Seven Common Myths About Web Hosting

Don’t believe on the information which is available over the internet. Most of the articles are written by private people, not by industry experts.

Never buy a product after reading an article from the internet because it is not sure that information is authorized.

Nowadays, keeping a domain name and a site theme is a common thing, but without web hosting, you cannot execute a plan.

I think you have heard web hosting so many times before coming to this article because web hosting is one of the most popular things on the internet for recent past decades.

Here, we will expose the popular truths of web hosting, which are completely unknown by webmaster and internet users.

All points are very necessary to you and will benefit you to learn more about web hosting. You will able to make your path easier after undergone this information.

Web hosting is a certain space over the internet, where you store your website files and everything useful stuff, to get this space you have to pay certain money.

There are a number of web hosting service providers who offer this service, features and support. All web hosting services are the same which are offered by firms.

Myth#1: Hosting is costly

Most of the users think that a web hosting service is highly costed because of its features and maintains. Some webmasters pay high prices when they don’t have sufficient knowledge about the host.

Companies offer many options of payment like monthly based, yearly based and quarterly based.

You also get the freedom of upgrading the plan and moving from the hosting to another. All these options are free to available and firms are ready to aid their customers anytime.

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Sometimes Good web hosting which is offered by a reputable host is not cheap. It means, if you need quality support and security features then you will have to pay higher prices. It is not a bad thing.

Myth#2: Learn more to handle cPanel

Many of the beginners think that they need to gain knowledge and take training to handle their web hosting’s cPanel.

In the modern world, operating a control panel has become easier. Web hosting firms have improved the functionality of cPanel. You can manage more work using fewer options in min time

But when it comes to talking about high-level cPanel like a dedicated server, you need to learn some technical stuff.

Another side, you get managed service in which all technical or non-technical issues are handled by your service provider.

Myth#3: Buy Domain and Hosting from the Same Host

Many of the users believe on that it is necessary to buy hosting from domain name registrar.

But we want to say to such kind of users that you don’t need to acquire hosting from the same company where you bought the domain.

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Because it is not the reality that a company which sells the domain name, will good in terms of security and fastest web hosting service so buy both of them from a different host. It will enhance your understanding.

Myth#4: Hosting Doesn’t Impact on Keyword’s Ranking

keyword ranking

Many users buy low-quality web hosting service. They think that content writing and content marketing are enough to build up a blog.

They don’t know the effectiveness of the hosting in terms of keyword’s ranking perspective.

Google loves those websites which loading time is higher than competitor’s sites.

If your site is taking time to load more than average time then Google will punish your sites.

In order to solve this issue, you have to buy a hosting which speeds up your website and its load time.

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Myth#5: Free Web Hosting is good

Free web hosting can be dangerous for business if you follow it. It can be a nightmare for investors.

Most of the free hosting sellers do not offer all option to manage cPanel. Even they don’t give the option to install SSL. SSL is a great cover for the site.

Without SSL your site admin panel can be thieved by hackers and other data. You don’t get backup plans, support and managed service, moving and upgrading features and options to use own software’s.

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Myth#6: Free support along with free hosting

Many hosting companies do not provide support service with free web hosting. It means all technical tasks will be executed by their respective users. Service providers do not take hustle in handling free hosting clients.

So you should forget it that free web hosting is healthy for your business.

Myth#7: Run Several Domain with a single hosting

If you are using several domain names and want to start your online business with all of them then you need to buy that web hosting which offers you access to run multiple domain names at the same time.

But most of the entrepreneurs think that all hosting have access to run multiple domains but in fact, it is a myth.


I hope this article helped you a lot to gain intense knowledge of myths of web hosting. There are some more myths which are apart from these written myths. But we will incorporate them in our next article. Ask any question using the below comments.

Myths About Web Hosting
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