11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Are you searching for a best SEMrush alternative?

You got the right place because this post will definitely help you to find best SEMrush alternatives (Free and Paid both).

I can understand, as a beginner, you can’t afford to buy SEMrush for your blog. that’s why you are searching for best SEMrush alternatives, Right?

Even when I started my blog that time I also don’t have money to spend on SEO tools and others. It was hard for me to arrange money for buying Hosting and domain to start a WordPress blog.

Don’t you need to worry?

Because I am going to share some SEMrush alternatives (free and paid both) that will help you in performing the same SEO tasks that SEMrush can perform for you.

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO tool that helps you to do keyword research, check your competitors’ keywords and backlinks, do a site audit, backlink audit, it also helps you to get better content ideas by its content research tool and the list goes on.

In simple words, you can say SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that contains:

  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Position Checker
  • SEO Audit
  • Backlink Audit
  • Backlink Gap Checker
  • Keyword Gap Checker
  • Content Research
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Topic Research
  • and the list goes on…

SEMrush is a bundle of many awesome SEO Tools that help you to get better rank in search engine.

But as it has many AMAZING tools in it which makes it best SEO Tool out there, so you can’t think of getting FREE alternatives of entire SEMrush.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

My Secret Weapon To Dominate SEO

Semrush is the tool that I’m using since 4 years back to ensure my blog’s growth on SERP. It really makes easy to perform keyword research, technical site audit, backlink audit, stealing backlinks from competitors, spying competitors and much more.

* This is an affiliate link, I might get a commission but it will not add any extra cost to you.

SEMrush Killer Features

Here are some of the killer features of SEMrush that make it no.1 SEO tool in the market.

  • Most Accurate Search Volume Data: There are only a few no. of SEO tools that provide accurate search volume data and SEMrush is one of them. It frequently updates its keyword database and provides you with the most accurate and relevant data.
  • Huge Keyword Database: SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool which is an exclusive keyword research tool that SEMrush offers has more than 20 billion keyword ideas in its database. SEMrush has the largest keyword database on the market.
  • Most Accurate Position Tracking Tool: SEMrush has the most accurate position tracking tool that helps you in tracking your domain’s ranking position on SERP for some set of keywords. It offers daily data updates, mobile rankings and addition keywords at no cost to all their users, doesn’t matter which play you are in. They provide basic tracking functionalities to all their users.
  • SEO Reporting: SEMrush lets you create custom PDF reports, including Branded and White Lable reports, report scheduling and integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Monitor Toxic Links & Avoid Penalty: SEMrush helps you in identifying and removing toxic backlinks pointing to your domain to avoid any Google penalty in future.
  • Content Marketing Platform: With SEMrush Content Marketing Platform, you can create most-engaging content ideas that get ranked easily in SERPs. It has tools like topic research, SEO content template, Marketing Calendar, SEO Writing assistance, brand monitoring, post tracking and content audit that really makes easy for you to take your content to the next level and achieve good results.

SEMrush Pricing

You can’t say that SEMrush is a keyword research tool or SEMrush is a tool for domain analysis.

Because it is more than that…

SEMrush is a bundle of SEO Tools that include amazing tools like Keywords research, backlink audit, site audit, organic research, and the list goes on.

When a tool is offering these amazing tools so you can’t expect to get it for free.

Here is the pricing of SEMrush:

SEMrush pricing

SEMrush has three plans, Pro, Guru, Business. Its starting plan which is Pro cost $99.95 per month.

Looking For Free SEMrush Alternatives?

If you are looking for free SEMrush alternative then you will never get one. Because SEMrush has many awesome SEO Tools in it that worth paying, on one will offer them for free.

Instead of a complete free SEMrush alternative, in this post, you will get FREE alternatives of certain tools that SEMrush offers. you don’t worry if you came here for a FREE alternative of SEMrush.

I will share some amazing FREE SEO tools that will fulfil your need for SEMrush without paying anything.

SEMrush Alternatives Pricing Comparison

Tool NameTypePriceTrial Available
UberSuggestKeyword Research & Domain Analysis12 USD/month Or 120 USD Lifetime7 day free trial available
Google Keyword PlannerKeyword ResearchFreeNo trial needed
KWFinderKeyword ResearchFree or $29/month10-day free trial
Keyword KegKeyword ResearchFree or $38/monthNo trial available
Monitor BacklinksDomain AnalysisFree or $25/month30 day free trial
SerpstatFull AlternativeFree or $69/monthNo trial available
SearchmetricsDomain AnalysisFree or €89No trial available
SEO PowerSuiteFull AlternativeFree or $299/yearNo trial available
AhrefsFull Alternative$99/month7 day trial for $7
SpyFuCompetitor Research$33/monthNo trial available
AccurankerKeyword Rank Tracker$109/month14 day free trial

Here are some comparison post that will help you:

12 Best SEMrush Alternatives (FREE & PAID)

Before using SEMrush, I was using many tools for different tasks. SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that has eliminated the use of other tools in a single SEO tool.

Let’s start with a tool that every blogger need, whether a beginner or expert. Yes, you got that right.

It’s a Keyword research tool!

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool Alternative

SEMrush has Keyword Magic Tool that makes Keyword research very simple for beginners and experts as well.

It has very simple and easy to use interface which beginners also can use for finding perfect keywords to target.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Alternative Tools

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool is one of the best premium keyword research tools. You don’t need to purchase it separately it is given with all SEMrush’s Plans.

I have personally tested some other free and premium keyword research tools which are the best alternative of SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest keyword overview

UberSuggest used to be a free tool for keyword research and domain analysis but recently it changed to the premium tool but offers a free plan with some limitations. It is created by Neil Patel, it can help you in finding low-competitive keyword ideas and spying on your competitors.

You can sign in using Google and start using it. You can get the first 100 rows of result in a free plan, if you want more then you will need to upgrade.

Enter your seed keyword in the box and hit the enter, UberSuggest will show you a huge list to related keyword ideas. Along with this, you can also get the question keywords for your searched term.

Ubersuggest keyword research

By clicking on the “Keyword Ideas” on the left side menu, you can see more keyword ideas. You can also export the entire list of keywords as CSV file by clicking Export To CSV button.

Ubersuggest Keyword ideas

On the right side, you will be seeing the top 99 results for the keyword you searched for. And an estimate of your success rate you should reach to get high rank for that keyword.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

It will also show you est visits that top results for the same keyword are getting, backlinks they have, Domain score and social share, these data will help you to achieve the high rank.

I like another feature in Ubersuggest, that is Filter. It allows you to filter your result and get the perfect keyword which will be easy to rank and profitable for you.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Along with a keyword research tool, it has many awesome tools in-built and domain and backlinks analysis are one of them.

Ubersuggest best alternative of semrush

Here are the tools that make it the best SEMrush alternative:

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Site Audit
  • Domain Analysis
  • Content Ideas Generator
  • Backlinks Monitor Tool
  • Keyword Ranking Checker

Pros Of Ubersuggest

  • Has free plan
  • No need to create an account (signing up using google is recommended if you want to get more keywords)
  • Get your success forecast
  • Hundreds of long-tail keywords
  • Add up to 5 projects (domains) for daily tracking

Cons Of Ubersuggest

  • Can’t save keywords list to the cloud
  • Fewer Keywords ideas
  • Analyze only root domain

Check out Ubersuggest

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to a FREE keyword research tool, Google Keyword Planner is the first name prompt in our mind.

Every successful bloggers and SEOs started their keyword research using this tool at their initial stage. It is the most recommend FREE keyword research tool for beginners.

If you want to learn how to use Google Keyword Planner, then here is a complete guide you need to checkout.

Google Keyword Planner is a tool created by Google designed with the taking Advertisers in mind. You can use this tool for free to get keywords that are performing well in the search engine to write on.

As like other tools, you get Download your keywords list option so you can export your list to CSV. You can see Download Keyword Ideas button at the right top side of the screen.

Download Keyword Ideas

It also has Customizable Filter options, you can add filters by clicking on the Add Filter option.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

There is only one downside of Google Keyword Planner… What?

Unlike other tools that provide the most accurate Avg. monthly searches, Google Keyword Planner provides you with a wide range of estimates searches for the keyword you are searching for, like 100-10k.

And the same with Keyword’s Competition, It gives you three signals Low, Medium and High. But on the other side, other keyword research tools provide you with the most accurate data.

Downside of google keyword planner

On the other hand, if you do the same search on Ubersuggest you’ll get the accurate results than Google Keyword Planner.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

BUT, Google Keyword Planner often get you a HUGE list of keywords than other free keyword search tool available.

You can do one thing if you want to get the accurate metrics of the keyword you searched in Google Keyword Planner, you can grab them from GKP and search in the Ubersuggest to get accurate metrics.

Pros Of Google Keyword Planner 

  • 100% Free to use
  • Don’t need to create a separate account, you can use your Google Account
  • Huge list of Keyword Ideas

Cons Of Google Keyword Planner

  • Less accurate keyword metrics

Check Out Google Keyword Planner

3. KWFinder

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

KWFinder should be in your list of FREE keyword research tool. It is an amazing keyword research tool that allows you to use it for free with some limitations.

You can get the Google Autocomplete and question keywords for your seed keyword and see their metrics.

It provides you metrics related to your Seed keywords in the separate section where you can see the trends of your keyword along with the difficulty and search volume.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

It does not end here, KWFinder also lists down the top 10 pages that rank in Google for your keyword. You can get a better idea about your competitors’ content and get inspiration from them.

Top 10 pages that rank in Google

KWFinder allows you to save your list on the cloud as well as you can export it as CSV.

As KWFinder is not 100% FREE keyword research tool, it has some limitations. You can get 25 keyword suggestions for your seed keyword.

Earlier, it allows users to use it without having an account with them but now you must have to create an account.

They are also offering 10-Days free trial which you can grab here and enjoy their services without limitations. KWFinder is the best tool for you if you are ready to invest in a premium Keyword Research tool.

Pros Of KWFinder

  • FREE to use with some limitations
  • Search Google Autocomplete suggestions
  • Includes top 10 results for the seed keyword

Cons Of KWFinder

  • Have limitations for free accounts

Check out KWFinder

4. Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg

Keyword key is another good free keyword research tool which I found recently.

The best thing which I like most about it, It shows you some amazing metrics like On-Page, OFF-Page difficulty that will help you to get rank for the keyword you researching for.

You don’t need to create an account for using it unless you want to save keyword ideas.

Another good thing is, you can copy keywords with a single click. You don’t need to copy one by one manually because it has an option that allows you to copy all keywords and their metrics with a single click.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

But it has a deep downside…

which is, you will only get top 10 keywords for your seed keywords for FREE. You need to upgrade if you want more…

Pros Of Keyword Keg 

  • Don’t need to create an account
  • Has Free version
  • Copy all Keyword with Single Click

Cons Of Keyword Keg

  • Only 10 keywords for FREE
  • No Option to export as CSV

Click out Keyword Keg

SEMrush Domain Analysis Tool Alternatives

SEMrush has various tools that help you to monitor your website’s SEO performance, it includes your backlink analytics, organic traffic you are getting, keywords you are ranking for and all other important metrics related to your website.

SEMrush Domain Analysis tool

These set of tools are the POWER of SEMrush and the most important tools you need. Below are some alternatives to SEMrush’s Domain Analysis tool, I am not saying FREE but yes some of them are free with some limitations for sure.

5. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlink

Monitor Backlinks is a very important tool that let you check your website’s backlink profile. You can use this tool for free to avoid being penalized by Google for having low-quality backlinks.

You can use this tool to find low-quality backlinks and remove them from your website to maintain a healthy backlink profile and keep Google happy.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

It helps you to get your competitors’ backlink profile so you can check where they are getting backlinks from and you can reach them too in order to build backlinks.

Monitor Backlinks also indicates about the status of backlink, whether it is a do-follow or no-follow link.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

It is available for free as well as paid, you are allowed to get 300 backlinks per domain for FREE. But if you want more then you need to purchase. Monitor Backlinks premium plan is starting from $25/month in which you can see 2,500 backlinks.

Monitor Backlinks is offering 30-Days FREE trial which you can grab to use their premium version for 30 days, even you don’t need to add your card.

Pros Of Monitor Backlinks

  • 300 Backlink for FREE users
  • Offering 30-Days FREE Trial

Cons Of Monitor Backlinks 

  • Export as CSV available for Paid Users Only

Check out Monitor Backlinks

6. Serpstat


Serpstat is another freemium domain and backlink analysis tool which you can use for free or can purchase to use it without restrictions.

Serpstat allows you to do:

  • Domain analysis
  • Backlink monitor
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor spying
  • Domain Vs Domain Comparison
  • Site Audio
  • and the list goes on…

By just entering your domain or your competitors’ domain, you get all SEO related metrics for the site. It will help you to know where your competitor is getting traffic from, who is linking to them and many more.

It is a really simple tool that helps you to get all these data without paying if you can’t afford to pay at the initial stage.

As you might know, Free version has some limits on queries and the no. of features you can use and you can’t export data to CSV file while using Free plan.

But still, it is good to go free SEMrush alternative for domain analysis.

Serpstat Overview

On the left side panel, you have various options to get data about the domain you entered.  You have various options like top pages, Competitors, you can compare two domains using Domain vs Domain and many more.

You can use Serpstat for backlink monitoring, just click on the Backlinks at the Left side menus. You will get total no of backlinks you or your competitor has, total referring domains, follow/Nofollow links etc.

SERPstat Backlink audit

For Free users, some important features are still missing and in some of the reports, you will get limited items. But as I think it is quite good as a free tool for domain analysis.

In later future, If you plan to buy a premium version of SERPstat then you will be able to save money compare than buying SEMrush. Serpstat plans start from 69$/month whereas SEMrush’s starts from 99$/month.

Pros Of Serpstat

  • Has a FREE Version
  • Cheaper than SEMrush

Cons Of Serpstat

  • Not In-Depth Reports

Check out SERPstat

7. Searchmetrics

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Searchmetrics is a less-known domain analysis tool which can be a good alternative of SEMrush when you are searching for a FREE one.

You don’t need to create an account for using it, just need to enter your or your competitors’ domain and after a few seconds, it will present data about the domain you entered.

Once it gathered all the data, you will be seeing SEO visibility of your domain, Organic research data from SEO and Paid sources as well as Desktop Vs Mobile visibility.

SearchMetrics Overview

But I recommend you to create an account because it allows a few queries for non-registered users. You will get a message similar to the below one when you exceed that limit.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

It allows you to spy your competitors’ backlinks, It will help you to get an idea who are linking them.

SearchMetrics Links

You also get the option to download the entire report in PDF format by clicking on the Download Report button at the left side.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Searchmetrics is another good SEMrush alternative for you if you are searching for a free alternative of SEMrush. It doesn’t have advanced features compare that other tools in this list but still good as a Free Domain analysis tool.

Pros Of Searchmetrics

  • Allows to use for Free

Cons Of Searchmetrics

  • Fewer advanced tools and features
  • Not provide in-depth reports

Check out Searchmetrics

8. SEO PowerSuite

SEO Powersuite is a desktop-based SEO tool that supported on Windows, Mac and Linux as well, will help you in four following things:

  • Monitoring backlinks of your website
  • Spying your competitors
  • Website audit
  • Tracking your website rankings
SEOpowersuite Overview

It does offer a FREE version that lets you test the tool before buying it, which is gonna cost you $299. You can get its free version from its homepage by entering your email address and name, they will send you an email which will contain the link for downloading SEO Powersuite on your PC.

SEO power suitefree version

As of course, the free version has some limitation, you can’t export data to CVS or any other form.

Here are the following features you will not get in free version if SEO Powersuite:

  • Save projects with SEO history
  • Schedule tasks to run on autopilot
  • Copy data to the clipboard
  • Export data
  • White label SEO reports in PDF and HTML
  • Save, print, deliver reports to clients

Pros of SEO Powersuite

  • Offer a FREE version
  • Pay only one time and get the tool for lifetime
  • Desktop-based application

Cons of SEO Powersuite

  • Required download and install
  • Each user need to pay full price

Check out SEO PowerSuite

Paid SEMrush Alternatives

Is money not a problem for you?…

Did you not like SEMrush? Or, it is hard for you to understand its interface.

If you can invest in an SEO tool then here is the list of top-paid alternatives of SEMursh you can proceed with.

9. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool kit that has many useful tools for backlinks and SEO analysis. Some of the most useful tools are Content Explorer, Site Explorer, Backlink analysis, Keyword explorer and the list goes on…

Ahrefs best alternatives of SEMrush

It has started in 2011 as a backlink analysis tool but now it has all the features added which can helps you to get data you need about your and your competitors’ domain.

And I must say, Ahrefs is the best-paid alternative of SEMrush that has all tools SEMrush offers. The most recommended for you if money is not an issue for you for buying SEMrush.

Here you can read the complete SEMrush review before buying it…

It has a very simple interface that doesn’t require you to be an expert for using it. You just need your domain or your competitor’s domain to get all SEO metrics.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Here are the tools you will get with Ahrefs:

  • Keyword research
  • Find search traffic of any website
  • Keyword gap tool
  • Backlink gap tool
  • Backlink profiling tool
  • Internal link audit
  • Site SEO audit (Cloud-based)
  • Disavow tool
  • Content Explorer

The features look the same as SEMrush… Right?

Ahrefs has not only all features that SEMrush offers but rather they both have the same pricing also. SEMrush starting plans “Pro” cost 99.95$, on the other hand, Ahrefs starting plan “Lite” costs 99$.

Ahrefs is almost $1 cheap than SEMrush, LOL 😉

Pros Of Ahrefs

  • Almost One Dollar cheap that SEMrush
  • Offer SEO toolbar browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

Cons Of Ahrefs

  • Not allowed to add more users to your account

Check out Ahrefs

10. SpyFu

Spyfu SEMrush alternative

SpyFu is a great SEO tool which is especially design for spying competitors domain. It has a very simple interface, there is no technical knowledge needed to use it.

You just need to enter your domain or your competitors’ domain, and hit the ENTER button. On the next screen, you will be seeing all the DATA related to the domain you entered in the box.

Spyfu best SEMrush alternative

Just after hitting enter, you will get all the data like total organic traffic, total backlinks, top competitors, top keywords and many other metrics related to the domain you entered, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

Here is the list of AMAZING features of SpyFu at a glance:

  • Unlimited domain searches
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • Unlimited data exports
  • Unlimited backlinks searches
  • Unlimited backlink results
  • Track thousands of keyword even with Basic Plan
  • this list goes on…

Click here to read the complete review of SpyFu…

SpyFu also provides you with data about the top keywords of your competitors which can help you to know what keywords they are getting the most traffic from.

Just scroll down a bit, you will find the section called “Top Keywords“, you will get the no. of clicks for a month next to each keyword. Click on view all organic keywords to see more keywords.

On the right side as in the below image, you will get paid keywords your competitor is advertising on.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Now let’s talk about the Pricing, where SEMrush’s starting plan costs 99.95$, on the other hand, SpyFu offers 39$/month or 33$/month if you buy annually…

As you can see, SpyFu’s basic plan is 1/3rd of SEMrush’s Pro plan. SpyFu is a lot cheaper than SEMrush so if you have a tight budget but still want a premium SEO tool then I must recommend you to buy SpyFu.

Pros Of SpyFu

  • Advanced Tools
  • Detailed reports
  • Unlimited Exports
  • Much cheap than SEMrush
  • Provide learning resources for beginners

Cons Of SpyFu

  • Managing own campaigns isn’t easy

Check out SpyFu

11. AccuRanker 

Accuranker SEMrush alternative

AccuRanker is a cloud-based keyword ranking monitoring tool that helps you to monitor your keyword rankings.

Along with this, it also allows you to compare your keyword rankings to your competitors ranking to get a clear idea about where you stand.

For more deep explanation, click here to read AccuRanker review…

You can track multiple website’s keyword ranking within a single account, you don’t need to create separate from each…

The best think about it that I like most:

  1. AccuRanker is fast, you just need to enter the domain you want to track and after a few seconds, it will show you all the data.
  2. It is user-friendly, easy for beginners to use it without any difficulties.

When it comes to Pricing, AccuRanker starting plan cost $79/mo or $71/mo if you buy it annually where SEMrush Pro plan costs 99.95$/mo which is costly than AccuRanker.

Pros Of AccuRanker

  • Fast tool than SEMrush
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cheap that SEMrush

Cons Of AccuRanker

  • Limitation on Keywords you can track with each plan

Check out AccuRanker

Why I Prefer Using SEMrush?

I am using SEMrush from 3 years back and still, stick with this… Do you know why?

Because SEMrush is the no.1 SEO tool available out there, not only me, rather many top bloggers, SEO experts, content marketers are using this for performing SEO related tasks.

SEMrush is a bundle of many amazing tools that allows you to spy your competitors, outrank your competitors, backlink building, content ideas generation, backlink audit, site audit and list goes on.

In the starting of my blogging journey, I made a mistake of purchasing backlinks from Fiverr by spending 5$.

You might be thinking, seriously? one can build backlinks by spending only 5$…

But that time, I only know that backlinks are the most important thing in ranking on Google and I have to build backlinks as many as I can.

One day, I got a gig on Fiverr where a guy was offering 5k backlinks only for 5$. I grab that…

And later with the time, I realized this was the biggest mistake I made.

I was not having an idea about what to do now, because my blog got tons of backlinks from toxic domains.

Here SEMrush backlink audit tool helped me to find toxic domains and disavow them using Google Disavow tool.

Those spammy backlinks are still generating other spammy backlinks but thanks to SEMrush, which allows me to do backlink audit of my blog and make easy for me to find toxic domains.

It also helps me to create a disavow file directly from there so I can submit that on Google disavow tool to disavow them, it saves my time and makes the complicated task easy.

Not only because of their Backlink audit tool, rather SEMrush helps me in many ways:

  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool: It helps me to find low competition keywords easily which I can target in my content to gain good ranking.
  • Competitor Analysis: I am now able to outrank my competitors and SEMrush makes it easy for me.
  • Content Idea Generator: SEMrush’s Content Idea generator tools always help me to come out of Writer’s block when I run out of new content ideas.
  • Site Audit: It helps me to perform the site audit of my blogs which helps me to find the issue which is affecting my blog’s performance.
  • Domain Analysis: SEMrush’s Domain Analysis helps me to spy on my competitors and see which keywords they are ranking for. So, I can work to outrank them…

SEMrush might be an expensive tool if you are just starting, beginners usually deny spending money on tools and other premium things for their blog but trust me, this investment will help you in growing your blog.

Get SEMrush Free For 7-Days

Claim SEMrush Pro 14-Days Free Trial

Follow the below steps to claim SEMrush Pro 14 days free trial, with this free trial you can explore SEMrush without any limitations for the next 14 days.

Step: 1 Click on this SPECIAL LINK, it will redirect you to SEMrush & StayMeOnline partnership page where you can see a button Start your free 14 day trial now!


Step: 2 Click on the Start your free 14 day trial now! button. It will redirect you to SEMrush signup page where you need to create a new SEMrush account by entering an email address and a password.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

After entering your email address and password, hit the Create my account button.

Step: 3 Now you need to enter your card details, you don’t need to enter any promo code here because the code is already applied and you can see today’s charge is 0$. That means you don’t need to pay anything, the trial is absolutely free.

Note: You will be charged $1 for verification purpose by SEMrush.
11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Step: 4 Scroll down on the same page, you will get a section where you need to enter your billing details like name, address, phone number etc.

11 Best SEMrush Alternatives For 2021 [Free & Paid]

Once you filled all the required details, hit the Place the Order button at the bottom.

Congratulations, you have successfully claimed SEMrush Pro 14-day free trial. Now you can use SEMrush pro without any limitations for the next 14 days.

Choose Your Favourite

I’ve shared 12 free and paid SEMrush alternatives. Now, it’s your turn to choose one for you.

I personally use SEMrush and also recommend it to others, I know it might be expensive for you as a beginner but trust me, it worth paying money.

You can use this link to get SEMrush 14-day free trial.

However, if you are going for FREE then I must say you should try Ubersuggest once. I am using it along with the SEMrush and found it the best free alternative of SEMrush.

Let me know in the comments which one you are going to use after reading this list and if I missed any alternative then let me know the name in the comments.

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