What Blogging Gives Bloggers ?

When a man was working for a company he was in fully controlled by their seniors and the boss.

But after some time he started blogging as a part-time and work hard then he was earning a living from his blog so he left his job and take blogging full-time as his career.

Now he is free and not controlled by anyone. Now he is free to work from anywhere and at any time.

Now he manages his work from his own decisions but in his job, his suggestion and decisions have no value.

I personally don’t like to work in an office for any company, don’t like to live my life according to a timetable. I realize the lots of benefits that blogging gives me……

Freedom to work

I like blogging because I want freedom in every work that I do. Making money and helping people is good over the internet.

I remember when I work for a company, that time I had to go regularly on same time and same place there was no hope of change. My life was running according to a timetable.
Freedom to work, staymeonline, what blogging gives us..., freedom
When I started blogging I realize freedom to work from anywhere and anytime whenever I want to do. And in blogging, I also can spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Now I am also free from the pressure of senior because I am the one and only man to manage my business. I don’t like to people interfere in my work. I always love to work freely and always love to listen what my hearts say.

Good lifestyle

Good Lifestye, staymeonline, lifestyle

Everyone wants a better style of living. And for living a better life we need a better monthly earning. For earning people do full-time jobs but some people do not like office jobs like me and you.

Blogging gives us freedom and also lots of ways to earn a decent money to fulfill our desire.

Bloggers are free from their daily schedule work and also have money which they earn from the internet so they can easily enjoy their life.

And definitely, if you work hard and be serious about blogging then after a time you will be able to earn a handsome salary.

So it will automatically increase your lifestyle.


Assume that moment when you got respect from someone or someone called you sir, And want your help.

I love the moment, When I get the chance to consult or train someone.

In blogging, bloggers get a lot of reputation and fame. People want to meet them, and bloggers also get chances of interviews.

fame, reputation, staymeonline, what blogging gives us
Bloggers also get huge respectful comments and emails.

Bloggers also get the chance to attend seminars and blogging events.

Bloggers also get huge respect in events people want to take knowledge about everything in blogging.


If you are a teacher then you definitely know how to teach but this knowledge you did not get from your birth, you got this after studying a lot or after teaching some student. In simple words, you get this from your hard work or experience.

A doctor is known to treat patients and how to recover from a disease. The doctor got this knowledge after studying a lot about medical and after treating some patient practically during their study.

Knowledge,staymeonline, what blogging gives is....
Blogging gives you knowledge about how to blog and a lot of about Internet marketing and internet, affiliate marketing and a lot of aspects when you are blogging.

You will definitely get a huge number of challenges in your blogging career and if you stand in front of them then no one can beat you, you will be motivated for the future problem that you will get in future and you will easily solve it.


boss, staymeonline

Blogging provides us Entrepreneurship because a man who stars a blog and work hard to rank the blog. After some time you will be getting workload so you hire some freelancer or full-time people to work for you.

This all will give you a big experience of being the entrepreneur. Everyone likes to be a boss and manage people and get work done from them. So blogging will definitely provide you to take the experience of this.

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Ravi Dixit

Ravi Dixit is a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer, He is the founder of StayMeOnline Who Loves to help others. Travelling and learning new things online are his first love. "I only want a life without any boundaries- Ravi Dixit"

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