Top 8 SEO Tips Which You Should Start Implementing NOW

No matter how well constructed your website is, it will not get very far if it lacks the basics of SEO.

The reality is, Google, Bing and Yahoo do not play favourites when it comes to things such as keywords, sitemaps and alt tags.

Understanding all the different terms, isn’t that important, what is important, however, is understanding how SEO works, so you can take advantage of it.

If you don’t know what it is, SEO is basically the process that enables your site to generate organic traffic from a search engine, like Bing, Yahoo and Google.

The higher your website appears in the search engine listings, the more visitors you will galvanise to your website. There are a number of methods that are taken into account when ranking a website.

If you know these factors, you can use them to your advantage, to improve rankings and in turn, traffic to your website.

Below are 8 tips that you should be aware of when attempting to SEO your site.

1. Long Tail Keywords

First wait, Don’t you know about Long Tail Keywords?

First read this then go ahead: Everything About Long Tail Keyword In The Next 180 Seconds

Most SEO professionals like to focus primarily on short tail keywords when ranking.

The reason why, is because of the larger search volume. But the one thing that they fail to realize is that, these higher volume keywords have more competition, which in turn, decreases their chances of ranking on these keywords.

My advice is that you find a long tail keyword that is related to the content that you would like to rank, that way you will be able to rank on it, much quicker.

For example, if you wrote a piece on wedding planners, instead of focusing on ranking on that specific term, you could look at a relatable long-term keyword, like wedding planners in Spain (or whatever location you are in).

2. Don’t Use Flash

There are so many small businesses out there that like to implement Flash into their websites.

But the reality is that the search engines have a tendency to rank these Flash sites much lower.

Take a look:

Thus, it’s always best to stay away from Flash-based websites, if you ever hope to rank well in the major search engines.

3. Use YouTube Videos

Recent studies have shown that the average visitor spends no more than 30 seconds on your website at a time.

That means you have no more than seconds to gain the attention of your audience. If you are able to provide your visitors with all the information they could ever want, this will help to improve their overall experience.

This should also help to improve conversions – if your intentions are to sell a product.

4. Get High Quality Backlinks Only

One mistake that many SEO professionals make is to acquire a lot of low-quality links to their site, in order to improve rankings.

The main problem with this method is that your site can get penalized, due to having large amounts of low-quality links.

So, you should definitely look at getting higher quality links like Press Releases, Guest Posts and Resource Sharing. There are many places where you can find information on link building techniques, I recommend you check them out.

Further Reading:

5. Monitor Your Progress

There is no real way of knowing how well you’re doing, in terms of SEO if you’re not keeping track of your search rankings.

There are several tools that you can use to keep tabs on your ranking, so I suggest you check them out.

In addition to that, you may also want to learn how people are accessing your site, and the different search terms, they are using to do it.

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6. Regularly Update Content

This is something you’re probably already doing, anyway, but despite that, it’s still something that you must do.

If you want your site to remain relevant, then you will need to ensure all its content is up-to-date.

7. ALT Tags

Each video or image that you add to your site can have its own descriptive words added to it.

These additional words are referred to as alternative text descriptions. These descriptions help the search engine better find your page.

Know more about these ALT Tags: What is alt text?

By using the keywords that are present in both your video and image descriptions, this should thus, increase your overall ranking and traffic, providing it’s done correctly, of course.

8. Semantic Keywords Targeting

The vast majority of content writers out there like to focus primarily on a select few keywords, for targeting.

But the best approach is for you to use semantically relevant keywords, to increase page rankings by ranking on multiple relevant terms.

For example, if you had a post on meeting organizers, you could try and get it to rank on, interviews, career jobs, resumes and other relatable terms, in order to boost its visibility.

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When you come in blogging, SEO is the backbone for your success…

I’ve shared 9 tips which you should start implementing from the day on of your blogging. If you didn’t started now then don’t waste your time… Start Right Now.

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    Great article, you have described very well some major points. Like building high quality links and targeting long tail keywords.
    And also the Semantic SEO

  3. Hey Uchenna,
    Great article, you have described very well some major points. Like building high quality links and targeting long tail keywords.
    And also the Semantic SEO, I can say it is the future of SEO the more you work on this, the more is chances to ranks in search engines.
    However if I want to make this post little wider then I would defiantly like to add Mobile Optimization like page speed, Mobile friendly ness and more. Because Now, Google is using mobile version of website to crawl. So it is also an important factor.
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