SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Serpstat and SEMrush both have much buzz in SEO market…

But you might be confused between choosing one out of both — If you decided to buy one.

AND for this, you might be searching for a good Serpstat vs SEMrush comparison post.

Well, you got one which will help you in picking the best in both of these amazing SEO tools that will help you in growing your blog’s ranking and traffic.

I have used both the tools SEMrush and Serpstat for finding profitable keywords, performing site audit, backlink analysis and plenty of other SEO tasks.

In this SEMrush vs Serpstat comparison post, I will compare both the tools’ features side by side. It will make you clear which one is the perfect fit for your blogs’ SEO needs.

Introduction Of Both Tools (SEMrush & Serpstat)

Let’s take a look at the overview of both the tools to understand their use and features they offer.



SEMrush is a toolkit of SEO & content marketing tools that offer more than 40 advanced SEO tools which make keyword research, backlink analysis, domain analysis, site audit, backlink audit and plenty of other SEO tasks easy.

SEMrush was founded back in 2008 and grown to be the no.1 SEO tool available out there.

It has the potential to make easy for you to outrank the top players within your niche and steal their position on SERP.

Read the complete SEMrush review here…

Semrush logo

My Secret Weapon To Dominate SEO

Semrush is the tool that I’m using since 4 years back to ensure my blog’s growth on SERP. It really makes easy to perform keyword research, technical site audit, backlink audit, stealing backlinks from competitors, spying competitors and much more.

* This is an affiliate link, I might get a commission but it will not add any extra cost to you.



Serpstat was founded by Oleg Salamaha in 2013 as an internal service for the digital marketing agency Netpeak, which later become its main investor and in march, 2015, Serpstant became an independent company.

It has grown from a keyword research tool to a good tool for competitors research, technical SEO audit, PPC research and much more. It can make easy for you to gain ranking and organic traffic for your blog.

Serpstat is a bundle of SEO tools that offers various tools for keyword research, site audit, domain analysis etc as like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

You can get the same features in affordable price, which we will discuss later in this post.

User Interface Of SEMrush And Serpstat

If you are a newbie then the user interface matter a lot for you…

You might find difficult to use a tool that comes with tons of advanced options, whereas a tool with a simple interface and fewer options can make it easy for you.

On the same hand, if you are an expert or have good experience in using SEO tools then a tool with tons of features and options can be easy for you to use and you can easily get 100% of that.

Let’s take a quick tour of both tools to find out which one is easier to use.

SEMrush User Interface


SEMrush comes with a full of tools packed dashboard where you can easily find all the tools that SEMrush offers. You can easily keep your eyes on your website performance, all directly from the dashboard.

But it sometimes confuses beginners because of having tons of tools and options to use, they don’t get to use 100% of the SEMrush tools in their initial days.

And it takes a long time to get familiar with all the features and tools of SEMrush.

On the same hand, if you have experience in using SEO tools and have been in the SEO field for a long time then SEMrush can be a gold mine of SEO and social media tools for you.

You can easily put your hands on all the tools and functions of SEMrush.

Serpstat User Interface

Serpstat Dasbhaord

Serpstat comes with a simple and easy to understand dashboard. You won’t see tons of tools and options added on the dashboard as like SEMrush.

You will be seeing your project performance if you added any and tools link at the left-side menu.

Serpstat is quite easy to understand and use even if you are a newbie and never used any SEO tool before, you can easily get started with the Serpstat.

Winner: Serpstat wins here because of its simple to understand dashboard. Whereas, beginners might find a bit difficult to understand the SEMrush dashboard. It takes time for beginners to understand SEMrush’s 100%.

Pricing Of SEMrush And Serpstat

You know, pricing matter a lot… Even more when you are a beginner who just started a blog.

Let’s compare the pricing of both tools and find out which is affordable for you as a beginner with low-budget.

SEMrush Pricing

Most people consider SEMrush as a very expensive SEO tool, but if you look closely at the features and tools it offers then you will understand that it worth paying money.

SEMrush has three plans, its pricing starts from 99.95$ for one month. But if you buy any plan for the entire year, you will get 16% OFF.


Choosing a perfect plan for yourself is totally depends on the budget you have and your needs.

If you are a beginners and have low-budget then SEMrush Pro plan is the good fit for you.

Does SEMrush Offer Any Free Plan?

Many have this misconception that SEMrush doesn’t have any free plan but that’s not true.

SEMrush has one…

Yes, you heard this correct. SEMrush has a free plan but of course with some limitations. Here are the limitations of SEMrush free plan:

  • Allowed to perform up to 10 searches in the domain analysis tool
  • Can perform up to 10 searches in the keyword analysis tool
  • You can view only the top 10 results in each report
  • You can create and save only one project
  • Unable to save any keyword search in Keyword Magic Tool
  • Your site is limited to 100 pages crawled
  • Only 10 keywords can be tracked using Position Tracking Tool
  • 10 SEO Ideas units per month
  • 2 Queries in SEMrush Topic Research tool

You can easily get the SEMrush free plan, just go to SEMrush and create a new account.

Skip the page which is asking for card details and login using the same login credentials.

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat plans

Serpstat has four plan for different types of customers, its pricing starts from $69 per month.

As like SEMrush, Serpstat also offers a custom plan which you can get by contacting to Serpstat team if none of the four plans meets your requirements.

Serpstat also offers a free plan which you can use without paying for the tool, yes of course with the limitations. You can use this link to get a free plan of Serpstat.

Winner: When it comes to pricing comparison between SEMrush and Serpstat, Serpstat is a clear winner.

Keyword Research Using SEMrush And Serpstat

Keyword research is a process of finding low-competition or you can say, easy to rank keywords. But if you are using a good tool, this research can be easy for you.

Both the tools offer a keyword research tool which makes easy to find low-competition keywords and a lot of more things related to keywords.

We’ll test both tools for keyword research one by one and will find which one is best.

SEMrush For Keyword Research

SEMrush offers a keyword research tool named “Keyword Magic Tool” which makes finding keyword ideas around your niche a hell lot easy.

There are two ways you can perform your keyword research using SEMrush:

  1. Keyword research with seed keyword(traditional method)
  2. Competitor keyword research(modern method)

Keyword Research With Seed Keyword

You can easily perform keyword research using SEMrush, just by entering your seed keyword in the box at the top on SEMrush dashboard.

Or, you can access the SEMrush keyword magic tool from the left side menu under the keyword analysis.

SEMrush keyword research

On the keyword overview page, SEMrush will show you the visualized report about the keyword you searched for.

You’ll be seeing the Volume. Keyword Difficulty and CPC, on the next box, you will see Global volume divided into different countries.

At the third box, you will get the total no. of results on SERP, SERP Features and trend graph.

keyword research using SEMrush

Just down to this section, SEMrush shows you Keyword ideas related to your searched term. There are also question keywords and related keywords to your seed term.

Keyword variations

You can click on the View All Keywords at the bottom to see all the keyword ideas generated by SEMrush related to the seed keyword you searched for.

At the bottom of the overview page, you can see the top 100 search results for your searched term.

There are the 100 pages with the page authority score, ref. domains, backlinks, search traffic they gained and no. of the keywords they are ranking for.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

To see all the keyword ideas around your searched keyword, click on the View All Keywords button as I said above.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool Report

On the top of SEMrush Keyword Magic result page, you have the wide-range of keyword choices including:

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Related

You can also sort the keyword report in ascending or descending order just by clicking the header of any column you want to sort.

At the right side, SEMrush provides groups of keyword which contain a certain word. Let’s say I want to see only keyword ideas that contain “best” word in body.

Look at the image below, all the keyword ideas contain best word in their body. So, this is how it works.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Apart from all these options, SEMrush offers an advanced filter option that helps in filtering the list and seeing the keywords that match your requirements.

Let’s say, I want SEMrush to show the keywords which have KD less than 60 so I can easily do this using the advanced filter.

SEMrush advanced filters

It’s pretty simple to use and effective.

Competitive Keyword Research

This is the modern method of finding keyword ideas to write on…

For this, you need to find top competitors within your niche and find all their best performing low-competitive keywords.

Enter your competitor’s domain in the domain analysis tool of SEMrush which you can access from the left-side menu under the Domain Analytics.

Or, you can simply enter your competitor’s domain into the search box at the SEMrush dashboard.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

SEMrush shows you the visualized analysis report about the domain you searched for, where you can find the total no. of keyword it is ranking for, total backlniks, referring domains, Authority score, traffic trend and a lot more metrics.

SEMrush Domain Analysis

Scroll down a bit and find Top Organic Keywords section…

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

SEMrush shows you the top-performing keywords by the traffic they gained so far, you can view all the top keywords by click on the View details button.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

You can filter-out the result as I have shown above using the Advanced Filters offer by SEMrush to find out the best keywords with low-keyword difficulty.

SEMrush makes keyword research literally easy and helps you finding the low-competitive keyword ideas to write your content on.

Keyword Research Using Serpstat

You can easily access the keyword research tool by clicking Overview under the Keyword Research in left-side menu.

Enter your seed keyword for which you want to find keyword ideas in the box at the top. Serpstat will show you the keyword ideas along with the search volume, competition, CPC and keyword difficulty.

Serpstat will show you organic keywords as well as ads keywords…

Serpstat keyword research

You can also see the total number of organic keyword ideas and total number of paid keywords Serpstat generated for you by clicking Show all link.

After clicking the Show all, you can get all the keyword ideas generated related to your seed keyword along with the keyword difficulty, volume, cost per click, competition in PPC and other metrics.

keyword research using Serpstat

You can also see the keyword ideas for different countries along with metrics by clicking the country at the top.

As like SEMrush, you get the filter option in Serpstat which can help you in filtering the results as per your wish and find out the easy to rank keywords.

Click on the Filter button to set up a filter to find easy to rank keywords…

Apply filter

You can sort the result by clicking on the header of any column you want to sort to ascending or descending order. There is one thing unique in Serpstat, you can move any column left or right as per your comfort.

Sorting of keywords in Serpstat

Now go back to the Keyword Overview page to discuss other options Serpstat offers with keyword research.

Just after the organic and ads keywords box, you will find a keyword trend graph that can help you to understand users interest over time for your searched term.

Serpstat keyword trend

Scroll down and you can see the keyword difficulty section where you can analyze the competition around your searched keyword. On the top, you can see the domains with the keyword in tittle and pages with a keyword in title.

It also shows the Serpstat trust rank, Serpstat page rank, external backlinks and referring domains for each page ranking for your searched term.

To get an idea about the ranking content written around your searched keyword, open all the ranking pages and find how they have written their content, you can analyze and write your content better than theirs to get the high rank.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Just down to this section, you can find all the competitors ranking for your term along with the total keywords they are ranking for and common keywords that contain your searched keyword.

This section will help you to better understand your competitors.

Serpstat Top organic competitors

Serpstat also shows you the paid competitors and ads examples that appear with your searched term in Google.

Winner: Both the tools have an amazing tool for keyword research that makes really easy to find good keywords to write on. But SEMrush wins here for a slight edge because of the way it presents the result.

Domain Analysis With SEMrush And Serpstat

Both the tools offer domain analysis tool that helps you to analyse your competitors and find keywords they are ranking for, their well-performing content and a lot more inside details of your competitors.

Domain Analysis Using SEMrush

You can access the SEMrush domain analysis tool from the left-side menu under the Domain Analytics. Or, you can simply enter the domain you want to spy in the box at SEMrush dashboard.

SEMrush Domain Analytics

SEMrush will show you the detailed report about the domain you entered, it will show to the total keywords your competitor is ranking for, total no. of backlinks, authority score and a lot more metrics related to that domain.

Scroll down a bit to the Organic Research section, you can see the top organic keywords of your competitors with organic position distribution.

SEMrush also shows the main organic keywords and competitive positioning map.

SEMrush Organic Research

You can see all the keywords and competitors by clicking the View details button at the bottom of the box.

SEMrush also shows you the backlinks your competitors has and their top anchor text. You can also see the graph of Follow vs Nofollow backlinks.

These data will help you to understand the backlinks sources of your competitors.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Domain Analysis Using Serpstat

Enter your competitor’s domain in the search box at the dashboard or you can access the Domain Analysis tool under the Website Analysis on the left-side menu.

Serpstat shows you the important metrics that help you to better understand your competitors and make easy for you to outrank them.

You can see the organic keywords they are ranking for, organic visibility score etc…

Serpstat domain analysis

Scroll down to the next section and you can see the top pages of your competitors which are driving maximum organic traffic. By this data, you can understand which type of content is performing well in your niche.


At the bottom, there you can see a backlink overview section where you can find backlinks data of your competitor. You can see the follow and no-follow links, referring domains etc.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021
Winner: There is a tie between both the tools because both are really good when it comes to domain analysis. You will be shown similar data about a domain after performing a domain analysis like both tools show top pages, PPC Keywords, Competitors data etc.

Backlink Analysis Using SEMrush And Serpstat

By performing the backlink analysis, you can find your competitors backlink sources, pages that got high backlinks.

This data can help you to get some quality backlinks to your blog and find out the strategies your competitors are using to build backlinks.

Let’s compare both the tools and find out which one is good for backlink analysis…

Backlink Analysis Using SEMrush

SEMrush called its backlink analysis tool “Backlink Analytics“. You can access the tool by clicking the Backlinks under the Domain Analytics.

Enter your competitors domain in the box to perform the backlink analysis.

On the next page, SEMrush will show you the total referring domains, total no. of backlinks, categories of referring domains and top anchor text of your competitor’s backlinks.

SEMrush Top Anchor text

Scroll down a bit and you will see the authority score of referring domains presented in a graph view. Beside of that, you will see the backlink types and link attributes section.

This will help you to know how authoritative websites are linking to your competitor and attributes of backlinks they got, follow or no-follow.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Scroll down to the bottom and find the section of the top pages, these are the pages on your competitor’s website that got high backlinks.

This data will help you to know what type of content generating backlinks for your competitors and performing well.

Click on View full report to see all the pages that generated good backlinks.

SEMrush backlinks top pages

SEMrush provides in-depth report of your competitors backlinks, you can use this data in your backlink building campaign.

Backlink Analysis Using Serpstat

You can find the Serpstat backlink analysis tool in the left-side menu.

Click on the Backlink Dashboard and enter the domain you want to perform backlink analysis for…

On the report page, Serpstat shows you important details regarding the backlinks of entered domain which includes:

  • Follow vs no-follow links percentage
  • Total no. referring domains
  • Total no. of backlinks
  • New referring domains graph
  • Linking page dynamic graph
  • New and lost backlinks chart

Scroll down and you will see the types of backlink your searched domain has, like text, images etc.

Also, you will see the top anchor text that other websites are using to link to the domain you searched for.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Click on the Show all anchors to see all the anchor text others are linking with to the domain you searched for.

Winner: SEMrush is undoubtedly the winner in backlink analysis comparison between SEMrush and Serpstat. Because it provides more in-depth data about the backlinks of any domain you want to search for. It shows more referring domains and also the organic keywords your competitor is ranking for.

Site Audit Using SEMrush And Serpstat

Site audit helps you in finding and fixing the technical issues that might be affecting your website’s organic performance.

Technical SEO errors can be the reason behind your website traffic declining and rankings drop.

But you can fix them by performing a site audit of your site and once you find the issues, you can easily fix them.

Both the tools offer site audit feature, let’s see which one is good in that.

Site Audit Using SEMrush

SEMrush offers a site audit tool that you can take help from in finding technical SEO errors and fixing them.

For performing site audit using SEMrush, you need to add your domain as a project in your SEMrush account. You can easily do this by clicking Create My First Project under the Projects in the left-side menu.

You can also find the Add new project button on the SEMrush dashboard.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

After clicking the button, you will see a pop up asking your domain and a project name.

Once you added your domain, go to Projects and choose your project then click on the set up in the site audit box.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

SEMrush takes some time to crawl your entire website and show you the errors, once it is done with crawling, you will see a report something like this…


You’ll find a lot of important details about your website’s SEO health and errors, the report will include:

  • Total Errors, Warnings and Notices
  • Your site health score
  • Top issues
  • Thematic reports

Click on the View all issues to see the list of all technical SEO on your site.

On the issues tab, SEMrush shows you all the errors, warnings and notices. However, notices are not considered as errors but recommended to fix.

SEMrush also allows you to assign the site audit tasks to your team by clicking on Send to Trello button.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Site Audit Using Serpstat

Serpstat can also help you in finding the issues that affecting your website performance in search engine result pages. You can find them using the Serpstat site audit tool and fix them to get better results.

As like in SEMrush, you need to add your domain in Serpstat to perform a site audit and find your site’s technical SEO errors.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

It will take time to crawl your website and find out the issues…

Once the crawling is done and your report is ready, you will be seeing your website’s health score with issues affecting its performance.

All the issues and errors are showing at the top as per the priority, high priority means the issues that need to be fixed asap. It also shows the viruses if it found while crawling your website.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021

Scroll down to the bottom, you can find there all the issues that are affecting your website’s performance.

SEMrush Vs Serpstat: Features & Pricing Comparison 2021
Winner: Winner: SEMrush wins here by a slight edge but it doesn’t mean Serpstat isn’t good in the site audit. SEMrush is the winner here because it presents a more in-depth report about the technical SEO errors.

Pros & Cons Of SEMrush And Serpstat

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of SEMrush and Serpstat.

Pros of SEMrush

  • SEMrush offers more than 40+ advanced tools. if we talk about Serpstat, you will find fewer tools offered in their plans
  • SEMrush also offers social media tools whereas there is no existence of social media tool in Serpstat
  • Backlink audit feature can help you to find toxic backlinks and disavow them to keep a healthy backlink profile. Whereas, there is no backlink audit tool in Serpstat
  • It offers PPC Analysis tool which can help you in finding opportunities for advertising keywords and what your competitors are doing in paid search
  • A free plan is available with some restrictions that you use to test the basic tools
  • You can use Social media poster to post on your social media profiles directly from the SEMrush dashboard
  • Social Media tracker tool can help you in tracking your social media performance and improving it
  • You can track your brand mentions all over the web, you can easily know what others are talking about your brand and sometimes it brings some quality backlinks
  • Site Audit feature can make it easy for you to find technical SEO errors and fix them
  • You can check average CPC in your niche across various countries using the SEMrush CPC Map tool

Cons Of SEMrush

  • It is expensive compare than Serpstat
  • It might be difficult for beginners to understand its 100%(as it offers 40+ advanced SEO tools) when they are starting
  • Not good when it comes to support

Pros Of Serpstat

  • Serpstat is cheaper than the SEMrush, it can be an affordable tool for beginners
  • A free plan is available where you can test the tool before buying, of course with some limitations
  • Site Audit tool can help you to find technical errors which might be causing your website performance
  • Backlink analysis can help you to find the sources of the backlinks of your competitors and pages that generated high no. of backlinks
  • Generate more keyword suggestions for your seed keyword when compared to SEMrush keyword magic tool
  • Serpstat offers chat support. but in SEMrush, there is no chat support option

Cons Of Serpstat

  • There is no existence of Social Media tools whereas SEMrush offers social media tools
  • Fewer backlink data when it compared to SEMrush
  • Not much accurate keyword data especially monthly volume
  • No backlink audit tool

FAQ About SEMrush and Serpstat

What is SEMrush tool?

SEMrush is a bundle of SEO and social media tools that helps in growing a brand’s online presence. It offers more than 40 advanced SEO and social media tools. It makes easy to find profitable keywords through its simple to use Keyword research tool. There are many other SEO tasks which you can perform using SEMrush like site audit, backlink audit, competitor research, social media tracker etc.

Is SEMrush free?

SEMrush offers a free account in which you can perform up to 10 searches monthly in SEMrush domain and keyword database. You can add one domain as a project in your SEMrush free account.

Which one is good SEMrush vs Serpstat?

It depends on your need and budget, if you are a beginner with low-budget then Serpstat is good for you because it’s easy to use and cheaper than SEMrush.

But if you are in SEO field from a good time then SEMrush is a good fit for you, SEMrush offers more than 40 advanced SEO and social media tools.

How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush basically has three plans pro, guru and business which costs $99.95, $199.95 and $399.95 per month respectively. If you want to explore the tool before paying for it then claim the SEMrush 14-days free trial.

How can I cancel my SEMrush free trial?

After using the SEMrush free trial if you are not happy with its services, you can easily cancel the SEMrush free trial by sending an email to [email protected] and ask them to cancel your subscription.

How much does Serpstat cost?

Serpstat offers four plans lite, standard, advanced and enterprises which costs $69, $149, $299 and $499 per month respectively. If you look at the pricing of both the tools, Serpstat cheaper than the SEMrush.

Conclusion: Which One Is Good For You?

If you ask me, I will surely go with the SEMrush because it offers many amazing advanced SEO and social media tools that help in gaining rankings and organic traffic.

SEMrush is a bundle of full packed tools for social media and SEO, it lets you perform site audit, backlink audit, keyword research, brand monitoring, content marketing etc. If the budget is not a concern then SEMrush is good for you.

But if you are a beginner and searching for an affordable premium SEO tool which can help you in performing site audit, finding easy to rank keywords, spying competitors etc then Serpstat is a good fit for you.

I highly recommend you to grab the SEMrush 14-days free trial to explore the SEMrush for free and then decide which one to go with.

I hope you found this SEMrush vs Serpstat comparison post useful if you did then must share it with others.

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