Case Study: How to Save Your Blog From Plagiarism?

Are you aware with Plagiarism?

We do a lot of hard work in writing a blog post. First, we research the topic on which we have to write. Then we write, Attach relevant images, use keywords, tags, and much more thing.

The whole process takes minimum 3-4 hours to write a post. but what to do if someone copied your post and post it on their blog.

On 17th of this month, I faced the same problem. I was searching my blog name on the google to know about the pages which indexed by the google.

On the 3rd page of google results, I saw a blog which was not mine showing there. I thought how it could possible. the description was highlighting StayMeOnline word.

Case study, staymeonline

You can see the above image. I have hidden the name of the blog because I don’t want to declare someone a thief, He already apologized for this.

I shocked when I saw this. I opened that blog to know how many posts he copied.

Then I shocked again when I come to know that he has copied my all posts, except latest two.

Then I went to DMCA website and register a new account. Then put DMCA badge on my site to prevent from the copy my content for future.

But now I have to think about how can I take down my content back from that site? I asked in the chat with DMCA support team. They suggest me to file a case they gave me a link to the form. but for this, I have to pay $199. I dropped that Idea.

I started thinking that How can I contact the person?

Then I searched the WHOIS database for the site from Godaddy Whois. I searched that domain and luckily I got the phone number of the owner. His name is Sagar. he is living in the Mumbai.

I called him. On the first Attempt, He did not pick my call. Then I tried again, I picked up my call.

I: Am I Talking to Sagar?( I got his name from the database.

Sagar: Yes.

I: Are you the owner of abc .com Domain?

Sagar: Yes.

I: Why did you copy my Blog posts?

Sagar: I did not copy. My blog works Automatic.

I: This is not legal. If you copied someone post then you will have to face legal issues.

Sagar: Sorry sir! Please tell me your domain name I will remove all the post.

I: My Blog domain is so remove all the post from the domain and never do this again. Otherwise, It will hurt you a lot.

Sagar: Ok sir give me 2 hours I will remove all the content. And again sorry.

I: Ok.

I was lucky because found the contact details of the owner but it is not same for all.

As I faced this, most of the bloggers also faced. But it is very difficult for the bloggers because many of them don’t know how to face this.

Today I am going to share with you How you can find that someone is copying your content. There are many ways which you can use some are free and some are paid.

Find Content Thief

There are many free and paid online plagiarism checker tools which can help you to find your content thief.


This is the oldest and my favorite online plagiarism checker tools to check plagiarism. Copyscape makes easy to find the plagiarism of your site. You just need to enter the URL of your site the enter Go button.

copyscape, staymeonline

On the next page, you can see the result like I found one plagiarism for my search.

copyscape, staymeonline

Plagiarism Checker

This is pretty simple to find plagiarism. You just need to copy some lines from your post and paste it on the box then click check duplicate content.

You can also put your blog/website URL into the right side URL box. and click check URL.

check palgarism, staymeonline

Dupli Checker

This is a very simple tool. This is like Plagiarism Checker. You need to copy paste some lines from your post in the box and click Check Plagiarism.

Dupli Checker, StayMeOnline

What To Do Next?

Let Imagine, You found that one copied your content but what to do next?

I mean how to contact the owner? How to remove your content from that site? How to report plagiarism?

Everyone is not lucky as I was. Because I got the contact details very easily of the person who copied my content. You can try to search the Whois details for the domain maybe he doesn’t apply Whois Privacy.

There are some ways which you can use to remove your content from that site.

Send An Email

The first thing you need to do is find contact detail of the site owner. You can easily get the contact details from the Contact page of that site. If you did not find any contact details. Follow these steps to get in touch with that person.

  • Go to WHOIS.
  • Enter the Domain URL of the site which copied your content then Hit search.whois, staymeonline
  • Now find the Registrant Contact section and Administrative Contact. Then copy the Email and send a polite email to that email address they will forward your email to the owner of the domain.

Many of the times polite emails work. 80% chances that the owner of the site will agree and apologize for his mistake. If it doesn’t work. Then move to next.

Warning Message

If a polite email did not work then this is the time for giving a warning.

Clear mention that if you will not remove my content from your site then I will be taking legal action on you. You will have to face problems in future.

Send DMCA Letter To Google AdSense

If the website which copied your content is using Google Adsense then you can send email to Google AdSense. By this, the website owner can get banned from Google Adsense. And all his revenue will be cut. This is the strongest one which you can use.

Send DMCA Letter To Hosting Providers

You can also send a DMCA letter to the Hosting provider of that site. Hosting providers have rights to take strict action against the website which is stealing the others content.

These are some ways which you can use to fight again Plagiarism. Plagiarism is the serious topic so that’s why I thought to share it with you.

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