What Is About Page? Benefits & Importance

What is the proof of your name is Mr. XYZ (Name)? I know it is looking funny and you are thinking why I am asking this silly question?

Of course, your identity card is the proof of your name, Your address, and proof of who you are?

An identity card is the proof of a human’s identity as like About page is the identity of a Website or a Blog.

And this is proved by a Research that About Page of a website or blog is the Most Visited page by users. An About Page of a website or blog contains information about the site/blog. For the Blog, About Page contains the information about the Author, team and the owner of the blog.

I have seen many bloggers who share their success story and about their blogging journey on the About Page. How they make their blog?

The reason of sharing story is to motivate readers to start to own their blog.

And For the Website, About page contains the information about their staff/team and details about their business how they started?, How they help their clients? etc.

So today I just think to share benefits of having an About Page and tips for creating an attractive about page.

Tips For Creating About Page

Write Truth

Write Truth, staymeonline, about pageWrite the truth whatever you write in about page. start from who you are first and then how you started this blog. if you are creating about page for your blog.

For a website, Write everything truth about your company, staffs and your goals behind the company you started. Missions and visions of your company.

Add Real Pictures

Profile, Pictures, add real pics,add real pictures, staymeonline, ravi dixit,


An image is a work for increasing trust, it just like you know owner or admin personally.

Attach real pictures of yourself and your staff also. It is very simple whenever you are not to see someone personally, in that situation you definitely ask for his pictures to see him. It is just like you are seeing him personally.


Write Your Past

write about your Past, staymeonline, ravi dixit, about page

Writing your past experience is good for increasing trust to your readers and clients. it is best for the blog because every beginner wants to know about the past of the admin which he is following and reading this post.

Readers want to know about the qualification and how much you struggle in the past to reach this position.


Benefits Of About Page


trust, staymeonline, ravi dixit, about page

An About Page is very effective way to increase visitor’s trust on you. Because your visitors know all about you and they are more engaged with you.

They know who you are? they saw your pictures and it is like your visitors knowing you personally.



About Page is also a way to motivate visitors by your story. write all your struggles which you faced in your blogging career and write about every problem every steps your faced in your journey. And you solve that problem and reach this place where you are writing now.

It motivates your users to launch their blog and never give up in any situation. Your About page work as tips for them to motivate their self.

Ravi Dixit

Ravi Dixit is a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer, He is the founder of StayMeOnline Who Loves to help others. Travelling and learning new things online are his first love. "I only want a life without any boundaries- Ravi Dixit"

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    • Yes, because if we have about page on more blog so it increases visitors trust on us. it can build personal attachment. and convert new visitors to regular visitors so indirectly it helps in getting visitors.

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