Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

There are a huge number of ways to stay in touch with the world during your journey, but the blog seems to be the most popular and discussed way today.

What was once available to a narrow circle of technically savvy people, now burst free and became the property of all who can turn on the computer.

Today, on the Internet, literally millions of blogs on travel operate, and even the most technically unsophisticated tourist can create his own blog.

If you like to travel and you are pleased to write and comment on photos, then you should try to join this movement. There is a huge number of advantages that this activity will bring to you, and it is becoming easier and easier to start.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

Most travellers start blogging in order to keep the chronology of their trips and stay in touch with their families and friends. The Internet gradually replaced the photo albums and postcards. Communication by mail, albeit e-mail, remains in the past. Other people use blogs as a means of earning, which pays for their trips.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

This is also possible, although it requires a huge amount of time, effort and patience. It may turn out that you are not a new star of literature at all, so you should not expect serious earnings, but there is still such a possibility.

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A blog is your connection to the world

The main advantage of running your own blog is that it greatly simplifies communication with your family and friends who stayed at home. You write stories, upload pictures to the network, reply to comments – and all this can be done in one place.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

This is definitely faster and better than writing by e-mail. In addition, not all your friends are interested in reading about travelling. If someone wants to know about your trip, he will read your blog.

Traveller’s magazine is a very good idea, and a blog is a great way to make a traveller’s magazine organized and pleasant looking. When you visit it after many years, you can easily trace not only the places you visited but also the thoughts that your head was occupied with.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

You will remember the moments that have long been forgotten. In addition, it’s really a great thing that can be shown to your children, which is available to you in any place where there is a computer with the Internet. All that you can say or show about your journey is in your hands.

If you are not particularly friendly with the technique and you are not interested in earning money on your blog or getting a good domain name, then the blog can be rub run even easier.

There is a huge number of available free platforms that allow you to quickly create and start to run your own blog. Most of them even have several template design solutions, which you can choose for free.

The blog should not bother you when travelling

The reverse side of the coin is that blogging requires time to be found on the way, even if you are not interested in monetizing it. This can be a difficult job. In addition, you will have to allocate time, taking into account that the Internet should be at hand, and force yourself to write posts, upload photos, solve technical problems.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

You should understand that this will also affect the time spent searching for appropriate conditions: an Internet cafe, a room with an available Wi-Fi, etc.

Even though the Internet is spreading around the world at a huge pace, it is still unavailable in some places. If you are going to a developing country, you can easily face technical obstacles interfering with your blog.

Internet cafes can be completely occupied by other tourists, and even if you find a place in them, it may be not quite easy for you to concentrate.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

They can have very low speed, which freaks out during the loading of the second photo to the account for 20 minutes (especially, given that you pay for all this time).

Even in some developed countries, access to the Internet can be very expensive and difficult (for example, New Zealand). However, even if McDonald’s is nearby with free Wi-Fi, are you sure you want to spend your vacation there?

If you write for friends and family, then it will be not difficult to dedicate an hour or two a week. However, if your blog is your business, you will have to constantly keep it in action, which means that you will have to spend more time writing the blog. It is important to understand the sacrifices you will have to make.

The blog can be a way to start a business

Starting a blog about travel, many browse other popular blogs in search of inspiration and ideas. There is a whole community of similar bloggers that grows daily, so you are more likely to meet people who are earning money on the blog.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

In addition, although this is a good idea, there are very few success stories in this field. All that happens because of one simple reason – making money on the one blog only requires a lot of time and efforts.

It may seem that we dissuade and intimidate you, but it is not the truth. Our goal is to explain that there are certain and very real problems that you will face. If you know them, you are ready to overcome and start thinking a little differently – you should try to make money on a blog.

Perhaps after working for a while and gaining some experience, you can earn for a living, or simply receive some amounts that you will spend travelling.

There is nothing impossible, and the earlier you start to try, the better it is for your future business.

The most important thing that you need to master is that you will not start earning money on the site the day after you create it. In order to earn the first dollar from the blog, it may take more than a year. Consider this in the sense that you need to start long before you plan to get an effect.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

Of course, it’s worth starting before you go travelling so as not to solve technical problems in the absence of a normal Internet.

Even if you do not earn anything while travelling, keeping a blog can become a moral springboard for you to do something on your return home.

If you liked writing and photographing, having your own website can change your life and open up entirely new career prospects. Your blog can become an excellent portfolio for the future profession not related to the Internet.

Remember one more thing: You are not the only blogger on this subject. Therefore, one of your tasks is continuous improvement in order to gain an advantage in the competition. You need to develop your own skills to make your blog more successful than blogs of competitors.

Travel Blogging-Should I Start Blogging About My Travels?

Even if you write very well and photograph well, that’s not enough. You will have to learn some things that are not directly related to blogging, such as search engine optimization and promotion in social networks – these are the issues of business promotion.

A blog is not the only place where you can tell about your trip

If you are going to a large round-the-world trip for a long period of time, or you just do not want to spend too much time on your own blog, there are a lot of other opportunities to share your impressions from the trip.

Social networks

Almost any modern person who is on the network with a less frequent periodicity has an account in one or another social network. Of course, not all your friends and subscribers will want to look at your publications, mostly telling your impressions and showing the small details in the photos.

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Therefore, in most social networks, you can create a public page, where you can share your ordinary publications and travel publications.

Those who are interested in reading your travel notes will subscribe to this page and will receive updates. It’s more convenient for you-you see all the necessary publications in one place and do not look for them among all the others.

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