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StayMeOnline is a Community for the internet lovers who want to make money online or make their career on the internet. There are many beginners and experts are involved in our community. we are helping beginners to make the career with their blog and website.

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How to Be a StayMeOnline Contributor?

  • First, you need to explore our blog to understand the content of our blog. On which topic we are writing on our blog and you have to write on same topic and categories.
  • Write content which reader wants to read.
  • Here is the few topic on which you have to submit your post.

1. Blogging Tips & Tricks, WordPress & Blogspot

2. Make Money Online, Google Adsense.

3. How to Make Money On Youtube.

4. Search Engine Optimization.

5. Social Media Optimization.

6. Motivation Post for the Bloggers.

7. WordPress Themes and Plugins.

8. WordPress Tutorials.

A Few more things which you need to take care of…

Post Quality: Article Should be 600-1000 words. The post should be complete with the detail and it should be written from A to Z means for the steps first to the last step. The post should be Unique, Do not copy from anywhere if you found doing this your content will be rejected.

Credit: We are respecting the Individual’s Work we will give you credit for your work if your post will be approved. We will be published your work with your name as the author. Please give the credit to the images where credit is needed.

Images: An Image can speak thousands of words as we know. If you writing tutorials so you have to attach screenshots.  So you should attach images to your post minimum 4 Images you should attach to your post. If we found a post without images that will be rejected.

Copyright: As I mentioned above that we are respecting Individual’s work. If we found that you have copied post from anywhere else then you will be banned and your all post will be deleted from StayMeOnline. and Your all profile will be removed from StayMeOnline.

Comments: As you are the author and creator of your post so you have to manage comment on that post.

Now, you can send a request for the Guest Post submission. We were giving direct access to submitting a guest post some time ago, but now we changed it.

You can use below form to submit your Guest Post request, make sure to use “Guest Post Request” as the subject. And if you can mention some post title which you will be posted then it will be good for us.

You will get a reply to the same email which you mentioned above.