Are You Struggling in Blogging?

Today, I am going to write another awesome blog post for the newbies in blogging. Approximately 10% of bloggers form total numbers for newbies who are doing blogging seriously will get success and become a successful blogger. there are many reasons behind their failure.

So today, I make my mind to write about those ways which we should take in our mind before start blogging. We will talk about some common reasons that people forgot about and fall in failure. and then they did not try again.

Anything we do in our life take the time it can be the online or offline business. if you are thinking that I will start blogging and after a month I will be making a good income from the blog. so, you are wrong you cannot be successful overnight. if you are thinking that so blogging is not for you.

Everything takes it time to set and takes a lot of hard work to invest in it. If you want to be a YouTuber. So you make a youtube channel on youtube and start uploading videos on channels but you are not getting views on it.

You searched on the internet and start promoting your videos on social media and many other ways. Finally, you start getting views on your videos but numbers of views which you got that is not much. you tried other ways to get views or subscribers and you are waiting for months but none of any worked.

then finally you give up and forgot about being a YouTuber and find any better option than youtube so you start doing that it also takes time. and you wait a lot of time then finally you think there is no hope of getting success in that field So you left it.

Many peoples from us, always change their field but they never get success. The basic thing is that every field is same required passion and you should have interest, skills, and knowledge about that. Do not change, always think what you are doing wrong, learn from your mistakes, give time and improve your skills.

So back to topic these are something that you should take care of while you are blogging…

Don’t Give Up

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You are thinking that you have done a lot of hard work in your blogging career and there no more chance to be successful from blogging. so you are wrong my friend. I know you have faced many problems but always remember one thing…[Tweet “Problem Makes Man Perfect“]

Because of fear from problems that you have faced or going to face without getting any revenue from your bslog, you finally come to forget about blogging and trying anything else which you think is better for yourself.

It’s Means you’re going to give up from blogging or going to leave blogging because you can’t blog. yes, you can’t. Don’t think that there is no chance to be successful in blogging and you have tried everything that required to be successful.

There are many bloggers who faced a ton of problem in their blogging journey but they never give, they learned from their mistakes and increase their knowledge about their niche and now they are a reputed blogger and earning their living from their Blog.

Whenever we had to prepare for exams. after studying we always think that we have studied everything and this will much for the exams. But we realize our mistake when the question paper is in our hands.

So don’t think about giving up because escaping from the problems is not the way but facing and solving the problem is.

Take Leave

Take Leave, staymeonline, leave, struggling in blogging, blogging

You’ve not earned a single penny from your blog so you Frustrated because of failure that you have faced. The stress of failure will not let you blog easily it will hurt you and this effect your blog a lot.

you are in stress so taking leave for some days from blogging can give you many benefits. It will boost your ideas, it will motivate you to blog more effectively and it will give some rest too.

Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself , stayMeOnline, struggling in blogging

Everyone has their own method to motivate their self. In fact, I motivate from Watching Motivational Movies, Listing Motivational Songs and Reading Books about Biography or Motivational Books.

But I’ve motivated a lot when I read this Post¬†on the ShoutMeLoud.

Find out the way which motivates yourself. Imagine your life after you’ve got success then what will your life be. What will your lifestyle be and imagine the fame and money you will have. It is another way to motivate me that I used and hundered% sure it will also work for you.

Find Out Your Mistakes

Your Mistakes, StayMeOnline, struggling in blogging

Failure is good because it gives us time to identify our mistakes and run again then this time we did not do that mistakes which we have done last time and the chance of success increased.

If You failed once so never stop finding out why you fail? What have you done wrong? Ways to get successful? Try again and again never stop trying.

[Tweet “You’re not a Loser if You Lose the Game But You’re a Loser if You Stop Playing.“]

Take Help From Others

take help from others, staymeonline, struggling in blogging

Take help from others who also a blogging or managing their blogs and having knowledge about blogging. They can be your friends or your classmates and you contact them by other blogs, emails or social media.

Many Blogs has their forums for the bloggers to communicate each other and help each other. A forum is the community of bloggers.

If you can spend money so you can take consultant for your problem there are many bloggers who are providing consultancy about Blogging and they can help you to grow your Blog and they will charge you for their services.

You can also hire the freelancers to pass out from your problems there are many freelancers who have a good knowledge about blogging and you here them and this is the best option if you have the shortage of money.

Ravi Dixit

Ravi Dixit is a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer, He is the founder of StayMeOnline Who Loves to help others. Travelling and learning new things online are his first love. "I only want a life without any boundaries- Ravi Dixit"

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