3 Ways To Save Money On Domain Renewal (I Saved 9.26$ Using 1st)

 Are you looking to save money on domain renewal?

Is your domain about to expire?

I recently saved 9.26$ on Domain renewal for my two domains.

As we all know, Domain cost less at the time of purchasing but when you renew it, The cost is high…

And I can understand, Money is a big concern for every beginner who takes their step in Blogging, I also faced the same time when I had to think before buying anything related to blogging or for my blog.

When I purchased my domain and hosting, I had paid 1200INR for both but when my domain was about to expire that time the cost was 956INR.

I had two domains on GoDaddy and both were expiring at the same time So I had to pay for both, The total cost for both domains was approx 2000 INR.

So, In this post, I am going to share 3 ways which you can use to save money on domain renewal.

Method 1: Transfer Your Domain To Another Registrar(I Recommend NameCheap)

You won’t believe, I saved 1000+INR by transferring two domains and one of them was StayMeOnline.com.

So, you definitely want to know the domain registrar where I have transferred my domains to…

I’ve transferred to NameCheap, One domain transfer cost is $9.06...

3 Ways To Save Money On Domain Renewal (I Saved 9.26$ Using 1st)

And the renewal cost for the same domain in GoDaddy was $13.69.

Here you can see the difference between, both renewing a domain with an old domain registrar and domain transfer.

You have the opportunity to save $4.63 per domain as I did, apart from this you will get WHOIS Protection free for lifetime and Free 2 months Private Email subscription. If you are transferring to NameCheap.

Godaddy Renewal Price

I had purchased Whois Privacy Protection separately on GoDaddy so I need to renew it too with the domain. but in NameCheap, they are providing free Whois Privacy Protection for the lifetime.

Why You Should Transfer Your Domain To NameCheap?

NameCheap is a Cheap domain and Web Hosting provider which has cheap plans compare than other domain and hosting providers in the market.

You will get:

  • Cheap Cost (Transfer at $9.06)
  • Free Whois for Lifetime
  • Free 2 months Private Email subscription
  • Instant Money refund if anyhow transfer will be failed/cancelled
  • NameCheap Offers Transfer in 3 easy steps
Save money on domain renewal by transferring to namecheap

Now, let’s come to the main part…

My old domain registrar was GoDaddy if you have any other domain registrar then don’t worry because the process is almost same.

How To Transfer Your Domain From GoDaddy To NameCheap?

I am going to divide this into a step by step process, So It will be easy for you to follow…

Step #1 Unlock The Domain

Your domain is locked in GoDaddy, so you can’t transfer before unlocking it. Once, it will be free from GoDaddy then you’ll be able to transfer to anywhere.

Read More:

Follow these steps to unlock domain from GoDaddy:

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Go to My Products>Domains…
  3. Choose the domain you want to transfer and click on the Manage button in front of that.
  4. Scroll down to Additional Settings…
Unlock Domain GoDaddy

Click on Edit and make it OFF. It will take a few minutes to unlock your domain and you will get confirmation email to your registered email once it will be unlocked successfully.

GoDaddy Domain Unlocked

You will get the same email as you saw in the above image, Now your domain is unlocked so you can transfer it anywhere.

Step #2 Purchase Domain Transfer Plan In NameCheap

Now, your domain is Unlocked and you decided to move it to NameCheap. So, you need to pay Domain Transfer Charge to NameCheap.

Read More:

Click on this link to Purchase NameCheap Domain Transfer Plan, enter your domain in the box to check whether it is eligible for transfer or not…

NameCheap Domain Transfer

You will see a message like the below image if your domain is eligible for transfer…

Domain is eligible for transfer

Just after this message, you will see a Transfer Checklist which will guide you to transfer your domain.

NameCheap Domain Transfer Checklist

I have highlighted three steps in the above image, which you need to look into…

  1. Check on “I understand that I need to unlock the domain I want to transfer“, It is just reminding you to unlock your domain which you did already.
  2. You need to Get Authorization Code from GoDaddy, for this go to Domain>Manage scroll down to the end and you will see links like shown in below image.
Get Authorization Code

Once you click on this link, GoDaddy will send Authorization Code to your registered email. So, Open your inbox and search for the email sent by GoDaddy and copy the code.

Authorization Code

Copy the code from the email and paste in the Authorization Code field in NameCheap, as shown in the image.

Authorization Code added

3. After verifying Authorization code, click on the Add To Cart button at the end.

Go to the card and make the payment to submit a domain transfer request in NameCheap…

NameCheap Cart

You can check the amount you need to pay in the Cart and you can see you will get WhoisGuard Free forever, also 2 two months free private email subscription if you want.

Now check out and pay the amount. After making payment successfully, you will get the next screen like this:

save money on domain renewal

It’s Done!

Congratulations, The domain transfer request has been submitted to NameCheap and it will be transferred in 24-48 hours. So, keep patience…

This is how you can transfer your domain to NameCheap and save some of your valuable money. I used the same and saved 9.26$ for two domains.

You just need to look for the domain provider who offers domain transfer at a cheap price then you are good to go with them.

I found NameCheap when I was looking for the same and I am sure that you will also get the same deal from NameCheap.

I have some other ways also which you use to save money on domain renewal.

Method 2: Search For Discount Coupons

Godaddy Domain Renewal Coupon

I used this method when I was renewing my domain StayMeOnline.com for the very first time, I was looking for the discount coupons for GoDaddy because it was my domain registrar that time.

Searching a domain renewal discount coupon isn’t tough as It looks.

You can simply search in Google: “You domain registrar” Domain renewal coupon or “You domain registrar” coupons.

For example, GoDaddy domain renewal coupon, NameCheap coupons etc.

You can also add specific month or year to get currently working coupons, for this, you can search “You domain registrar” Domain renewal coupon 2019.

For example, GoDaddy domain renewal coupon 2019, NameCheap domain renewal coupon 2019 etc

Also try to search different queries like Godaddy July Coupon code, NameCheap June coupons code etc.

You can visit StayMeOnline Deals Page where we regularly update new deals related to blogging.

Method 3: Wait For Black Friday Or Other Deals Occasion

As you know, Black Friday is the best time for shopping for bloggers. I wait for this occasion every year And save money to purchase needed products and services.

If your domain has time to be expired then you can wait for the Black Friday or any other deals like the anniversary of domain registrar company like NameCheap, GoDaddy, Bigrock.

Trust me, You can save huge money on occasional deals.


These are all three ways which you can use to save your valuable money and don’t throw extra money when you can keep your domain by paying less.

I have also used these ways to save money on domain renewal, I have saved $9.26 for renewing two domains.

I hope you found these methods useful to save money on domain renewal if you did then must share it with others and help them to save their money.

Save Money On Domain Renewal

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  1. It is very helpful article.
    you nailed it very well with your personal experience.

    thank you for this post. keep come up with this type of awesome stuff.

  2. Very valuable information brother. Thanks for sharing.

    But, I want to ask a question.

    If I transfer my domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap then it will transfer.

    Again if I want to transfer same domain from NameCheap to GoDaddy then it is possible?

    Plz reply. Bcz NameCheap will also charge much money on renew.

    Anuj Singh.

    • First of all, NameCheap renewal charges aren’t high, renewal charges are same as new domain charge.

      I am using their domain service for 2 years. BTW, you can transfer again from NameCheap to GoDaddy if you want.


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