Invitation To Be The Member Of StayMeOnline Community

This is the 100th post of the StayMeOnline, I am happy today because of the response I got from all of my readers. That is very supportive and motivative.

And StayMeOnline got 530+ Total comments from all the posts. Traffic is not good but according to a new blog, it is good. I have good traffic as a 5-6 Months blog should have.

2 Years before, I was reading a lot about the Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO tips and tricks and much more about the same on which I am writing currently.

I had taken part in the conversation on Forum and Q&A site because I always find many new things there which help me to increase my knowledge.

Even currently, I am a member of the 2-3 popular forums and I use Quora a lot for answering other’s question in my niche.

And at the same time, I can increase my knowledge as well by reading what others are thinking about the same topic.

I have started my blog to share my knowledge about all those topic which I was reading years ago. My main motive was behind starting a blog was helping others.

In 6 months, I helped many peoples they have contacted my using contact page of StayMeOnline and many other methods of communication. This is the main factor which motivates me to write one post daily(Currently not, I know).

Yes, Your thinking right in your mind. Money is also the main factor, but not the only for me. First is to help others after that money came.

Join StayMeOnline Community Of Internet Lovers

If you are one of our email subscribers then I am sure you got a welcome email after subscribing our newsletter. where I have shared that I am planning to create a community for the Internet Lovers where beginners and experts as well can take part and learn more about the blogging and make their career online.

Who Are Internet Lovers?

Basically, I use Internet Lovers for the people like you and me, who want to make their career online. It can be in any fields Blogging, Freelancing, WordPress and SEO.

Internet Lovers basically people who want to start their own website or blog and want to earn from that.

Internet Lovers is are the people who need to Stay Online that is the reason I chose my blog name StayMeOnline.

What Is StayMeOnline Community?

StayMeOnline Community is a Forum and a place for the Internet Lovers where they can learn more and also help others to solve their queries.

In this community, You can share your queries and question regarding Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO, YouTube and many others are available there and other will answer your queries/questions.

And you can also do the same, I mean you can also answer other question and share their knowledge.

I have many blogging friends and other bloggers as well, I have personally invited them to take part in the community discussion. They will help beginners to grow their blog as they did with theirs.

StayMeOnline Community is totally free for everyone to be a member for this you only need to create your account, I will share this at the end of the post till then read this.

StayMeOnline Community Member Position and Badges

You are sharing your knowledge and others are also doing this, I know all member needs appreciation from our side. 

Yes, You will get this…

Below is the image which will help you to understand the Positions and Badges system of StayMeOnline Community.

StayMeOnline Community Member Reward

The position of the members is divided into 10 different levels from the level 0 to level 10 as you saw above. These level will tell others, how reputable this member is? Apart from this, you will also get a badge placed on your profile, it will change as you grow.

Your profile will look like with the badges.

StayMeOnline Community Members Profile

Whenever you will post or create a topic that time a short profile box will also show with your topic/post with your position and badge. It will help others to identify you are level and how much knowledge you have, as shown in the image.

Guidelines For You

When you will be the member of StayMeOnline community, you will have to take care of these points which mentioned below…

  1. Give Respect And Take Respect: This is the first nature every member should have, If you respect others then you can hope that others will respect you back. Be respectful whenever reply to others and ever never use bad or abuse words.
  2. Promotion is not Allowed: This forum created for the people who need help and the people who love to help others not for promoting your blog and other. You can add one link to your website and social profiles like Facebook and Twitter in your profile. and I think it is enough, if you are helping others and they like your reply then I sure they will be in with you. You can add link whenever you need help with your website/blog.
  3. Attach Image: Whenever you are facing any issue with your website/blog or any other than always attach a screenshot with your topic to help others what you are asking for. And also when you are answering any question, only attach where needed.
  4. Use Appropriate Category: In the forum, You will see more than 8 categories, whenever ask a question use appropriate category for creating a topic.
  5. Use Like and Report Buttons: If you like any particular post of someone then hit like button instead of replying him. This place is for you so whenever you saw anyone is breaking rules and doing something which is not acceptable then use the report button to report against him.
  6. Fill Your Profile First: After creating your account, the first work you need to do is fill all your profile details, and also upload your profile pictures. It will help others to know who you are.
  7. Account Termination: If we find that you are doing anything against the guidelines or breaking any rule then your account will be terminated by the Moderator or Admin.

How To Be A Member?

This is the important part which you are waiting for, I shared the guidelines which you should take care when you will become a member of Community so always make sure to not break any rule.

Click on this link to go to the Registration page.

register for staymeonline community

Put all information correct especially email because all the notification you will get there.

How To Create A Topic?

It is more than easy from creating your account which you learn above. After creating your account you will be on the homepage.

You can see the various category, choose appropriate category from them.StayMeOnline Community Homepage

On the right-hand side, you can see a blue Add Topic Button, click on that to create a new topic.

Then immediately one box (like below image) will appear on the screen where you need to add a topic title and your query. You can see other steps in the image below.

Isn’t it very simple?

This is all you need to do for creating a new topic in the community.

Closing Thoughts

I am sure this post has shared enough information which you should be aware of before entering into Community.

And I sure too that you will take care of all the guidelines which I have shared above. This forum is your own forum so treat it as your own.

You can visit StayMeOnline Community whenever you want by entering URL 

I will be available there every time to answer your questions/queries. And other members as well.

If any other question remaining in your mind regarding the Community then will free to drop in comments.

Share it with other people who have interest in Blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO and make money online to help them they are also invited in the community.

At the end: Help Other and Fly Together

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