platform begins a drip email campaign to the subscriber.

5. Create More Opportunities

Using your blog to share your experience and gain credibility could easily land you other opportunities to promote your business as well.  

For example, one of your readers may be an editor of a newspaper or magazine, and because of your expertise, they may want to write an article about your business.

As you establish your authority online, don’t forget that Google is going to be paying attention to you as well throughout your entire growth process.  

The better quality posts you write, the better chances your post has for getting ranked on the first page of Google. This case analysis of a liquor retailer is a fine example of how SEO can boost your business chances. A good SEO tactic revolves more than just around product pages. Blog pages offer huge potential to get a website ranked.

6. Share your story

Use your blog to share the story of your business. People want to feel connected to a name or a brand. Nobody wants to be sold.  Blogging allows you to tell the story of your company and its origins.

Make it special and let people know what your company has been doing within the community.  Have you ever sponsored an event? Have you ever held a charity event or participated in one?

This is the kind of information people want to know about. Once again, it builds more trust with them and will make it easier for them to buy from you when they are ready to make that decision.

7. Creates Community

Blogging is great for creating a community where other people with similar interests can share their knowledge and ideas.  One of the biggest factors in creating trust is figuring out ways to engage your audience.

You might be wondering also how long your typical post has to be in order to be effective at creating that community.  Things have changed over the years as seen below.

Why 9 of 10 Successful Businesses Invest in Blogging?

The blog comment box at the end of each post, allows your readers to give feedback so that you can either improve or enhance your content, share ideas, give you a pat on the back for writing great information, or for simply saying thank you.

Final Thoughts

Some of the most successful companies in the country aren’t that big, they just figured out the secret formula for blogging and how important it is for their business to increase profits.  You can do the same thing as well.

If you haven’t started a blog for your business yet, you should seriously consider it.  The days of just having a basic, static website are over.

Further Reading:

Use a platform such as WordPress to get started, as it makes it quick and easy to start if you have no experience.

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