Skyscraper Technique To Steal High Quality Backlinks From Others


Let me share something with you…

Best things always get attention from the audience…

What do you think?

Imagine, there are two buildings in front of you, one is small than second and the second is, of course, the bigger than first. so, which one you will look at out? Of course the bigger one.

You can also take it from the other way…

Whenever you search any query in the Google or any other search engine, you get a list of the results. Which one do you choose to open?

Of course, the first result on the SERP, because you know that Google gave it first rank because it is valuable and others are reading it.

My main point behind it to make you understand that the valuable things get success easily, it easily gets attention from the public.

Skyscraper technique is exactly the same, this all about how the best and valuable contents generate BACKLINKS.

People think that if they will write killer content then they will get tons of backlinks from others without doing anything else. WHY?

However, I know this is TRUE, but you need to put more efforts to get backlinks. This is not that much easy as you are thinking it is. Here are some ways I shared which you can take in work to get high-quality backlinks…

You are in a game where the competition is very high and the getting high rank is not an easy move. BUT, if you produce high-quality content or provide high-quality service than your competitors, SO, it will be easy for you to OUTRANK them.

The skyscraper technique is a three-step technique which can give you high-quality backlinks, before moving to the steps let me give you an overview of the Skyscraper Technique…

Skyscraper Technique 

The Skyscraper technique is a technique of getting backlinks by creating more valuable or quality content than others who are getting tons of backlinks.

It is created by Brian Dean from Backlinko, This technique is divided into three following steps…

  1. Look for the high ranking content in your niche 
  2. Create more valuable content than them 
  3. Reach the linked domains and ask to link you

These three steps are the only steps you should keep in mind while using this technique for link building… These are few steps but you need to work hard on them because creating more valuable content than the people who already ranked well and got tons of backlinks is not easy.

So, we have divided the whole process into three steps. Now, we will look separately to each one by one…

Step #1 Look For The High Ranking Content In Your Niche

WONDERING, Why I am saying to find high ranking content?

Reason is very simple because the content with high rank has tons of backlinks, means tons of domain links with…


One idea popped up into your mind to write a post on…

But what to do when many others have written already about the same… this will make hard for you to outrank them even if your content is better than others.

Skyscraper technique makes it easy for you…

You got an idea and want to right on that but before writing, you should check others contents which are ranking on the TOP in SERP. And read all of them to understand which steps or points then cleared with their content.

What are you thinking?

OH! How to find quality content which is getting tons of backlinks?

Search for the topic you about to write on in Google. You will get the result on the next screen, grab top 3 results from the beginning.

Now you need to check all in the tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs… There are many others tools as well to do the same but I am recommending these two.

For an example, I am going with SEMrush to show you, How you can do this exactly?

Imagine, I am thinking to write on On-Page SEO Techniques… So, I searched the same query in Google and grab the top 3 results…

Skyscraper Technique

I am going to take SEMrush as the tool for this research, you are free to choose any which you like and found easy to use…

So copy the URL of the post whose you want to find the backlinks data…

I simply go to SEMrush and then Backlinks Analytics then paste the URL for which I want to find domains linking with.Skyscraper Technique To Steal High Quality Backlinks From Others

SEMrush shows me the backlinks data in next some seconds… Then I go to Referring Domains to find the exact domains which are linking to that post.

Skyscraper Technique To Steal High Quality Backlinks From Others

You can easily export this data to Excel or CVS format using Export button shown in the above image…

Do this step one by one for all three result you need to target. You will get tons of domains to ask for backlinks at the end of this technique.

Step #2 Create More Valuable Content Than Them

Now, you have seen all the contents that are ranking for the keywords you are going to target in your next post. And You know how much domains are linked to them using above guide.

Now the question is, How you can ask those people to link with you?

It is not an easy deal… Isn’t it?

Look, why they link with you whereas, they are linking with the top result and providing their visitor valuable content to read. The reason is, they are linking with the valuable content.

SO, how they can link with you?

They can…

Yes, they can if you create an extraordinary post about the same topic… Your post must be more valuable and useful than the post they are linking with…

Here are some tips which will help you to create an extraordinary post…

  • Make Lengthy
  • More Up-To-Date
  • Better  Design
  • Use Lists and Bulletins

Step #3 Reach The Linked Domains And Ask For Link

Now the final and most important step comes in the frame, you have the data of the domain which linked the same content… You have created more valuable, more useful and an in-depth post on the same topic.

But NOW, how will you get the backlinks?

As I already said, Everyone wants quality content to link with. Becuase they also want to provide high-quality resources to their users to read and learn.

If you did hard work in creating the better content than the domain others are linking with… THEN you will definitely get the success in link building.

You only need to do here is to let them know about your content…

Now use the data of referring domains which you got after using SEMrush or Ahrefs. This data will help you to reach the domains which are linking to your competitors content.

Try to find out their email addresses or you can use the Contact Form of their blog/website.

Use this Email template to reach them out to inform about your valuable content.

Hello, [Name]!

Today, I was searching for [Your Topic] and I came to know this page [URL]…

Then I came to know that you linked to this article [Article Title].

So, this email is to let you inform that I have also created a similar. It is [Name of Article], But mine is more in-depth, more up-to-date. Here is URL: [URL]

Might be worth a mention on your page.

keep up the awesome work…

[your name]
[your domain]

Send this template to the domain which linked to your competitor’s post, I am sure if you have created an awesome article on the same then not 100% but at least you will get at least 20% success rate.

And this is not a bad number…

Now It’s Your Turn

Skyscraper technique has the potential to get huge backlinks for you if you use it in the right way…

Make sure to give 100% in creating an extraordinary post because this is the base of this technique without it, this will not work at all. Your post should be lengthy, up to date, better designed and also useful than your competitor’s content.

No one will link you back if your content is not valuable than the domain they are linking with. SO, at any cost, you have to beat the content of your competitor.

NOW, try this technique on your blog and let me know if you still need any help in comments or StayMeOnline forum. And also tell me, how much backlinks you get after using this?

Skyscraper Technique
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