The 2019 Social Media Trends Discussed

If it seems as though social media is constantly changing and updating, then your views of it are correct.

Every year, a number of social media trends pop up.

Some are things that have been around for years but are just now becoming popular.

Others are more of-the-moment and appear quickly, only to become a hot trend that many people follow.

Although it can be tough to predict exactly what the next social media trends will be, some forecasters have a good idea.

They believe that the following things will be hot this year.

Instagram Stories

instagram stories

Instagram stories – those short video snippets that people can post to their Instagram accounts – have been around for a while. However, they are predicted to be continuously popular throughout 2019.

Some people have stopped posting to traditional Instagram altogether and just upload stories.

Their ephemeral nature (more on that later) is a part of what makes them so popular, even though those stories can be saved for later and permanently posted to their user profile.

It provides another method of sharing content – one that is increasingly popular and is poised to grow over this year.


You’ve no doubt seen the articles about influencers who’ve created a new money-making opportunity – photo filters.

These filters were formerly utilized solely by professional photographers, who used them to create effects on many different types of pictures.

Thanks to Instagram, which was one of the first forms of social media to include easy to use and add filters, just about every platform has them.

In addition to this, the average person can purchase and download filters, then add them to their photo editing software or social media accounts.

Now, anyone can make their pictures look perfect.

Anyway, back to the influencers. Some of them developed their own packages of filters – the ones that they use on their own social media posts – and have come up with a way to sell those filters to their followers.

This opens up a new revenue stream for them and allows their followers to feel like they’re “using” a part of them.

Be prepared for more of this in 2019.

Live Streaming

live streaming

Live streaming is very popular on Facebook and Instagram, where social media users can show their followers exactly what they’re doing when they’re doing it.

Even YouTube has found a way to capitalize on this. (The only form of social media that hasn’t yet is Twitter.)

Although these live streams have their negative sides, such as the users who showed murders in progress, many people see them as something that’s positive.

Influencers, in particular, have begun using “lives” in order to respond to audience questions as they’re asked.

It connects people in a way that feels more real. Rather than show only their curated, perfect lives, these live streams highlight imperfections.

This gives them an organic feel that people like.


Video marketing is on a rise and YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have all created ways to post and share videos.

This is why this particular form of content is going to remain popular.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video must tell at least 5,000.

It allows social media users to let their followers in on a snippet of their lives.

Whether these videos are made at concerts, other events, or even while sitting on the couch watching television, people will watch them.

No one wants to read an update anymore – not when they can view a video.

There may even be additional forms of social media that are in development that focus on this market. 

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence


Did you know that Facebook tracks how quickly you respond to users queries on your Facebook business page?

This is why many companies are now using chatbots and artificial intelligence in order to respond to those questions and concerns.

Larger companies are using them, as they are cheaper than hiring customer service representatives to handle these inquiries.

You can expect to see even more of this in the future, especially as the technology gets increasingly smarter.


There are some people who believe that the heyday of influencers is long over.

They think that these influencers have gone the way of the blogger – and now it’s time for something new.

However, influencers aren’t quite on their way out yet.

Many of them make plenty of money off of their social media accounts and can command hefty fees in order to mention a particular brand in their posts.

With that said, the main issue with influencers is the fact that they show highly curated lives when people crave more authenticity.

As long as they manage to update their content to make it seem more real, they’ll stick around.

These influencers have plenty of life left in them, and they’ll continue to make content (and money) throughout 2019.

Content that’s Mobile Friendly

The 2019 Social Media Trends Discussed
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Although most forms of social media are already extremely mobile friendly, they could become more so.

These apps have begun to capitalize on things like in-app purchases that anyone can make from their cell phone.

This is a far cry from the days when people had to memorize a URL, go to a computer or open up the browser on their phone, and then navigate to the website in order to purchase something.

As technology has made these in-app purchases easier, many forms of social media have capitalized on this and pushed it as a form of advertising.

This way, a brand can buy advertising from the social media company in order to market a product that can be purchased right there.

They simplified the process and made it mobile friendly.

Generation Z

Generation Z consists of those who are preteens, teenagers, and even in their very early 20s.

This precursor to Generation Y barely remembers life without a smartphone or social media.

They also have a lot of money to spend on consumer goods, which is why many companies are steering their advertising to them on social media.

Many members of this generation also look up to influencers and want to find a way to become one themselves.

They see this content as being very aspirational.

On top of this, they’ll continue using social media quite a bit, and you might even see some new forms of it being created in order to market to them.

Short-Lived Content

This is also known as ephemeral content development. Good examples of it include Instagram and Facebook stories, as well as everything uploaded to Snapchat.

These forms of content stick around for 24 hours (maximum) after they’ve been posted, although they can be taken down sooner by the user.

What makes them so popular? People like the idea of being able to post things without worrying that they’ll become a permanent record.

The exclusivity of it matters as well since only a small amount of people can see those posts before they vanish. It’s like joining a club, one filled with short-lived content.

In a world that seems to be moving extremely fast, this content exemplifies the transient nature of social media.

You no longer have to worry about a story or picture living on forever on the internet (unless someone saves it, that is.)

Social Media Ad Spending Will Rise

social media ads

Social media ad spending is beginning to outpace traditional advertising.

More and more brands are moving to social media, spending their ad budgets on things like paid placements and influencers.

In 2019, this will only increase. It seems as though social media is the place to go in order to reach the coveted 18 to 39 demographic, and certain forms of social media skew even younger than that, allowing these advertisers to expose their wares to Generation Z.

Needless to say, social media is the place to go in order to advertise your goods and services and increase your social presence.

The more traditional forms, such as newspapers, radio, television, and billboards, still matter but are seen as places to go in order to reach older generations.

Many of these brands prefer to reach younger consumers, as they have been raised more commercially, with a large emphasis on buying things.

This is why ad spending on social media is only going to keep going up with mobile ads dominating a major part of it.

Organic Reach

The words “organic reach” probably mean little to anyone who isn’t an influencer.

However, many people are catching on to the fact that the more honest they are with their followers, the more popular they will become.

Organic reach is something that many website owners started to embrace in recent years, overshadowing the keywords and other elements of SEO (search engine optimization.)

The more organic and honest the content is, the more it will be rewarded by the search engine. Now, this holds true for social media as well.

Too many influencers share only a highly curated and edited version of their lives, and their followers have caught on and begun to move away from them because of it.

We now crave “real” honest content. Things that are less than perfect. They are organic.

These are the Social Media Trends of 2019, I hope you liked this post and found if helpful if you did then must share it with others…

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The 2019 Social Media Trends Discussed

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