2 Easiest Methods To Add Scroll Depth Tracking In WordPress?

Do you want to track how deep your readers scroll down your post?

Want to know how engaged they are when reading your posts?

Then you are in the right place, I am going to talk about the same in this post.

Now you can easily track when your site visitors scroll 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% down the page.

You can easily do this by enabling Scroll Depth Tracking on your website.

Scroll Depth Tracking allows you to know how far a user scrolls your website’s page. This data will help you to know what section of your post or page make users exit. So, you can easily modify your content, to don’t let them go.

Basically, Scroll depth tracking helps you to know how good your content is by readers point of view.

How good it will be if you know why your users are quitting your post? or not reading completely…

If you can get all those data then it will actually help you to engage your users with your content.

Why Do You Need To Track Users Scrolling?

How good it will be? if…

  • you could know your users’ interaction with your content.
  • how long a reader read your post?
  • when he quit reading and exit from your site?
  • why your users are going away from your content?
  • which section of a post makes them let go away?

By enabling Scroll Depth Tracking, you can easily come to know where your readers lost their interest in reading your post and then exit from the post. it will help you to modify your content as per your readers point of view to get them engaged.

Eventually, It will engage your users with your posts. More returning visitors, more session, more page views.

Scroll Depth Tracking will provide you data which you can use to optimize your pages for better user engagement and higher conversions.

How To Enable Scroll Depth Tracking In WordPress?

I am sure you know about Google Analytics…

Google Analytics is a free web-based traffic analyzer offered by Google which helps you to track your website traffic and know about your website visitors like their gender, location, device and browser they use and many other metrics as well.

But Google Analytics doesn’t capture user scrolling information by default so for tracking this you need to use Google Tag Manager but it might not easy for you if you are a beginner. If you want to have a look then here it is: Scroll Depth Tracking using Google Tag Manager.

Not everyone is comfortable in working with GTM, especially beginners. It can be tricky for you if you never used GTM before.

So, I am telling you 2 easiest methods which you can use to add Scroll Depth Tracking in your WordPress website.

Method 1: How to Add Scroll Depth Tracking Using MonsterInsights?

Let me introduce to you with a plugin called Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights, Officially known as Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights, is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Because it allows you to easily connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics (without making your hands dirty with Codes) and take your eyes on your website’s traffic directly from your Dashboard.

With over 34 million downloads and more than 2 million active installs, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

With a few button clicks, you can easily set up event tracking, eCommerce tracking, form tracking, custom dimension tracking, and many more.

It is known as the no.1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, it makes easy for you to track your website’s traffic directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

I found using MonsterInsights is the easiest way to add Scroll Depth Tracking for WordPress website.

But before proceeding, you need to buy at least Plus plan to use MonsterInsights Scroll Depth Tracking feature, They do have their lite version as well but it doesn’t have that feature we are looking for.

It has three plans so you can easily choose one which can suit your needs. They have created different plans for different needs.

MonsterInsights Pricing

Once you purchased a plan, you are good to go…

Follow below’s steps to enable Scroll Depth Tracking in your WordPress website using MonsterInsights:

Login to your MonsterInsights and Download MonsterInsight Pro plugin’s file.

download MonsterInsights Pro

Log into your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins<Add New and Upload Plugin you have downloaded from your MonsterInsights Dashboard. If you don’t know how to install a plugin then here is the guide.

Install MonsterInsights

Once the plugin will successfully be activated, you will be redirected to MonsterInsights Onboarding Wizard. and you will need to follow some steps.

MI setup

Choose any of the 3 options that suit you and click on Save and Continue.

Now the main step, Connect MonsterInsights to Your WordPress site. Click on the Connect MonsterInsights button, it will redirect you to Google Account.

Connect MI to WP

Choose your Google Account which your website is connected with. If you are not signed in already then sign in using your login credentials.

Choose Google Analytics Account

Now, Allow MonsterInsights to access your Google Account. So, click on Allow button at the end.

Allow MI to access your GA account

Choose your website property to connect with MonsterInsights, All your properties connected to your Google Analytics account is listed in the drop-down menu. Choose one and click on Complete Connection button.

Choose your GA property

MonsterInsights will show you some Recommended Settings, make sure to check them carefully.

MonsterInsights Settings

On the next screen, you will see some Recommended Addons by MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights Addon

It is recommending you to use WPForms, you can skip this step. Or if you want to know more about WPForms then here is the complete WPForms Review.

WPForms Recommendations

Read More:

You have successfully set up MonsterInsights in your WordPress site, Congratulations!


After clicking Finish Setup & Exit Wizard button, It will redirect you to MonsterInsights settings page where you need to enter your License key to use premium features and Addons.

MonsterInsights License Key

Copy your License from MonsterInsights dashboard and paste in the box then click on Verify.

Now you are all set to go…

Now enable Scroll Depth Tracking by going to Insights>Settings>Engagement, you’ll be able to see a section called Scroll Tracking.

Scroll Tracking MonsterInsights

It is enabled by default so you don’t need to do any settings for enabling it… From now, MonsterInsights is tracking your website’s scroll depth.

View Scroll Depth Tracking Report In WordPress Dashboard

To view your Scroll Depth data in your WordPress Dashboard, you need to go to Insights>Reports>Publishers and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a section called Scroll.

Average Scroll Depth Tracking Report

You will see your website’s Average Scroll Depth percentage. You can read more about how to read this number here.

View Scroll Depth Tracking Report In Google Analytics

You can also see this data in your Google Analytics dashboard by going to the Google Analytics Dashboard>Behavior>Events>Overview. You can see Scroll Depth like below image.

Scroll Depth Reports

Click on Scroll Depth to view detailed data.

2 Easiest Methods To Add Scroll Depth Tracking In WordPress?

This is how you can add Scroll Depth Tracking In WordPress using MonsterInsights… there are some other ways as well like using Google Tag manager but it can be very tricky for you if you are a beginner and never used Google tag manager before.

I hope you remember I told you above that I will tell 2 easiest methods which can help you to setup Scroll Depth Tracking.

If you are a beginner and can’t afford to buy a premium plugin then I have the best solution for you…

Method 2: How to Add Scroll Depth Tracking Using WP Scroll Depth?

WP Scroll Depth is a simple WordPress plugin that loads and calls the Scroll Depth jQuery script.

If you can’t afford to pay for a plugin and don’t want a comprehensive Google Analytics solution. Then I am showing you the exact way you can use to get the same without paying.

You just need to download a plugin called WP Scroll Depth by going Plugins>Add New.

WP Scroll Depth

Once it has downloaded and activated, Go to Settings>ScrollDepth.

WP Scroll Depth Settings

It will track all pages scroll data so you only need to click on the Save Changes button to save the settings.

You can view the Scroll Depth data using the same way mentioned above for MonsterInsights. But the data will not be accessible from the WordPress Dashboard as you can do in MonsterInsights case.


I am using MonsterInsights for all my website and I can say that it is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It will show you all your Traffic metrics direct to your WordPress Dashboard.

MonsterInsights also added Scroll Depth for my website so It became easy for me to track my readers’ interaction and their behaviour. According to data, I can easily modify my content to engaged my readers.

I hope you understand, how to add Scroll Depth Tracking in WordPress? If you are planning to Buy MonsterInsights then buy from this link to Get 50% OFF on MonsterInsights.

If this post helped you in adding Scroll Depth Tracking in your WordPress website then must share with others to help them too.

Feel free to drop your queries in below comment section…

Add Scroll Depth Tracking In WordPress

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