How To Setup Free CDN CloudFlare For Your Website?

Have you ever heard of CloudFlare CDN? Maybe You heard, maybe not.

If you don’t about CDN  then wait a minute and read this post first, Why Should You Need To Use CDN Right Now?

I started with Cloudflare from some weeks ago and I saw many improvements on my website, so I think why don’t I share with you to make you know about this great service.

Many of the beginners don’t want to know about the CDN because they think that CDN is very costly but I am going to change your wrong thinking.

Yes, you took it right. You can use CloudFlare CDN freely on your WordPress website. Yes Free, can’t believe? You have to believe because it is true.

Everyone is trying very hard to increase their website loading speed but nothing is working to do so. But with CDN, You can see that your site loads fast than before.

There are some more companies which are providing free CDN service, I’ll share all that at the end of the post.

If you are planning to use CDN on your WordPress website, I am highly recommending you to register for CloudFlare.

In this video, I am going to share with you step by step tutorial to setup Cloudflare.

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