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How did I start?

I was reading the blog posts on the popular blogs like ShoutMeLoud since 4 years back, I always wanted to start my own blog where I can share all my knowledge with others.

In May 2016, I finally purchased a Domain and Hosting for my blog, and that was the day StayMeOnline Born. But that time, I had not any computer or laptop from which I can start my work.

So I purchase a Tablet from my job salary and start working that time I had no knowledge about WordPress because I was just started. That was really hard to work from a Tablet and without the stable Internet connection.

Then I joined a job and start earning money to purchase a Laptop to start my work again, It took one-year for me to Purchase my a Laptop in August 2017.

I had already renewed my domain because I don’t want to lose my domain. And after purchase Laptop, I also purchase hosting from Microhost And started my work on StayMeOnline.

The best day came for me, On 25 Nov 2017 I got my first online income, that was the best day for me. I got 27$ from affiliate marketing. I know this is not a big amount but It is priceless to me.

Blogging is hard but not impossible.

You can read more about StayMeOnline from our About Us Page.

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It is not a membership plan which I am offering you to purchase, It is totally free. It is just a connection between you and StayMeOnline which you are going to establish.

You definitely go to any McDonald’s or any like this, they always ask you to give your mobile number, do you know why they ask?

They ask because to establish a connection between you and them, they can reach you whenever they want to let you inform about the new offers and discounts.

StayMeOnline also does the same with you, we don’t want your mobile number instead we want your Email Address. And you will also get some extra benefits compare than unsubscribed users.

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