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If you just started your blog then you must read this, I am going to share the tools and services I am using here on my blog. All these tools listed below are weapons for me and the main factors behind the success of my blog.

It is great to see that you like to know about them. It will also help you to know which one should you use or which one not.

But before you read the list I want to share something openly with you. That is…

Note: Some of the links added on this page are affiliate links, which will not add any extra cost in the price if you buy using those links. Rather, it will help me to earn a commission and that money will directly help me to manage this blog.

This resources list will let you know:

  • Hosting I’m using
  • Which theme I’m using
  • Premium plugins I’m using on this blog
  • SEO tools I’m using
  • and many other tools as well

So, without wasting any more time let’s start with the hosting because it is the first need for starting a WordPress blog…


I have used the two hosting company for my blog so far, so I think I should share them both here. Because in starting days, I was satisfied with my first hosting provider. But after some month I changed that because I found the better deal somewhere else.


Microhost(now it changed into IDC hosting) was the first hosting provider I used for StayMeOnline, It satisfied my initial day’s need but after few months I need SSH access which they were not providing me.

I have written a detailed review of it which you can read here, this is a great option for you if you are planning to start your first blog. Their support system is also awesome they always ready to help their customers.

➡Click here to Buy Microhost Hosting


I was just started that time and don’t have much money to afford such higher plans, as I said above Microhost was not providing me SSH. That’s why I decided to change.

I started finding cheap hosting plans with good performance and finally, I landed on Godaddy. It is cheap and reliable also. So, I migrated into it and now happy with their service.

Godaddy is one of the best options for the beginners because in the initial days they can’t afford higher plans, So GoDaddy is the solution here. They provide cheap plans as well as good performance.

➡Click here to Buy Godaddy Hosting

These are the hosting I am using, they both are good. If you ask me which one is better then I don’t need to say anything here because you know the answer- Of course GoDaddy.



There are tons of domains registrar but I always use one which is cheap for me. Godaddy is the most trusted domain registrar. I have purchased me all domains from GoDaddy. I recommend you if you are going to purchase a domain for your blog.

➡Click here to register your domain with GoDaddy


If you ask me the second-best domain registrar then I must say NameCheap, I have purchased a domain from them recently. The experience was awesome and I found a cheap deal also using promo code.

Here is the NameCheap’s promo codes collection for you: NameCheap Coupons Collection: Get Discounts On Domains And Hosting

➡Click here to register your Domain with NameCheap

WordPress Themes

A theme manages all your website’s design, it looks like your website. That’s why choosing a good theme is very important. I know you can use free themes also but I must say that you should buy a premium one.

If you still need a free theme then must check out: Top 7 Free WordPress Themes For Blogs In 2018

Important: Never try to use nulled or cracked theme because it can hurt your website. I have written an in-depth post check out: WordPress Nulled Themes: Should You Use Or Not?


GeneratePress is the best theme I found in my blogging journey so far, It is an awesome theme. It’s a free theme and has a premium plugin which helps you to enhance it’s customization, adds more features and a lot more.

You can read its review here: GeneratePress Review: I Can Say That The Best WordPress Theme I Found

And also read:

➡Click Here to purchase GeneratePress Premium


I was using one free theme of MyThemeShop before GeneratePress, that’s name was Schema Lite. It is an awesome theme, it is free as well as premium theme. Here you can find the good as well as cheap themes.

➡Click Here to purchase Theme from MyThemeShop

SEO Tools

SEO is the backbone of your Blog/website, you never succeed without it. There are many tools available which help us to find SEO metrics of any website, this data will help us to outrank over competitors. Here are the SEO tools I am using:


SEMrush is the best tools in the market for SEO, top bloggers and SEO experts recommend it to take in work. I got the SEMrush as the winning prize in ShoutMeLoud Giveaway, I came to be its fan after using it.

I know it’s very costly but It worth…

➡Click Here to purchase SEMrush

Read This:


The story is same here, Ahrefs is also known as the best SEO tools for searching SEO metrics of any website. Both tools are the best in their task. You can take Ahrefs 7-Day trial @7$ only.

Other Tools & Services

There are some other tools & services I use on StayMeOnline:


WPForms a drag and drop form builder which makes easy for the beginners to create their form, apart from that, it also has pre-built templates which save time.

WPForms owned by Syed Balkhi, the same guy behind WP Beginner and OptinMonster, WPForms offers an intuitive way to build all types of WordPress forms.

WPForms has 1+ million active installations with 5 Stars Rating which proves how much popular it is. Whenever you search for WordPress Forms Builder, you will get WPForms on the top.

This is the best tool I have ever seen for Creating Forms on WordPress website.

Read More:

➡Click Here to purchase WPForms


OptinMonster is a tool which will help you to create cool and attractive Optin Forms for your website which will help you to increase your email subscriber and sales

I was seeing opt-in forms on other’s website or blog, thinking that they have excellent knowledge of coding so that’s why they can create a cool subscription form.

OptinMonster had changed my thinking completely, I realized that one can create cool subscription forms without having a single bit of coding knowledge.

Read OptinMonster complete review here.

➡Click Here to purchase OptinMonster

GetSiteContol: GetSiteControl is a company which provides Awesome and cool widgets for website and blog. It helps to generate leads and subscribers. I always use this in collecting emails of visitors, Informing them about the new deals with the bar, promos, pop-ups.

It will help you in adding:

  • Subscribe Widget
  • Contact Widget
  • Promo Widget
  • Survey Widget
  • Follow Widget
  • Share Widget
  • Chat Widget

➡Click here to purchase GetSiteControl

Sendible: Sendible is a social media management tool which helps me to manage my social media accounts. It allows me to schedule my post on my social media pages. The best thing in this is, you don’t need to download the app for Instagram posting it can be without an app, it is automatically…

➡Click Here to use Sendilble 1 Month Trial


My motive behind creating this page is to make you aware of the tools and services you need to start your blog. And also let you know about the tools I am using here on my blog.

It is a part of our Transparency culture where all things are in front of you.

So these are the resources I am using to manage my blog, I will update the list whenever I use new tools or stop using any of them.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you buy any product using an affiliate link placed on this blog, it will not add any extra cost in the total price of the product rather I will get some commission from the company. This will show me 💖 from your side, for more details read this...
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