How To Remove Duplicate Content From The Google Search Results?

Whenever you write content online, there is always a chance of being copied by someone and published it on their own website.

Most of the peoples do it out of ignorance but finally, it will affect your site’s traffic and rankings.

Google is getting smarter with every passing day in finding the duplicate content in their search database and remove duplicate content but not always.

If someone duplicates your content then you can use this tutorial to report that website and then google will remove that website from their search listings.

When you report these copied pages then, Google will remove these results from their search database and your rankings will be restored. If you are reporting to remove duplicate content that’s on the BlogSpot/Blogger platform, Google will immediately delete this duplicate content.

According to my experience, it takes around 2-10 days in taking actions.

Google can only delete the blog hosted on Blogspot/Blogger. But if the blog who copied your content is a self-hosted website, then Google can only remove listings from their web-search index. But if you want to remove duplicate content from its website then you should submit a DMCA complaint to the web-host of that website.

Here is the step by step by to remove copied content from Google search engine?

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