StayMeOnline’s 3rd Anniversary Mega Giveaway Worth $4000+ Prizes

I’m very happy today.


Because StayMeOnline has completed its 3 successful years, Today, we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary with the mega giveaway worth $4000+ prizes.

This is an honourable day for everyone who comes in StayMeOnline family, each and everyone who cares about StayMeOnline.

I still remember the day, When I made a decision to buy hosting and domain and wanted to start my own blog to share what I learnt after reading many blog posts about blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and all other related topics. 

The day was 15th May 2016, When I purchased StayMeOnline.com domain and a shared hosting plan from GoDaddy. It cost me 1200 INR. 

Here is the receipt of the same:Receipt

That day was memorable for me because I was starting what I love to do, what I passionate about so that day was best for me.

In these 3 years, We tried to help each and every beginner who contact us in anyhow, published In-depth 155 blog post about blogging to help newbies to start their own journey.

And got 1000+ Positive comments on 155 posts, each comment boost my motivation level to work harder to help people. To write more useful posts and provide help to our readers to start their blog.

Created a forum for newbie as well as for expert where they can come and ask their queries and also help others in their problems.

As I said above, Today’s day needs celebration because StayMeOnline has completed 3 years and this journey was awesome.

So. This is how I have celebrated StayMeOnline’s 3rd birthday:

StayMeOnline's 3rd Anniversary Mega Giveaway Worth $4000+ Prizes

Now come to the most interesting part of this post which you are waiting for, Yes, this is the giveaway. Below is the list of prizes which you may get if you take part in the giveaway.

  • 3 WPForms Pro Plans (Worth $598.5)
  • 3 OptinMonster Pro Plans (Worth $1404)
  • 5 .online Domain by NameCheap
  • 10 Sellar Plus Shared Hosting Accounts by NameCheap (Worth $1387.81)
  • 15 Web hosting Accounts by Cenmax (Worth $975)
  • 3 Basic Plans Accounts of DesignEvo (Worth $74.97)

How To Join This Giveaway?

Taking part in this giveaway is too easy, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Fill out this small survey to let us know about you and what you like or dislike in StayMeOnline. This will help us to understand you better and publish content which will be focused on you.
  2. Complete the task given on widget which you can find at the end of this post…

You need to follow these simple 2 steps to join this giveaway.


  • Giveaway will start on 16-May and end on 15-Jun.
  • Duplicate Entries are not allowed, you will be banned if found doing so.
  • All winning entries will be verified before announcing.
  • If the selected winner doesn’t respond within 10 days from announcing the winners, then he will be disqualified. A new winner will be chosen.
  • StayMeOnline and All Our Sponsors(NameCheap, WPForms, OptinMonster, DesignEvo, Cenmax) have the rights to withdraw this Giveaway at unavoidable situations.

Prizes Breakdown

We will select 25 participants who will have high entries, here is the prize breakdown:

Top 1-3 Winners: Top 3 winners will get the Initial Blogging Startup Kit which contains:

  • Namecheap Hosting(For 1 Year)
  • .online domain from Namecheap(For 1 Year)
  • WPForms Pro Plan(For 1 Year)
  • OptionMonster Pro Plan(For 1 Year)
  • DesignEvo Basic Plan(For 3 times use)

Top 4th & 5th Winners: 4th and 5th winners will get a Basic Blogging Startup Kit which contains:

  • Namecheap Hosting(For 1 Year)
  • .online domain from Namecheap(For 1 Year)

Top 6th To 10th Winners: The each winner will get One NameCheap Stellar Plus Hosting Account for 1 year, which will help you to start own blog.

Top 11th to 25th Winners: The each winner will get  One Cenmax Hosting Accounts for 1 Year.

Below is the widget where all tasks are listed, Complete them and earn high entries so you will have high chances to win.

View Giveaway

Note: This giveaway has been ended on Jun 15, 2019, Here are our 25 Lucky Winners who will get the valuable Prizes.

Top 1-3 Winners who will get Initial Blogging Startup kit.

Top 4th & 5th Winners who will get Basic Blogging Startup Kit

Top 6th To 10th Winners who will get One NameCheap Stellar Plus Hosting Account for 1 year

Top 11th to 25th Winners who will get One Cenmax Hosting Accounts for 1 Year

All the lucky winners will get an email from StayMeOnline and all our sponsors which will have instructions to claim their prizes. Because of having high numbers of prizes and winners it may take some time so keep patience.

if you have any issues regarding this giveaway or facing any problem then must contact us using this form.

StayMeOnline Giveaway

🙏 One Humble Request!

I’ve put a lot of effort and done lots of research in writing this post to provide value to our blogging community. I will be glad if you share this post on social media. Sharing is caring 🤗

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