Host Twitter Chat And Increase Your Brand Awareness

I always take part in Twitter chat to increase my knowledge towards topic in which I am interested. Twitter chat is the best place to learn more from, I like the best thing in twitter chats is, we all can share our thoughts and suggestion about the topic for which Twitter Chat is conducted for.

As a blogger, I want to learn more about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and all related stuff. So I always take part in the #Shouterschat which is conduct by ShoutMeLoud.

In Twitter chat all can share their knowledge about the topic or question for which chat is conducted for.

Hosting a Twitter can chat engage your followers and users more with your blog, and you are providing them a place where they can interact with others people and share their knowledge.

Twitter Chat is just like a forum where you can ask questions and answer others questions as well. 

Twitter chat is a great way to grow your social following, generate valuable discussions and feedback, and demonstrate thought leadership. Done right, they generate lively conversations and build deep connections between participants and brands.

Hosting a chat shows your followers and blog readers that you are not only sharing blog post but they can also share their knowledge and help others in the chat.

What Is A Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a place for public discussion and a place where people come and chat with each other using a Hashtag(i.e #Shouterschat, #Hootchat). Where a host is must, it would be you if you are hosting that chat.

For Hosting a Twitter chat, you need to set a time for your chat and a topic or theme for your chat, on which everyone can share their knowledge and thoughts.

In twitter chat, All participants can share their thoughts and suggestions about the topic. Usually, A chat is conducted on any particular topic where moderator sends questions using Q.1, Q.2, Q.3 and all participants can answer the question using A.1, A.2, A.3 with the hashtag.

Usually, an answer looks like…

Twitter Chat

Benefits of a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats give both side benefits, it is not only good for you if you are hosting that chat rather it will give benefits to the participant who joins that chat.

Here are some benefits of a Twitter chat for you and your participants.

Open Discussion

Usually, your visitors get irritated by the tradition forms for asking their queries and questions via the contact forms and a comments section where the chances for getting the reply is less.

Where Twitter chat gives chance to your followers and blog reader to ask their questions to the brand they are using, and they also get an instant reply to their questions.

And you can also know what your users are thinking about your brand? when you share question then you get the answer from all the participants, so you can understand what others think about the topic.

As a host, you can share your knowledge live with your users and win their trust.

Brand Promotion & More Followers

You are not only hosting a Twitter chat and sharing your knowledge with your readers, rather at the same time you are promoting your brand as well.

It can increase brand awareness by the twitter, it will increase your followers because of the retweet of your users.

Your Participants are also tweeting the answers and your chat with their followers by retweeting your tweets. It can increase your followers and brand awareness because more people will engage with the chat and your brand.

I increased my own followers by joining the Twitter chat, I can see a huge increase in my follower’s count because when I answer a question and other participants like that so they retweet it.

Elements Of A Twitter Chat

Every Twitter Chat has these elements:

Host: A host is a person who manages the chats, it would be you. The host is the person who asks the question to the participants.

Hashtag(#): Twitter chat hashtag gives your discussion an identity and helps people find and follow it on Twitter. It is the way to connect the chat.

Topic: Topic is the main element for what your twitter chat is conducted for. The host will ask all the question on this topic to the participant.

Q and A: It works as indicators, Q for Questions and A for Answers when host ask a question he indicates it with the Q and the numbers of the question(i.e. Q.1). And Participants use A for giving answers with the number of question they are answering, it will help the host to filter the answer.

Time: Time is must for a twitter chat, this is the time for when your twitter chat held on. You should decide a time first so your participants will be ready for the chat.

Participants: The People except for host in the chat known as the participants, they can be your blog readers your twitter followers.

How To Start A Chat?

Are Wondering how you can start your own chat? Good to see you are planning to start a Twitter Chat. Here are the steps that you should take care of to start a Twitter chat.

Decide a Time

First and very important, Decide a time when you want to host your chat. Time should be comfortable for all your participants, make sure to decide a time when all the users from the different country can take part easily.

Create HashTag

As mention above that, the hashtag gives an identity to your chat and this is the way to connect with the chat. Make sure to make it simple, short and easy to remember.

You should keep your hashtag short because everyone has to add it in their answer and it will become tough to add a long hashtag in the tweets.

Choose A Topic

A topic is the main reason your chat is conducted for, so make sure to choose a topic in which your audience is interested in. For Example, ShoutMeLoud always conducts chat on blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, and Vlogging because they have targeted audience for these topics.

Promote Your Chat

When you created a chat, no one is aware of your chat. So you need to inform them by posting a blog post on your blog and post about your chat on Social media.

You can also send an email to your email list this will work well to inform them about your new chat.

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It’s Your Turn

Hosting and Joining a Twitter chat can increase your brand awareness, and also increase your number of followers.

 I am also planning to Host a Twitter chat for StayMeOnline users where users like you can easily ask their question and learn more about blogging and other stuff, But before this, I need your suggestion, will you join if StayMeOnline host a Twitter chat?

You can also host a chat for your users too to help them and allow them to share their knowledge, it will not only promote your brand rather increase your social followers as well.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about starting a Twitter chat, will it help? and are you going to start your own?

Ravi Dixit

Ravi Dixit is a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer, He is the founder of StayMeOnline Who Loves to help others. Travelling and learning new things online are his first love. "I only want a life without any boundaries- Ravi Dixit"

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