What Is Domain & Hosting? Beginners Guide

If you are a bloggers or owner of a website you should know What Is Domain & Hosting? because this is the basic thing you should about it before launching your blog.

Many Bloggers who have launched their blog. and also using a Hosting service provider and have a custom domain for their blog or website but don’t know about the hosting and the domain.

What Is Domain?

What is domain & Hosting?, staymeonline

Every website is associated with an IP (Internet Protocol) address which something like An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each website and it helps a browser to identify and visit a website.

It very difficult to remember the IP of websites for avoiding this problem, Domain Name created to identify the website address easily. Now users can easily remember Address of a Website.

A Domain Basically looks like StayMeOnline.com

The domain is the address of a website which user can put in URL bar with the help of the Domain browser can easily identify the webpage and open it. In simple words, we can say if your website is a house so the Domain is the address of that house. If I call you to come my home so definitely you will ask me for the address by this you can easily found my house. as same domain helps browser to find the website.

[Tweet “Paul V. Mockapetris is an American computer scientist and Internet pioneer, who, together with Jon Postel, invented the Internet Domain Name System (DNS).”]

You can purchase Domain for your website form the Domain Registrar company like GoDaddy, Name Cheap. ICANN (the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers) authorizes these registrars to sell domain names.

There are many domain extension available on the Domain registrar companies e.g. .com(Which is most popular) .net .info .in .co.in .org and many more.

What Is Hosting?

Web hosting, staymeonline

Web Hosting is the service which provides organization or individual to host their website or webpage on the Internet. Web hosting companies provide every tool for your website or webpage to stand on the Internet.

Basically Hosting is a land where you are going to build your own house. Web Hosting provides space to your website to stand on the internet. This is the place where you can place your website’s files. if you are using a Hosting for your website, Then your website will run on the server which is owned by your web hosting company.

Hosting companies required to have a custom domain for your website. some also provide free domain with their packs. If you don’t have a custom domain so they can help you to purchase a domain for your website.

If you are using WordPress self-hosted platform for your Website or Blog. You have to Purchase Hosting. You can easily Purchase Hosting for your WordPress site from various Hosting provider companies like Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator and many more companies are available.

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