Super 6 Ways For Make Money Online

Earning online is always a great thing. and I am a big fan of making money online. I life was hell when I was working in a full-time office job. I don’t like to live my life according to the timetable. so decide to set my work online then I choose to blog as my career and start blogging for 4-5 hours every day with my job.

Blogging is not the only way to make money online. there is a ton of ways to make money online so I decided to pick Super 6 Ways For Make Money Online….


Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge, thoughts, and information to your visitors or readers who visit your blog and read your posts/articles.

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There are a lot of numbers of way to earn money from blogging like Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and selling products on the blog etc.

A person search for something on google, assume that he searched for what is blogging? and you have written on this topic in your blog.

Then google will show your post on its search result but if you have a good rank otherwise it will show after some pages and believe me no one will open and search on another page except page 1 and you can hide a dead body there if you want (just for fun, I know you didn’t murder anyone).

So increasing rank on Google is a very important thing to do for every single blogger.

Mostly Blogger uses Google Adsense to earn from their blog. it’s a very simple way to earn from a blog, you just have to put ads on your blog and when you visitors show ads and click on them then you will get paid and the Payment you get on each single click (it called CPC cost per click) can be different according to country by country .

But it is not as easy as it written above you have to do a lot of smart work for increasing visitors and creating quality content for your visitors and it is always a big deal for blogger.

But don’t be afraid after reading this because nothing is possible without giving a lot of hardware as and smart work.

Affiliate Marketing

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It is my favorite way to earn online and you can also use it on your blog. In Affiliate Marketing, you have to have sell products online.

Don’t you have any product to sell?

No problems, Affiliate Marketing is not required any product from you. You only have to promote and sell others product over the various platform on the internet like Social Media, Blog and YouTube Videos and a lot more.

Pro Tip: Let assume you are writing about How to Blog? On your blog and you are selling clothes and other wearable items.

Is it making any sense?

It is like you are on a bookstore and want a book that will help in your exams which is coming soon and storekeeper offering your clothes. Will you buy? Definitely not.

So always think about the needs of your visitors and that need is about blogging because that why they coming to your blog and reading your posts.

So you should choose products according to your niche and offer them blogging related products like Hosting, Domain, and other products.


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In Freelancing, you have to work for others according to your skills and specialty.
For starting your Freelancing career you need to create the account on Freelancer, Up work and many more alternatives are available on the internet.

And then complete your Profile fill your skills in which you are the expert, and bids on the project which you can do.

Freelancing is just like doing a corporate job but the difference is that in freelancing you don’t need to work from the office and work according to the timetable.


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YouTube is the stylish way to earn money from the internet. In Blogging people share information, knowledge through written content and in YouTube people share their knowledge, information, skills and their creativity through videos. And the earning procedure is same as Blogging.

There are many ways from we can earn like Google Adsense which is the easiest way to learn from YouTube and others are affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

Sell Good Online

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If you have a product and you want more consumers to purchase your products so you should try internet because selling products online is always good. You can easily make a website or an online store for your products to sell online.

I am 100% sure that you have seen many websites which are showing ads on any other website or brand and promoting their business.

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It called Advertisement. Advertising is another a great way to earn online if you have a huge traffic on your website or blog you can easily earn from your numbers of traffic. You can offer an advertisement offer to others who need traffic to their new website or blog.

And they will pay you for sending traffic to their website or blog. So make sure you have an attractive advertise proposal page on your blog or website.

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