Stop Google Analytics From Counting Your Own Views

Google Analytics is the best option for knowing your website traffic stats. Everyone uses it on their website or blog…

People who have a blog or website always fix their eyes on Google Analytic’s dashboard to know either traffic is increasing or decreasing.

I remember those days when I open my Google Analytics app in every hour to know the same. And whenever I saw that today’s traffic is more than yesterday’s it always motivates me.

It also helps me to know which promotional techniques give me high traffic so I can focus on them to get more traffic. It also helps me to know which posts my readers read more so I can make that more informative.

But in the initial days of starting my blog, I had faced a problem with Google Analytics about which I am going to talk in today’s posts. It was not a big issue but for the beginner who just started a few days ago, it is…

The issue was, Analytics was counting my own views, I was not aware of that in starting but after some weeks I came to know that it is actually happening.

Then I started to find the solution for that and it was very easy for me, and for you too. It is not a very big issue but still an important issue.

ASSUME, you are happy with the traffic you are getting on your blog because traffic is good to compare than other new blogs but one day you came to know that mostly pageviews are yours.

I  am sure, you’ve may also face the same whenever you work on your website and checked back your analytics account then see an increase in your traffic but most of the views are yours.

So, In today’s posts, I am going to talk about the solution to this problem. Means, I am going to talk about how you can stop Google Analytics from counting your own views?

Stop Google Analytics From Counting Your Own Views

I have two ways there to stop Google Analytics from tracking your own view, I will be sharing both right here.

#1 Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a feature called Filter to prevent itself from counting your own visit to your own website/blog. It allows you to exclude the visit from any specific IP address.

You can add multiple IP’s if you have and you use those devices to visit your site.

Wait, I am going to tell you how you can exclude yourself from Google Analytics?

Step:1 Login to your Google Analytics account which is connected to your site.

Step:2 Now you can see the Admin option at the end of the left sidebar.

Step:3 Now you’ll be able to see All filters option, this is where you can manage all the filters you created and also create a new filter.

Stop Google Analytics from counting your visits

Step: 4 Here you can see the filter you created, Maybe, you will not seeing any filter there because you haven’t created any yet. Click on +Add Filter to add your new filter.

Google Analytics filter

Step:5 Before you proceed, you need to know your IP Address. You can easily find this by searching What is my IP in Google. Or, you can visit

what is my ip

Step: 6 Choose Predefined Filter type and then Exclude then traffic from the IP addresses, that are equal to and paste your IP in the below box.

You will be able to see the views in Available Views box, select and click on add to move that to Selected Views.

Google Analytics Filter

Step: 7 After making all the settings, click on the Save button… This is done. From now, Google Analytic will exclude all your views to your website.

#2 Using Browser Extension

I am personally using many Google Chrome Extensions which help me a lot in many tasks. For Instance, I am using Grammarly Chrome Extension and very happy that I am using it from the day 1.

Further Reading:

As Grammarly there are tons of extension or you can say add-ons to help you and one of them will help you to stop Google Analytics from counting your own views.

I came to know about this some days ago and totally happy with it, I found it easy than Analytic filter.

The Add-on I am talking about called Block Yourself From Analytics, you can easily download it by clicking the link or by searching on Chrome web store.

Install it on your Browser, it is also available for the Firefox. Download from here…

Now click on the Extension’s icon and then option, it will open a new tab where you will see a box like below’s image.

Enter your website URL in the field and then add website to your website site and then Save. It is pretty simple… Isn’t it?

Now it will stop Google Analytic from counting your views to your site.

Note: It will only work when you visit your site using the same browser where you installed extension.


At the end, I only want to tell that I have tried both ways and found the second method easy. There are some other ways also but they requires technical knowledge.

I have share two methods to stop Google Analytics from counting your own views, I hope you liked this and found helpful. Must share your feedback and queries in comments below.

Ravi Dixit

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