URL Shortening: Why Should You Start Using This? Right Now…

Do you click on the links which looks very long(more than 5 words after your domain)? Long URL always looks spammy and dirty, no one wants to click on these links. But there is a solution for this problem, you need to use URL Shorteners to avoid this.

URL Shorteners are basically tools which can convert your long and dirty URLs into short and pretty URLs, Short URL gets more click compare than Long URLs. People always scared from long URLs, it looks spammy and dirty URL shorteners make them good looking and more clickable.

For Example, There are two URLs of the same posts. which one will you click on?

First URL is, https://www.staymeonline.com/domain-authority-beginning-advance-guide/

and the second one is, https://goo.gl/aJNZQQ

Both links are from the same post, but the only difference is, first is long and the second is short.

Definitely, the second URL will get more clicks. Because the users can trust it and another one is looking long and dirty as well.

I recommend every blogger to use URL shortening to short their URLs before sharing them on Social Media or anywhere else. You can use SocialPilot to share your schedule your post and it will automatically convert your long URL into short.

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Today In this post, I am going to share with you why you should use URL shorteners tools? and the list of URL shorteners tools which you can use.

Why Should You Use URL Shortening?

Make Links More Pretty

This is the main benefit of URL Shorteners, it makes your long URL into Short URL which makes it more pretty.

I personally experienced that Short URL get more clicks compare than Long URLs, below are two URLs look at these and tell me, which one is looking pretty?



Yes, definitely the second URL is looking pretty that first URL. This is the main reason for what URL Shorteners are standing for.

You can Earn Too

Yes, You read it right. You can make money from your links, this is one of the easy ways to make money online.

You only need to short your URLs and share them, whenever someone clicks on that links then they will be redirected to the Ads page of the website which you are using to short your URLs then visitors will land on your website.

Every URL shorteners website has their own payments rates per 1000 click, means you will earn when your complete 1000 click on your link some are giving $1 or some more $1.

Link Tracking

Every URL shorteners have the inbuilt feature for tracking the links, you can track your short URLs and easily find how many clicks they are getting?

URL Tracking

Social Media Shares

We know that the words are fixed in the tweets, many times we can not make your tweets more explainable because words are fixed but if your URL is short then it can save a lot of space. And you can add more information to tweets.

It is not for the Twitter only but it can boost your social engagements, people will click more on your links.

Top URL Shorteners

Here is the list of top URL Shorteners, you can choose one from these to short your URLs.

Google URL Shorteners

Google URL shorteners

Google URL Shortener is one of the best and most recommended tool for shorting long URLs, it is very easy to use and the best thing this is a service powered by Google.



If you want to earn from the short links then It is the best for you, you can earn using it. 

Short.st has its own WordPress Plugin for the WordPress users, you can download it by clicking here.

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This plugin has some tools which will help you to make money:

  • Links monetization (displays an interstitial ad page when visitors click through links on your website)
  • Exit and entry ads (displays an interstitial ad page when visitors exit and/or enter your website)
  • Pop under ads (displays a pop-under ad in a new window below current window when visitors click anywhere on your website)



This is the best alternative of Google URL Shortener, it was very popular before Google URL shortener did not come in the use.

You can create a new account by clicking here and start using Bit.ly.



Ouo.io is one of the fastest growing URL Shortener Service. Its pretty domain name is helpful in generating more clicks than other URL Shortener Services, and so you get a good opportunity for earning more money out of your shortened link. Ouo.io comes with several advanced features as well as customization options.

Before using Ouo.io you should look at the Payout rates of Ouo.io.


You can signup for Ouo.io by clicking this link.



Linkshrink comes as one of the most trusted URL Shortener Service. It provides an advanced reporting system so that you can easily track the performance of your shortened links. You can use Linkshrink to shorten your long URL.

The best thing which I link most on LinkShrink, you can change URL or have some custom message other than the usual “Skip this Ad” message for increasing your link clicks and views on the ad.

Linkshrink also offers $25 as commission if you refer someone. The minimum payout with Linkshrink is $5. It pays you through PayPal, Payza, or Bitcoin.

Don’t wait, choose one of them and start shorting your long URL and make them pretty.

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