SocialPilot: Increase Your Social Media Presence

Have you ever heard of Social Media Marketing? I think definitely you heard.

But, is it really hard to understand? Maybe, But not for me. It was very easy for me to understand the social media marketing because I had commerce in 12th class, I already read a lot about the marketing and all those stuff.

The first thing everyone does, after creating a blog is, they create social pages for their blog to increase their reach.

It is not the only benefits of having social media pages and profiles, there are a lot more like:

  • Promotion of New Post/Product
  • Best way to get Traffic
  • Play very important role in building Domain Authority
  • Update your users with the latest updates
  • Be in touch with the users

I have learned from a video of Neil Patel that tweeting 10 times a day can work well than tweet one time in a day.

Then I have implemented with on my blog, I shocked after seeing my analytics that I am getting high traffic from the social media.

But it was really hard for me to tweet and share to my social pages many times on the social media. And it is very tough for everyone who wants to do it manually.

As a Blogger, we have many works to do on our blog like producing content, creating thumbnails, and promoting those content to get traffic.

I was familiar with the Social Media Marketing tools like Buffer and AgoraPulse. There are many more tools like these two.

Then I came to know about the SocialPilot, I found it very helpful and easy to use and understand especially for the beginners.

Features of SocialPilot

SocialPilot has many great features which make it a great Social Media Marketing tool. Before we start using this let me explain some features of this tool which you will get?

One Interface for All Your Social Networks

You can connect all your social profiles to SocialPilot and start posting on each of the social networks from one unified interface. You may also create only a single post and have it posted multiple times on all your social networks.

Schedule Your Posts In Advance

This is the main feature, why people use Social Media Marketing tool? You can schedule all your post at once with SocialPilot. You don’t need to post them manually at different times.

You can make it easy to add all your post in a queue in advance to share them automatically.

Powerful Social Media Analytics & Reporting

SocialPilot provides powerful, yet easy to understand social media analytics to let you improvise your social media marketing and efficiency. With SocialPilot’s Social Media Analytics, you not only analyze content posted from SocialPilot but also track content posted from anywhere on your page and social accounts.

With SocialPilot you can also download your analytic reports in PDF format.

Social Media Scheduling Calendar

Social media calendar helps you to visualize your social media strategy. It will help you to take care your all your old post which you shared before.

Custom Facebook Branding

Improve your visibility and branding on Facebook by using SocialPilot’s custom Facebook branding feature. SocialPilot lets you configure your account so that whenever you post something on Facebook, it highlights your brand rather than the tool you’re using (i.e., SocialPilot). This way, your followers know that you have handcrafted your messages just for them.

Bulk Scheduling – Mass Planner

Have more than a handful of posts on your social networks? SocialPilot helps you upload hundreds of posts at once using the bulk scheduling option. You can create a CSV or a text file containing all your posts. You may also choose to specify the scheduled time for posting. Once the posts are in SocialPilot, you can edit, delete or move them around if you change your mind.

Team & Collaboration

If you have multiple team members working on social media marketing and promotions, you can invite them to collaborate at SocialPilot. Every member you invite can each contribute posts and updates while you manage the releases.

Content Suggestions & Custom Feeds

If you ever run out of content to share, SocialPilot can suggest fresh and relevant content that your audience and followers will love to read and share. You can choose content from various categories such as Business, Technology, Startups, Travel, Inspiration, and Health/Fitness among others.

You can also add your favorite RSS feeds to SocialPilot and share that content across your social profiles. This way, your audience, and followers always find interesting content from you. Fresh content is king.

Client Management

Wait no more to get access to your client’s social media accounts. With Client Management, invite them and without exchanging their account credentials or you being an admin, you can very easily manage, share and schedule posts into their accounts as soon as they connect them with SocialPilot.

URL Shortening

I like this feature most in SocialPilot, Big urls looks ugly and spammy that’s why users don’t click on them. 

Social Pilot will automatically convert your URL into and short and simple URL. here default URL shortener is Google if you want to change that then you can easily do so in the settings.

Browser Extension

Schedule posts on your social media accounts, pages and profiles directly with the SocialPilot Browser Extension. Very easily create posts with a single click, that very moment while you are surfing the net, Facebook or Twitter and add them to your scheduling queue accordingly.

Sign Up For SocialPilot

I always search for the tools especially for the beginners and experts as well, for the beginners means beginners can easily afford that they should be cheap in the price. So here are the plans of the Social Pilot which I think you should have a look at this before signing up.

Social Pilot Plans
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They also have a free plan for the beginners to start, I have highlighted that in the above image. Starter plan has some limits like you can use 3 profiles, You can share only 10 post/day and 30 posts in scheduling queue.

You can sign up for the Starter Free Plan by clicking here.

SocialPilot also offers their 14-days trial of any plans, in case your requirements are not fulfilling in free plans then you can try other plan’s trial and after that, you can move to premium.

Click on the link to signup for the SocialPilot.

Social Pilot Signup
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You only need to enter your Email Address and Choose a Password then tick on the Remember me buttons and final hit on Sign up button.

You can also signup with the Facebook, Twiter, and Linkedin. That’s all you need to do.

Now you are on the dashboard the first thing you need to do is connect all your social account. It is very simple with Social Pilot, Go to Dashboard>Account>Connect Account.

Connect Accounts
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It is very easy and simple to connect your account with the SocialPilot, You can connect your pages and profiles as well.

Step by stpe to create a post
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Step 1. Go to Post section on the Dashboard.

Step 2. After clicking the Post, You can see Create a Post link click that in order to create a new post.

Step 3. Write the post and paste the link which you want to post or schedule, In the above image, you can see the short URL which is automatically shorted after pasting.

Step 4. On the right-hand side, You can see all the account which you have connected to the SocialPilot, tick the account in which you want to post.

Step 5. Select post type, there are two first is Share as Text, this is for links and only text. And other is Share as Media, this is for images and videos.

Step 6. The last step, This is the final step you need to click on to add your post to the queue or schedule them for later.

Closing Thoughts

SocialPilot helped me a lot to make my presence on the Social Media pages. There are many more tools like SocialPilot but they are too costly and not affordable for the beginners. 

I start using SocialPilot some weeks ago, I start from trail plan then I moved to their basic plan which is affordable to everyone, You can do same if you like the services of SocialPilot.

I hope this post clearly explained to you how to start using SocialPilot? So what are you waiting for? go and signup for this. And don’t forget to share this post with your blogging friends to make them know about the great tool.

And Also share me What tool are you using for Social Media Marketing? How much does it cost monthly? And what is its best tool?

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SocialPilot: Increase Your Social Media Presence
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  2. Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for sharing this amazing tip, I will definitely use the social pilot. I have no information about it, it looks very helpful. Now I am copy pasting the links, via social pilot it will be automatic that’s awesome. I will share my experience with you that how it works.


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