Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review


Semrush content marketing is the platform that offers various tools to help you in creating and improving your content. It gives you a clear idea about what you are missing in your content by comparing to competitors and help you in improving you so you gain higher rankings.

If I ask you the most difficult part of blogging for you then I am sure, you probably say “creating top-notch content”.

Did I get it right?

Well, that’s true, creating winning content is the pain point of most bloggers and content marketers.

But it can be easy by using the right tools for creating your content.

And today, I am going to make you familiar with all those tools which can help you to write engaging content that wins your readers attention with ease.

You don’t need to look at all those tools here and there, you will get them under one umbrella which really makes it easy to access them from the same dashboard.

Let me introduce you to Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit which is specially designed for fulfilling all content marketing needs. It has all the tools that a blogger and content marketer ever needs to create winning content.

What Is Semrush Content Marketing Platform?

Semrush Content Marketing Platform is a bundle of tools that helps in creating engaging content and improving the existing content.

This makes it easy to improve your existing content, find the gap between you and your competitors, topic research. It helps in saving money as well as time when creating content.

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit helps in:

  1. Finding most engaging content ideas
  2. Developing an editorial plan and collaborate with your team
  3. Writing SEO-Optimized content that ranks better
  4. Optimizing new and existing content
  5. Track your and your competitors’ brand mentions
  6. Track your post-performance
  7. Audit and improve your existing content

It’s a complete toolkit that helps content marketers in content planning, creation, optimization and tracking their performance. It also helps in auditing your existing content and improving them to achieve better results.

Semrush logo

My Secret Weapon To Dominate SEO

Semrush is the tool that I’m using since 4 years back to ensure my blog’s growth on SERP. It really makes easy to perform keyword research, technical site audit, backlink audit, stealing backlinks from competitors, spying competitors and much more.

* This is an affiliate link, I might get a commission but it will not add any extra cost to you.

How To Access Content Marketing ToolKit In Semrush?

Semrush has a comprehensive dashboard, from where you can access almost every tool that Semrush offers…

You can easily access the Semrush Content Marketing Platform using the tools drop-down placed down the Semrush logo at the top. Select Content Marketing Toolkit.

Access SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

You will see all tools of the Semrush Content Marketing platform on the next screen.

Content Marketing ToolKit by SEMrush

Step-By-Step Walkthrough To Use Semrush Content Marketing Platform

Find A Topic To Write On Using Topic Research Tool

SEMrush Topic research tool

Great content start with finding a great topic to write on.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform makes it easy with the help of their Topic Research tool that let you find well-performing content on the web.

You just need to enter your topic and select your country to let the game begin.


Semrush shows you all the trending content around the topic you searched for. Here you can view the results in four views: cards, explorer, overview and mind map.

You can switch your view using the option at the top which contains all the view types, click on your preferred one.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Let’s discuss each view of the Topic research tool.

Cards View

SEMrush Topic Research

In the card view, the content ideas are shown in the form of cards along with the subtopics. Semrush also allows you to filter the result and see the trending topics, for this you can use the Trending subtopics first slider at the top.

Trending subtopics are the well-performing subtopics over the last 60 days period. All the articles in a trending subtopic are growing and you can take it as an advantage by following the trend.

Moreover, you can also short the subtopics cards by volume, difficulty or topic efficiency using the sorting option at the top-right side.

Click on the Show more link in any card to explore more content ideas of that particular subtopic.

You can see the subtopic volume, difficulty and topic efficiency. Also, headlines of the content that are performing well and prioritized by the number of backlinks they have.

Along with headlines, you will see a bullhorn icon at the left side. This will indicate how strongly the page resonates with your audience. The highest resonating pages have the green icon at the left, you can see the same in the below image.

Show more cards view

After expanding a subtopic, you will see two other important things apart from Headlines, questions and related searches. Related questions that people are looking for your topic.


The third is related searches, the related searches section will help you in getting more content ideas related to your searched topic.

Related searches

Explorer View

Explorer view breaks down all the content ideas in a list with subtopic, content idea, Facebook engagements, backlinks and total shares. As in the card view, you can click the Trending subtopics first slider to see all the trending subtopics at top of the list.

You can sort the metrics by clicking the up and down arrows in the header. Sorting of the result will help you to find the most engaging topics based on your desired metrics.

Explorer view


The overview makes it easy for you to find the most engaging content ideas for your next article, it shows you the top 10 headlines, questions, related searches and subtopics.


MindMap View

This is the most interesting view in the Semrush Topic Research tool, I am sure you are aware of the AnswerThePublic tool or Mindmap tools. This is something similar to them.

In this view, you get all the subtopics in a more visualized form. And all the headlines, questions and related searches on the right side of the screen.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Create A Plan In Marketing Calendar

SEMrush Marketing calendar

A content writing task is usually divided into various steps, like coming up with the engaging headline, writing part, gathering images and many more…

Dwight Eisenhower once said…

When you have a team of content writers for writing content, it often becomes tough and time-consuming to manage all those tasks together and get it done in the required time frame.

Semrush offers a marketing calendar that can help you to manage your editorial schedule and assign tasks to your team and collaborate with them to meet the deadlines and workflows in real-time.

Semrush Marketing Calendar can help you in following:

  • Save your all content ideas at one place
  • Create a content strategy and schedule your posts in advance
  • Semrush Marketing Calendar helps in maintaining the consistency
  • You can avoid creating duplicate content which might lead to keyword cannibalization

Start Writing SEO-Optimized Article Using SEO Content Template

SEO Content template

The most difficult part in content marketing is, writing SEO-Optimized content that ranks easily in Google for the targeted keyword.

This is where most beginners are stuck. But Semrush makes it easy for you with the help of their SEO Content Template.

Semrush created an SEO Content Template aimed to write well structured SEO-Optimized articles with the help of a template with SEO recommendations based on your target keyword.

How SEO Content Template helps you in creating well-optimized content:

  • It shows you the potential sources to build backlinks from
  • Shows you where your competitors placed your targeted keywords
  • Recommends readability score and text length
  • Shows you semantically related keywords to increase your content’s topical relevancy

You just need to enter your targeted keyword or group of keywords to generate an SEO Template. Semrush will deeply analyze the top 10 ranking pages for targeted keywords and show you the recommendations to make your content SEO-friendly.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

The SEO Content Template will analyse the top 10 ranking pages for your searched term and show the recommendations based on them.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

It shows you the Semantically related words that top-ranking pages included in their content, you can include these words to increase Topical Relevancy of your content.

Moreover, you also get the backlinks, readability and text length in the Key recommendations section.

SEO Content Template Keyword Recommendations

In the next section, you can get a sneak-peak of how your competitors have placed your targeted keywords.

SERP Analysis SEO Content Template 3

At the last, you get some Basic recommendations which are also based on top ranking pages, you can follow these recommendations to write your content well-optimized to ensure better results on SERP.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Optimize Article Using SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Is it tough for you to optimize your article for SEO?

Well, It is not going to be tough anymore because of Semrush Writing Assistant. Semrush Writing Assistant is a tool created to help content writers & bloggers to optimize their new or existing content to get better results on SERPs.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assitant

It has add-ons for Google Docs as well as for WordPress. So, if you write your content using Google docs then still you can use this add-on and optimize your post.

Let’s take an example of Google Docs, you will need to install the SEO Writing Assistant first. Download it from Google Chrome Web Store or from directly Semrush.

Now start writing your content on Google docs or you can also use it for optimizing your existing content.

To let SEO Writing Assistant start its work and show your recommendations to improve your content, go to Add-ons>Semrush SEO Writing Assistant and then click on Show.

Semrush SWA will start its work and take a few seconds to show you all the recommendations to improve your content that you can follow to achieve better results in SERP.

Note: you will first need login into SWA through your Semrush account.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant Addon

Moreover, you get a graph at the top of the SWA box where you can see the combined score of all.

The score is given out of 10, the closest score to 10 you achieve the more optimized your content is and high changes to well-perform on search engine result pages.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant will help you in the following:

  1. Readability: It shows you the words count, title issues, content issues, you can work on these to improve the readability of your content.
  2. SEO: You will get recommended keywords that you can enrich in your content to get better results. Moreover, SWA shows you alt attribute issues and link issues.
  3. Originality: It also shows you originality score for your content and shows you copied words that will help you to avoid the duplicate content issue.
  4. Tone of Voice: It helps to keep a consistent tone of voice in your content.

Track Your Brand Mentions Using Brand Monitoring Tool

SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool

Do you want to track the buzz for your brand in the online world?

Semrush can help you in this, it can make it easy for you to convert normal brand mentions into backlinks. You can use the Semrush brand monitoring tool to track your or your competitors’ brand mention online.

Brand Mentions

It can help you to know the presence of your competitors in other PR channels. By taking an eye on your competitors’ presence, you can get a sneak-peak into their strategies and improve yours to get better results.

SEMrush Brand Monitoring results

You can also export the result in PDF using the Export to PDF button and also schedule email reports by using the Email reports button above..

Here are the benefits of using the Semrush Brand Monitoring tool:

  1. Track mentions and converts them to backlinks(if someone is mentioning your brand without linking, a soft email to the editor can change it to link)
  2. Know the sentiment of your brand mentions
  3. Check your brand’s reputation online
  4. Track referral traffic from the mentions
  5. You can track your competitors’ presence, reputation and it can also help you to get a sneap-peak of their strategies

Track Performance Via Post Tracking

SEMrush Post tracking tool`

Now you have published your post, it’s time to track its performance using the Semrush Post Tracking tool. Measuring the performance is really important to know whether it’s really quality content or needs to be more optimized.

Post tracking is super-easy, you don’t have to go through technicalities to track your post-performance, just need to enter your article’s URL and start tracking.

SEMrush Post Tracking

After hitting the Start tracking, Semrush will show you all the important performance details about your entered URL. It includes referral traffic(you’ll need to connect to GSC & GA), shares, backlinks, est. reach etc.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

This is how Semrush’s post tracking tool can help you to measure your post performance and find whether it’s really well-optimized content or needs more optimization.

Revise & Improve Your Content Using Content Audit Tool

SEMrush Content Audit tool

Now if you found that your content is not well-optimized to get better results, you need to improve that.

This is where the Semrush Content Audit tool comes into the picture to help in identifying your articles’ weak areas and work on them to improve your post-performance.

Start with entering your domain and hit the Start audit.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

After entering the domain, Semrush will find your sitemap and you need to select the subfolders to run this content audit or you can add URLs manually.

Once you are done with that, you will be asked to connect your GSC and GA account with Semrush and wait for some time to let it get all the data.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

After performing the content audit, it will list down all your post and you can analyze them. This data also includes the total no. of shares, backlinks, avg. sessions duration and other important metrics that will help you to analyze the page performance.

This data also helps you to find whether you need to update a post or not. When a post needs to be updated, you need to change its status to In Progress and make the changes(with help of the SEO Content Writing tool).

Once a page is in progress status, Semrush will track the changes in your article every day. It will help you to monitor your article’s performance dynamics.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

When you are done with the optimization, you can take the post tracking tool again in use and track the performance of the post that you updated.

How Much Does Semrush Content Marketing Platform Cost?

Semrush offers three plans, Pro, Guru and Business which cost $99.95, $199.95 and $399.95 respectively. But you can save 16% if you go for an annual plan.

The cost for annual plans will be:

  1. Pro: $83.28 per month
  2. Guru: $166.62 per month
  3. Business: $333.28 per month

So, I highly recommend you to go for the annual plan to save a good amount on Semrush purchases.

But here is something that you need to give attention to, you get full access to Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit is only Guru and Business plans. Check the below image to know more about limitations for the Content Marketing platform on all plans.

SEMrush Content Marketing Platform limits

In Semrush Pro, you get very limited access to the content marketing platform, there will be no access to the marketing calendar and the SEO content template will also be limited to 1 only.

However, you can take a test drive of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit, of course, it has restrictions. Use the below button to try Content Marketing Platform for free or you can take our Semrush Guru 7-Day free trial to explore without limitations.

Try Semrush CMP For Free 7-Day Semrush Guru Free Trial

Pros & Cons Of Semrush Content Marketing Platform

Let’s discuss the pros & cons:


  • The first benefit of content marketing platform is, it makes content marketing a hell lot easy for you. You can easily write well-optimized content using this tool.
  • It makes it easy to find well-performing content ideas to write your next post on.
  • Marketing calendar helps to get organized your work and assign to your team.
  • SEO Writing Assitant provides you with recommendations in real-time to create quality content. It also has Google Docs add-on and WordPress plugin.
  • SEO Content Template helps in writing SEO-optimized content to ensure getting better results on SERP by providing SEO recommendations.
  • You can easily check what people are talking about your brand using the Brand Monitoring tool. You can also take a sneak-peak into your competitors’ strategies. Moreover, it also helps in converting unlinked mentions into backlinks.
  • Track your post-performance on SERP using the post tracking tool.
  • Content Audit tool helps in improving your existing content and get better results on old posts.


  • Semrush provides very limited access to content marketing platform in their Pro plan, you will need to buy the higher plan to get its full access.

Free Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Semrush also offers a comprehensive course to learn how to better use the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit and the best thing is, it is available for free in Semrush Academy.

This course contains 9 lessons, 3 hours of content and is 100% freely available.

Semrush Content Marketing toolkit course contains 4 modules that will help you learn how to use the Semrush content marketing platform.

  • Module 1: Content Analysis and Optimization
  • Module 2: Content Research and Ideation
  • Module 3: Content Distribution
  • Module 4: Content Performance and Management

If you are a newbie and have no experience of using Semrush, this course will help you to understand the Semrush tool and its content marketing platform. When you know how to better use it, you can achieve better results.

Enroll In Free Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Alternatives

If Semrush is costly for you or if there is any other reason that stopping you from going with the Semrush CMT then here are some best Semrush Content Marketing Platform alternatives you can try:

1. Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs Content Explorer helps in finding well-performing content ideas to write on. You just need to enter a topic you want to write about, it will show you all the top-performing articles along with some important metrics like DR, referring domains, organic traffic etc.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Here are some of the features that you get in Ahrefs Content Explorer:

  • Discover the content trends over time
  • Uncover SEO metrics of top-performing pages for your target keyword
  • It helps in finding broken link building opportunities
  • Identify whether a page is gaining or losing backlinks and organic traffic
  • Get sneak-peak of your competitors’ content marketing strategy
  • Find which sites have yet to link to you

How Much Does It Cost?

Ahrefs offers 4 plans, Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency which cost you $99, $179, $399 and $999 per month respectively.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

You won’t get any free trial in Ahrefs. It offers a 7-Days trial for 7$, you can use this link to get Ahrefs 7 days trial.

2. BuzzSumo

what is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is the most popular content marketing tool available on the internet. You can use this tool to find the best performing content ideas to write your next post on.

You just need to enter your target keyword or topic and hit the search button. BuzzSumo will show you all the top-performing pages along with the social shares and no. of links they have.

Here are some of the features of BuzzSumo:

  • Get thousands of relevant keywords to your main keyword
  • It shows you the trends of any topic over time
  • Discover the well-performing topics related to your main keyword
  • All the questions that people asking about your topic
  • Shows social shares for well-performing pages
  • No. of backlinks for all pages
  • Track mentions and trends

How Much Does It Cost?

BuzzSumo offers four plans, Pro, Plus, Large and Enterprise which cost $99, $179, $299 and $499+ per month respectively.

BuzzSumo Pricing

You can take a test drive of BuzzSumo and explore all the features of BuzzSumo before buying it. Because it offers a 7-days free trial, you can claim it from here…


ContentStudio is a powerful content marketing and social media management platform for content & social media marketers that helps in publishing quality content and scheduling for social media.

It provides you with highly relevant and trending content suggestions for your searched topic or keyword. It provides you with deep insights about all the well-performing pages for your searched term.

Here are some features of ContentStudio:

  • Get deep insights of all top-performing pages for your target keyword
  • Content Planner to manage your workflow by collaborating with your team
  • Schedule your content to all your social media profiles
  • Analytics that will help you to track your performance and improve it

How Much Does It Cost?

As with the other two, ContentStudio also offers 4 plans, Pro, Small, Medium and Large which costs $49, $99, $199 and $299 per month respectively.

ContentStudio Pricing

The best thing is, ContentStudio offers 14 days free trial that you can use to test the ContentStudio platform before buying it. Click this link to claim the free trial.

How To Claim Semrush Guru 7-Day Free Trial?

Do you want to take a test drive of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

Then this 7-day trial of the Semrush Guru plan can let you explore the content marketing platform without any limitations. Here I am going to share the steps that you need to follow to claim the Semrush Guru 7-day trial.

Step 1: Click on this SPECIAL LINK, it will redirect you to the Semrush 7-day trial page.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Step 2: Click on the Get a free 7-day trial button. Now you need to create an account using your email address and choose a password for your account. Or, you can also use the Continue with Google button to use your Google account instead.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Review: A ToolKit To Create Top-Notch Content?

Step 3: After creating your account, select the Guru plan on the next page. Because Guru trial will let you use the content marketing platform without any limitations.

Choose your trial plan

Step 4: Now the final step, is the time to enter your card details to claim the Semrush guru trial. Don’t worry, you will be charged only $1 USD for card verification.

card details

When done with the card details, hit the Place the Order button.

Congrats, you have successfully claimed the Semrush Guru 7-Day trial. But don’t forget to verify your email address, Semrush has sent you an email on the same email address you used for registration, open that and click on Confirmation Link.

Now explore Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit without any limitations for the next 7 days.

Note: If you don’t want to proceed with the Semrush Guru plan after 7 days then you can cancel it by sending an email on [email protected].

FAQ Around Semrush Content Marketing Platform

What is the Semrush content marketing platform?

Semrush Content Marketing Platform has all tools that can help you to create quality SEO-Optimized content and improve your existing content. It has everything that a content marketer ever needs.

It helps in analyzing your content performance and tracking your and your competitors’ performance. It can help you to get a sneak-peak of your competitors’ content strategy.

Can we perform content audits with Semrush Content Platform?

Yes, you can perform content audits using the Semrush Content Audit tool, which is also available in the Semrush content marketing platform. Content audit tools can help you in improving your low-quality articles to ensure better results.

What can Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit do?

Semrush content marketing toolkit is a complete platform that can make it easy for you to write quality content and get better results from SERP.

Here are the things that the Semrush content marketing toolkit can do for you:
1. Find well-performing content ideas
2. Plan and schedule your content & collaboration with your team members
3. Write SEO-Optimized content using SEO Content Template
4. SEO Writing Assistant can help you in optimizing your content by providing you with SEO recommendations
5. Track your brand mentions and convert them to backlinks
6. Track your performance using Post tracking
7. Perform a content audit to improve your existing content

Is Semrush free?

Yes, Semrush has a free plan which you can use with some limitations. Apart from this, It offers three plans, Pro, Guru and Business.

But if you want to take a test drive of Semrush then you can use this link to get the 14-days free trial of SEMrush Pro.

What are the best Semrush content marketing platform alternatives?

Here are the best three alternatives of Semrush Content Marketing Platform:
1. Ahrefs Content Explorer
2. BuzzSumo


Semrush Content Marketing Platform has all the tools that you ever need to create content and optimize them to ensure good results from SERPs. It can help you from finding new content ideas to optimizing existing content, tracking brand mentions, performing content audits and so on.

Creating high-quality content is the key to building an authority blog and making a decent amount from blogging and Semrush Content Marketing ToolKit can make it easy for you.

Claim our Semrush Guru 7-Day trial to use Semrush Content Marketing ToolKit for free without any limitations for the next 7 days.

I hope you found this Semrush Content Marketing Platform review helpful if you did then must share it with others and let other content marketers know about this awesome platform.

SEMrush Content Marketing Platform Review
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