SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Are you struggling with your blog?

Then you might be missing the most IMPORTANT tool. You might not have that tool in your toolkit which can decide the future of your blog.

Even if you are a beginner then this tool can help you to the road to SUCCESS.

Yes, I am talking about the SEMrush — the no.1 SEO Tool.

You might be wondering why I am saying no.1 SEO tool.

Well, after reading this detailed SEMrush review. You will AGREE with me…

I’m using SEMrush from the first month of my blogging journey, It is the tool which I am using for finding profitable keywords to target in my content.

I’d never shift to any other SEO tool just because SEMrush is an amazing tool and have the capability to fulfil all my needs.

I’ll be sharing my complete experience after using SEMrush for three years in this SEMrush review and also show you the downside of the SEMrush which no one told you before.

SEMrush Overview

If you are in touch with SEO or internet marketing, then you may already familiar with the SEMrush tool.

SEMrush is a bundle of SEO tools that contains everything that a blogger and internet marketer ever need for their blog/website or growing their online presence.

There are many other tools similar to SEMrush but none of them as good as SEMrush is, SEMrush is considered as the no.1 SEO tool available out there.

SEMrush review

SEMrush offers the following amazing tools that help businesses to grow their online business:

  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Audit
  • Keyword Magic Tool for keyword research
  • Domain analysis
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Domain vs. Domain
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Link Building
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Content Analyzer
  • Social Media Poster
  • Position Tracking
  • PCC Keyword Tool
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Position Tracking
  • the list goes on…

SEMrush Pricing: Is SEMrush Costly?

Do you also think that SEMrush is EXPENSIVE?

Well, it is not! Let me explain this to you…

What do you think, what should be the price of a keyword research tool? and what for a backlink monitoring tool?

You may say, 50$ per month!

Let’s take 10$ per month as the cost of each tool SEMrush offers.

SEMrush offers 40+ advanced SEO and Social media tools, I already shared the list of some of them above.

If each tool cost 10$ per month then the cost of the overall SEMrush which offers all these tools at one place should be 400$ per month. Let’s make it half, still, the price of a tool which offers all the tools should be $200.

But it is starting from 99.95$ per month, do you still think it is EXPENSIVE?

Let’s take a real example of other tools and their cost:

Let’s calculate the cost of these four tools only, forget about the other tools SEMrush offer for a second. The total is $118 per month for these four tools only, but SEMrush has 40+ advanced SEO tools and charges only 99.95$/month.

So, if you look deeper then the SEMrush is not an expensive tool.

But I can understand, as a beginner, it may not affordable…

Basically, SEMrush has three plans Pro, Guru and Business and it costs $99.95, $199.95 and $399.95 per month respectively.

It depends on your needs which plan you should go with — if you are a beginner and just took your first step in the SEO or content marketing field then the Pro plan is enough for you.


SEMrush Pro Plan

This is the starter plan of SEMrush which costs $99.95 per month… If you are a blogger, freelancer or a new startup then this plan is good for you.

This plan includes:

  • 10,000 results per report
  • 3000 reports per day
  • 250 keyword metrics updates per month
  • Up to 3 projects
  • 500 Keywords to track (with daily updates)
  • 5 Scheduled PDF reports

Buy SEMrush Pro

SEMrush Guru Plan

The most popular plan of SEMrush which costs $199.95 per month. This plan is the best fit for small agencies and small businesses.

It includes:

  • 30,000 results per report
  • 5,000 reports per day
  • 1000 keyword metrics updates per month
  • Up to 15 projects
  • 1500 Keywords to track (with daily updates)
  • 20 Scheduled PDF reports
  • Content Marketing Platform
  • Branded PDF reports

Buy SEMrush Guru

SEMrush Business Plan

The most expensive plan of SEMrush which costs 399.95 per month. It is for agencies, big e-commerce projects and businesses with the extensive web presence.

It includes:

  • 50,000 results per report
  • 10,000 reports per day
  • 5000 keyword metrics updates per month
  • Up to 25 projects
  • 5,000 Keywords to track (with daily updates)
  • 50 Scheduled PDF reports
  • Content Marketing Platform
  • Branded PDF reports
  • White label PDF reports
  • Google Data Studio Integration

Buy SEMrush Business

Does SEMrush Offer Free Plan?

Well, this is the most common questions asked by beginners.

Yes, SEMrush has a free plan which you can use with some limitations. In which, you will get access to limited tools with limited reports per day.

Not everyone is aware of this, they used to call SEMrush a complete premium tool.

Here are the restrictions of a SEMrush Free account:

  • Allowed to perform up to 10 searches in the domain analysis tool
  • Can perform up to 10 searches in the keyword analysis tool
  • You can view only the top 10 results in each report
  • You can create and save only one project
  • Unable to save any keyword search in Keyword Magic Tool
  • Your site is limited to 100 pages crawled
  • Only 10 keywords can be tracked using Position Tracking Tool
  • 10 SEO Ideas units per month
  • 2 Queries in SEMrush Topic Research tool

For further use, you will need to upgrade to their premium plan.

Now one thing you might be thinking about, how to get the SEMrush free account?

Here are the steps that you can follow to get the SEMrush free account:

Click on this button to go to SEMrush website.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Click on the Sign Up button at the right upper corner. You will be redirected to SEMrush registration.

Enter your email and password then hit the Create your SEMrush account button.

SEMrush create your account

Just after hitting the Create your SEMrush account button, you will be redirected to choose the plan for 7-days trial.

For getting the SEMrush Free account, you need to click on Skip trial link at the end as you can see in the image below.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Congrats, you successfully created your SEMrush free account.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

My Secret Weapon To Dominate SEO

Semrush is the tool that I’m using since 4 years back to ensure my blog’s growth on SERP. It really makes easy to perform keyword research, technical site audit, backlink audit, stealing backlinks from competitors, spying competitors and much more.

* This is an affiliate link, I might get a commission but it will not add any extra cost to you.

Understand The SEMrush Dashboard

Almost all the tools that SEMrush offers can be access to the dashboard directly. It makes easy to monitor your website performance, SEO performance, position tracking etc…

Understand SEMrush Dashboard

Domain box at the top, enter your domain or your competitor’s domains to track their performance. You will be able to check the Ogragic keywords and traffic directly from the dashboard.

Position Tracking: Take your eyes on your domain rankings for the keywords and for any location. It will show your daily updates about your or your competitor’s rankings.

Site Audit: SEMrush site audit tool allow you to conduct your site’s health check and notify you about the issues which might affect your ranking on SERPs.

On-Page SEO Checker: It will help to show all the on-page optimization ideas directly on the Dashboard that you can use to optimize your content and to outrank your competitors.

Social Media Tracker: Connect to your social media accounts to track your social growth and compare to your competitors. It will help you to analyze how your audience interacts with your social content.

Brand Monitoring: SEMrush brand monitoring tool will notify you about your brand mention on the web, be it on social media or internet news sites.

Notes: SEMrush makes sure that its customer should be updated with the latest thing happening in the SEO industry.

SEMrush Sensor: SEMrush Sensor monitors the SERP volatility, which helps to identify the ongoing search engine algorithm changes. It will also help you to view your volatility score to determine if your website affected by the updates or not.

Backlink Audit: SEMrush Backlink audit will help you to find backlinks from low-quality and toxic domains. Once you find all those backlinks, you can disavow them to keep a healthy backlink profile.

Organic Traffic Insights: Connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account to see all the traffic metrics like bounce rate, average session duration and so on. It can also identify the “not provided” keywords in your account.

Display Advertising: Display Advertising tool helps you to preview ad text and banner for the specific keywords, you can also spy on your competitors’ display advertisement strategies.

Find Profitable Keywords Using SEMrush

Keyword research is the first thing that you need to do when starting a blog or writing a blog post.

Without proper keyword research, you can’t even imagine outranking your competitors who are already ranking in your NICHE.

And for this, you need a good keyword research tool which can make keyword research super easy for you.

However, there are many keyword research tools available which you can use for keyword research.

But SEMrush Keyword Magic tool is amazing!

It makes easy to find easy to rank keywords using its advance filter options. Not only this, but it also helps in finding long-tail keywords also.

You can access the SEMrush keywords database which has 18.6B keywords through its dashboard, just by entering your seed keywords and hit search.

Keyword research SEMrush dashboard

Just after hitting the search button, you will see visualized report for the keyword you searched.

On the left side, you will see the Organic Search data like the volume and number of result that keyword has.

Apart from the Organic, it also shows you the paid search insights like the CPC of the keyword and the competition over the advertisers.

SEMrush Keyword analysis

On the right side of the screen, you can see the “Trend” graph which will help you to work on the keywords seasonality. You can easily know through this graph that, is the keyword good to work on or not?

SEMrush keyword trend

On the Keyword Suggestion box(right side from the Trend graph), It tells you the no. of keyword ideas SEMrush can prepare for you along with the Average volume and difficulty.

SEMrush keyword suggestions

Just down a bit, you will see Phrase Match Keywords and Related Keywords which will help you to get more ideas related to the seed keyword you are going to write on.

Phrase Match Keywords: These are the keywords that contain you seed keywords in the body or you can say it matched to your seed keywords.

Related Keywords: These are the related keywords to your seed keywords, it will help you to explore more related terms peoples are searching for the topic you are going to write.

You can check the SERP result for each keyword, just by clicking the Page icon next to it.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

There is another section on the SEMrush keyword overview report which can help you a lot to compete with the others who are already ranking.

SEMrush shows you the 100 results for your seed keyword, you can use this section to know with whom you are going to compete for the top ranking.

Organic Search results

This will help you to explore their content and write a more useful piece than theirs.

Try to find out:

  • Topics they have talked about?
  • What they missed?
  • How many backlinks they have?
  • How did they optimize their content for SEO?

Understand The Keyword Magic Tool

You can access the Keyword Magic Tool from the left side menu by going to Keyword Analytics>Keyword Magic Tool.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

This is how the SEMrush keyword magic tool looks like:

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Enter your seed keyword in the box and hit the Search button to get all the keyword ideas related to your seed keyword/topic.

Keyword research interface

Using The Advanced Filter And Sorting Options

SEMrush keyword magic tool has amazing advanced filter options that help in finding low competition, easy to rank keywords.

Click on the Advanced Filter option at the top to see all filter options…

advanced filters

You can have the keyword ideas that include any specific word using the Include Keywords option. And the same you can do with the Exclude keywords option, you can exclude all the keyword ideas that contain a specific word in its body.

For example, I want to see only the keywords that contain “coupon” word in the body. So, I have added the coupon in the include keywords option.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

In the Advanced filters option, you can filter out the results to find exactly what you want. Like for example, let’s say you want only long-tail keywords with at least 4 words.

So, just use Word Count filter and add 4 in the from field and you are good to go.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Just after clicking Apply Filters, SEMrush will update the list of keywords and will show you only keywords with 4 or more words.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

As you can see on the image above, all the keyword contains 4 or more words.

You can do the same with the Keyword difficulty to find low competition keywords, just need to enter the KD. from low to high and you will get the results.

You can also sort your results in ascending or descending order using the header options.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Just click on the header to sort the result. Let’s say, you want to see the keyword with high volume on the top so click on the Volume column’s header to sort the results.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Keywords with the high volume are on the top and it is decreasing from top to bottom, you can revert this order just by clicking on the volume(header) again.

You can do the same with the KD, CPC, Comp and other, just click on the header to sort the result.

This filters and sorting feature really help in finding the profitable keywords which are easy to rank.

Find Question Keywords Using SEMrush

Do you what are the question keywords?

Question keywords are the questions that people search on Google or other search engines about a topic and seed keyword.

These keywords also considered as long-tail keywords and easy to rank because of having low-competition.

These are the keywords that bloggers use to add in the FAQ Section of their blog posts.

Watch this video to learn how you can add FAQ Schema in WordPress… You will also learn how to find questions keywords for FAQ Schema.

SEMrush keyword magic tool makes easy to find question keywords.

Open the Keyword Magic tool and search for the topic you want to find question keywords for. On the results page, click on the Questions.

Find question keywords

Now SEMrush will refresh the list and you will be seeing the question keywords only.

Question Keywords SEMrush

This is the process you can use to find the question keywords related to your topic.

Performing Site Audit Using SEMrush

SEMrush offers site audit tool which can help you to find all the issues related to your website which might cause problems in future.

These issues might be a problem which is not letting you rank in SERPs. You can find all those issues and resolve them for higher rankings in SERPs.

Site Audit using SEMrush

SEMrush will check your entire website and give you Site Health score as you can see in the above image.

You will be informed about all the errors, warnings and notices on the same result page.

Click on the Errors or Warnings to see all the issues which are hurting your website’s SEO. These can be issues that are stopping you to get higher rankings and traffic.

If you want to do these task later then you can use Send to Trello button to save the card on your Trello account.


I clicked on the “45 images don’t have alt attributes” issue to see all the images and their link so I can add the ALT attributes in all those 45 images.

images don't have alt images

You can do the same with any issue that you got after performing a site audit using SEMrush to find the pages, posts and images that are causing the issue.

Once you come to know about all the pages which are creating issue, you can easily fix them.

Backlink Audit Using SEMrush

SEMrush backlink audit tool helps me a lot, you might not know that I have purchased backlinks from Fiverr just by paying 5$.

Later I realized that the backlinks I got were from the spammy low-quality sites which started affecting my blog’s SEO.

But my good luck that I was using SEMrush, SEMrush backlink audit tool comes in play and helped me to find all those backlinks from the toxic backlinks.

After identifying all those spammy backlinks, I disavowed them using the Google disavow tool.

Go to Projects from the left-side menu… And add a project by entering your domain…

On the Backlink Audit, click on the Set up button to perform a backlink audit of your domain.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Choose the Root domain in the Campaign Scope. Hit the Start Backlink Audit button at the bottom.

Backlink audit

Connect your Google Search Console to see the toxicity of every backlink you have.

connect to your GSC account

On the next screen, SEMrush will show the total referring domains you have and total analyzed backlinks.

As you can see in the image below, this domain have High overall toxic score. It means that many toxic domains are pointed to this domain.

SEMrush Backlink Audit report

Click on the Audit tab to see all the toxic backlinks pointing to your domain.

See all the domain that has a high toxic score, you need to disavow all those domains which have a high toxic score. SEMrush itself highlight them with red colour and orange colour for potentially toxic. A domain with the low toxic score highlighted with the green colour.

Domain Toxic Score

Dealing With The Toxic Backlinks

As I said, SEMrush Backlink tool helps me a lot in getting rid of toxic backlinks.

SEMrush has two options that you can use to get rid of all the toxic backlinks you have:

Remove: Using the Remove option, SEMrush will send an email to all the toxic domains you selected to remove the link pointing your domain.

Disavow: By Disavowing a backlink, you are saying Google to ignore this backlink when crawling your website.

Using Google Disavow Tool

You can use the Google disavow tool to get rid of all the toxic and spammy backlinks your domain has.

SEMrush itself allows you to add all those toxic domains to SEMrush disavow tab from where you can get the Google disavow file created by SEMrush.

Find the disavow option under the Delete button…

disavow backlinks

Select all the backlinks which have a high toxic score and Disavow them using the To Disavow button as you can see in the above image.

All those domains which you selected to disavow will be found in the Disavow tab.

Disavow Toxic Backlinks

Click on the Export to TXT button to export all the toxic backlink in Google Disavow file.

Now open the Google Disavow Tool and upload the Google disavow file you exported from the SEMrush.

Google Disavow tool

This is how you can disavow toxic backlinks using the SEMrush and Google Disavow tool.

Remove Toxic Backlinks

You can remove the toxic backlinks permanently from the website where they placed using the SEMrush.

Select the backlink you want to remove, and click on Delete>To Remove. It will be sent to the Remove tab…

Remove toxic domain

SEMrush will provide you with a pre-made email template to send, feel free to modify the email template to fit your need.

You can also use the follow–up email which should be send if your request will not get any response from the domain owner.

Pre-made template

When you feel everything is ready, click on the Send button to send your request.

SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker

SEMrush offers on-page SEO checker which you can use to improve your on-page SEO for the selected pages.

This will help you to gain more organic traffic and also high ranking for your pages.

You can set up the On-Page SEO Checker from the same project page.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

SEMrush will show all the On-Page SEO improvement ideas that will help you to gain higher ranking and that will result in high traffic.

SEMrush also shows you the potential organic traffic you can gain after following all the optimization ideas that SEMrush showed you.

SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker

On the On-Page SEO Checker report page, you will get the ideas that you can follow to optimize your on-page SEO for selected pages. These ideas are divided into categories:

Strategy Ideas: Strategy Ideas are related to optimizations in your keywords strategy. It happens many time when you have two pages that target the same keyword. In this situation, Google also gets confused which one it should give higher ranking if anyone is eligible. Strategy ideas help you to avoid keyword cannibalization.

Backlinks Ideas: Backlink is one of the most important role players in the ranking. SEMrush will show you the list of domains that have given backlinks to your competitors. You can reach them for linking to you it will help you to get higher rankings in SERPs.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Technical SEO Ideas: Techincal SEO issues may negatively affect your website’s SEO and you may lose all the hard work you did on your website. But SEMrush On-Page SEO checker will notify you about the technical issues on your website and show how to fix them.

User Experience Ideas: Google deeply cares about the User experience, SEMrush will show you the User Experience improvement ideas you can follow to provide a good user experience to your visitor.

For getting user experience ideas, you need to connect to your Google Analytics account.

SERP Feature Ideas: SERP Feature ideas will help you to get the feature snippets in SERPs.

Semantic Ideas: Apart from the keywords, Google also look for the related words in your content to find its relevancy. SEMrush will show you all the ideas what you need to follow to improve the relevancy of your content using Semantic keywords.

Semantic SEO ideas

Content Ideas: SEMrush will show you the ideas about how you can place your target keywords to get the most out of SERPs. It will provide you with content optimization ideas like Keyword placement, readability improvement etc.

Content ideas

SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker tool is really helpful to improve the on-page SEO which leads to getting higher rankings and traffic.

SEMrush For Spying Your Competitors

SEMrush can be the lead role-playing tool for you to outrank your competitors.

SEMrush let you spy on your competitors so you can easily know what keywords they are ranking for, who is linking to them and so on.

A very power tool SEMrush is when it comes to spying competitors in order to outrank them on SERPs.

This is where SEMrush’s Domain overview tool comes in play.

Head over to Domain Analytic>Overview to access the Domain analytic tool, you can also use the search box at the dashboard though.

SEMrush Domain Overview

Enter the competitor’s domain you want to spy on, and hit the search button. I am pretending bloggingcage.com as my competitor just for this tutorial.

bloggingcage spy

On the next page, you will be seeing the total no. of keywords your competitor is ranking for, how many backlinks they have etc.

You can also see the traffic ups and downs in the Traffic Trend chart shown on the screen.

Find Your Competitor’s Ranking Keywords

You can see the keywords your competitor is ranking for using the SEMrush.

Scroll down a bit to the Top Organic Keywords section. This shows you all the keywords your competitor is ranking for along with their position in the SERPs and the metrics of the keywords like volume, CPC etc.

Top Organic Keywords

Click on the View Full Report to see all the keywords your competitor is ranking for along with the position of your competitor in SERP and the URL of the page.

So, you can get an idea about the content they have written to gain this position in SERP.

Competitor's Keywords

You can also export the list using the Export button on the right side.

Find The Keyword Gap

You can use the SEMrush Keyword gap tool to find the keywords gap between you and your competitor, means the keywords your competitor is ranking for but you are not.

This will help you to gain the ranking for the same keywords by writing quality content around that.

Head over to Gap Analysis>Keyword Gap and enter your competitor’s domain and your domain. You can add up to 5 domains…

Enter your competitor’s domain in the first box and your domain in the second.

SEMrush Keyword Gap tool

You can see an overlapping circle icon between the two boxes where you added the domains. Click on that and select “Unique to the first domain’s keywords” and hit the Go.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

These are the keywords which BloggingCage is ranking for but I am not. So, by this process, I got the keywords ideas which I can write content on to earn some rankings on SERPs.

Keywords Gap tool

Find Competitor’s Top Backlinks Sources

If you can identify who is linking to your competitor then it can help you to steal some backlinks from your competitors.

SEMrush can also help you to find who is linking to your competitors.

On the Domain Overview report page, scroll down to Backlinks sections.

Competitors Backlinks Sources

This section will show you the top backlinks sources of your competitor and also the backlink profile, follow vs Nofollow.

Click on the View full report to see all the backlinks sources of your competitor.

competitor's backlinks

In the backlinks report, you can see the domain which is pointing to your competitors and also the Anchor text and target URL.

This data will help you to reach out to the domains who linked to your competitors to link to you as well if you have similar content.

Find The Backlink Gap

As keyword gap, you can also find the backlinks gap between you and your competitors.

Being in the same niche, you can find who is linking to your competitor but not you, so you can ask them to link to you if you have similar content.

Head over to Gap Analysis>Backlink Gap and enter your competitor’s domain in the first box and yours in the second.

SEMrush Backlink Gap tool

The result shows you the referring domains and the backlinks you and your competitor have. This will help you to find who linked to your competitor but not you.

And reaching to those domains may bring some backlinks to you because the niche of you and your competitor is the same.

No one will mind linking to you if you provide the same content to which they linked to your competitor’s site.

Backlink Gap report

SEMrush Backlink Gap is a powerful tool which can help you to bring some backlinks to your domain.

Generating New Content Ideas Using SEMrush Topic Research

How you find new content ideas to write on your blog?

Isn’t it difficult sometimes?

And when you failed to find new content ideas, you fall in Writer’s block.

SEMrush topic research tool will not let this happen this with you, because it will help you to find the killer content ideas that you can write on. It will also craft a list for you of the trending topics in your niche.

So, for getting started with the SEMrush topic research tool, Navigate to Topic Research from the left side menu.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Enter your Topic/Seed Keyword in the box to get the related content ideas. If you want to get content ideas from your competitors then you can also add your competitor’s domain just by clicking “+Enter domain to find content on

This is not a mandatory option, you can leave it untouched also.

SEMrush Topic Research Tool

Just after hitting the Get Content Ideas button, SEMrush will show you all the potential content ideas that include, Headlines, Questions and Related Searches in four different styles:

  • Card View
  • Explorer View
  • Overview
  • Mind Map

Let’s take a quick look at all four style one-by-one:

Card View

All the content ideas are shown in the form of Cards, as you can see in the below image.

Topic Research Card View

If you click on any card, you will see more info like headlines, questions and related searches. You’ll also be able to see the Subtopic volume, difficult and topic efficiency.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Use the Trending topics first slider button to see all the trending topics for your seed keyword at first. And you can also use the Prioritize Topics By option to sort the results by volume, difficulty or topic efficiency.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

If you find any irrelevant card which you don’t want to see in the topic results, then you can use the dismiss this card option to hide that.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Explorer View

SEMrush will break down content ideas by subtopic, Facebook Engagements, backlinks and total shares.

Facebook engagement is defined as the number of times that each page was shared on Facebook.

You can sort the topics list by trending subtopics by clicking the trending subtopics first slider at the top.

Topic Research Explorer view


The overview type will bring the Top 10 Headlines by backlinks, 10 Interesting Questions, subtopics and related searches.

SEMrush Top Research Overview

SEMrush will sort the results and show you the Top subtopics and top 10 related searches to make your topic research.

You can also sort the result by volume, difficulty and topic efficiency with easy using the tabs at the top.

Subtopics and top 10 related searches

Mind Map View

This is very interesting… You might already aware of this view if you ever used AnswerThePublic tool. It has the same interface as AnswerThePublic tool provide.

It is good for you if you are a visual person, you can switch to the Mind Map view to see the visual view of content ideas. The information will be the same, you’ll be seeing topics, headlines and questions about your seed keyword.

The trending topics are highlighted with the red colour.

SEMrush Topic Research Mind Map view

Creating SEO Template

When you are ready with the content topic to start writing, SEMrush also provides an SEO Template that will help you in writing well-crafted SEO friendly content.

Click on the three dots of the topic you selected to write, and select Create SEO Template.

Create SEO Content

Enter the related keyword to your seed keywords and hit the Create SEO Template button. SEMrush gives you the ideas to write winning content by amazing your top-10 ranking competitors’ content.

SEMrush SEO Content Template

Just after hitting the Create SEO Template button, SEMrush will analyze the top 10 results for the keyword you searched for.

You will be seeing recommendations that you need to follow to write well-optimized SEO friendly content that will have the high chances to outrank your competitors.

Recommendations like Semantically related words you should need to add, domains that your competitors getting backlinks from, average readability score and the text length.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

SEMrush will also show you how your competitors are using keywords in their content. This will give an idea of how to put your target keywords in the content.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Finding Link Building Opportunities Using SEMrush

This is the most trending topic when you come into SEO or blogging, “link building“.

What if I say that SEMrush can make link building easy for you?

You might get SUPRISED! Right?

Yes, SEMrush has a dedicated tool for link building which helps you in finding link building opportunities around you.

SEMrush’s Link Building collects the list of link building opportunities for your domain and provides your simple interface to run an outreach campaign.

For configuring the Link Building Tool, you need to head back to the projects where you added your domain. Click on the Setup button on Link Building tool.

SEMrush link building tool

Add your keywords for which you want to get higher rankings.

add your keywords

After adding keywords, add your competitors you want to outrank. After adding the competitors, fit the Start Link Building button to find all the link building opportunity for your domain.

add competitios

SEMrush will show you all the prospects, these are the backlinks opportunities. You will be seeing the backlinks opportunities that your competitors managed to get, backlinks that you have lost, mentions without any link and SEMrush will show you more ideas using the advanced search operators.

You will be seeing all those backlinks opportunities, your small effort in the right direction can lead you to earn some quality backlinks.

SEMrush Link Building Prospects

Go to Prospects tab to see all the backlinks prospects.

You will see all the backlinks opportunities based on the keywords and competitors you have added while performing the link building and it will also your the backlink you have lost so you can earn them again.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

SEMrush also shows you the details about the domain of all the prospects, total backlinks that domains have, total no of referring domains, total no. of keywords that bringing traffic, domain relevancy, toxic rank etc.

Domain details

After exploring and filtering out all the prospects, you will be able to send some to the In Progress section to start the outreach process.

Click on the Down arrow in To Progress button to see all the pre-built templates from the most common scenario.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

SEMrush makes easy to do outreach to the domain for the adding link to your domain. SEMrush offers a simple to use interface do this directly from the SEMrush tool. Even SEMrush will pull the contact emails of all the link prospects so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Now go to In Progress tab… You can see that SEMrush has already pulled the contact emails of the domain you are going to reach for the backlink.

SEMrush link building tool outreach interface

Click on the Contact button, you are free to customize the template as per to increase the chances of your success.

Once the customization has done, click on the Send and proceed to the next button. You need to follow the same process for all the domain you added in progress.

outreach template

SEMrush also tracks the performance of your outreach campaigns.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Position Tracking On The Go

SEMrush also has a mobile app that will help you to do position tracking on the go.

You don’t need to visit SEMrush to check that, instead SEMrush position tracking makes it convenient to check your keyword position on the go using your mobile phone.

The app is available for the iOS and Android mobile devices.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

SEMrush Position Tracking will help you to:

  • View your current campaign and filter them
  • Easily view metrics using the app, like visibility, estimated traffic, average position.
  • Get notify about the keywords and position changes
  • Access the top keywords statistics
  • Filter by date, competitors and top keywords

It will eliminate the need of opening your computer to track your positions on SERPs.

Claim SEMrush Pro 14-Days Free Trial (Worth 99.95$)

Fortunately, we have an amazing offer for you if you are willing to explore SEMrush.

You can use SEMrush for 14-days for free using our Special SEMrush & StayMeOnline Partnership offer.

You can get all the access to the tools that SEMrush offers on their pro plan.

For claiming the SEMrush pro 14 days trial, click on this Special Link. It will redirect you to SEMrush & StayMeOnline partners page.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Click on the “Start your free 14 day trial now” button.

Now register a new account with the SEMrush to claim the 14 day free trial of SEMrush pro plan.

Enter your email address(make sure you don’t have it register with the SEMrush already) & choose a password. Hit the final click on the Create my account.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Enter your credit card information, don’t worry it will not charge you until the next 14 days. However, it may charge 1$ per verification fees.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

You don’t need to enter any promo code to claim this deal because it is already added in the link.

Scroll down and enter your billing address like the name, phone number, address etc.

SEMrush Review 2021: Does It Deserve To Be The No.1 SEO Tool?

Hit the final click on the Place the Order button to register your account and grab the 14-days free trial.

You might be wondering what If I don’t want to proceed with the SEMrush after 14-days?

Well, you have the option to cancel your trial without even being charged.

You can cancel your subscription just by sending email to [email protected] and request them to cancel your trial.

My Verdict

SEMrush Review

Ravi Dixit

Ease of Use
Value Of Money


SEMrush is the no. 1 SEO Tool that offers amazing tools which make easy for you to grow your brand. SEMrush is the most used tool by the webmaster, bloggers and agencies to perform SEO related tasks.


SEMrush is surely an amazing SEO Tools, this is the lead role player behind the success of most popular blogs and brands.

I am using SEMrush from the first month of my blogging journey. It helped me to maintain a healthy backlink profile. Even, I used SEMrush to disavow toxic backlinks that I had created mistakenly.

I know, at the beginning level SEMrush may be an expensive tool for you which might be difficult for you to buy. That’s why I suggest you go with the SEMrush 14-day free trial.

You can grab this free trial to explore SEMrush before spending your money, once you found it useful— you can go with their premium version.

SEMrush isn’t a expensive tool if you take all the amazing tools which SEMrush offers in mind when calculating its price.

I have shared my complete experience with the SEMrush, I hope you found it useful— If you did then must share it with the others.

Grab SEMrush 14-Day Free Trial

SEMrush is a bundle of SEO tools that offers 40+ advanced SEO tools. Get SEMrush free 14-days trial and explore SEMrush for free without paying for it, credit card required for claiming this offer.

SEMrush Review

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