Frustrated From AdSense Auto Ads? Know How To Remove?

Have you remembered that day when Google had launched their best innovation called AdSense Auto-Ads?

Everyone who uses Google AdSense for monetizing their website was very happy to know this news…

I was too because I too use Google AdSense ads…

When we got that news we were very happy to know that we will not have to worry about the ads because Google AdSense will take care of this from their end.

They will search the best places where they can place ads according to high potential and users experience. This is exactly what every AdSense publisher wants.

After knowing about this, I immediately enabled it on my blog and removed all other ad codes (I know this was not needed but I wanted to let Google place ads from their end).

And also written a post on the same to inform others about his innovation, you can read that: Google Launched AdSense Auto Ads For Publishers.

Why I removed Auto Ads From My Blog?

After using it for 1 month, I totally frustrated with the ads which they are placing on my blog. I was thinking that my earning will be increased because the Google is analysing the place which has high earning potential.

But that was my wrong thinking, I couldn’t see any improvement in my Adsense earning.

This was not shocking to me because before that I was not earning well from the Google AdSense, So earning was not any big reason.

The big reason was, I got the warning from the Google AdSense team that any of ads on the blog is violating their terms and conditions. How can it possible? Becuase each and single ads they are putting on my blog so how they can violate their terms and condition.

Here is the screenshot of the email I got from the Google…

Frustrated From AdSense Auto Ads? Know How To Remove?

This was the email which was shocking to me, It has totally changed me thinking. I did not know which one ad creating that problem.

Some others reasons were:

  • I can’t limit the number of ads to be shown on my blog.
  • I was not able to avoid the place where I don’t want to show ads.

They were showing ads in many places where I don’t want to show because it was not good from the user’s experience point of view.

In short, Google was not taking care of users experience because they were showing one ad before and after a paragraph which was giving bad user experience.

We can not blame the Google because they have launched  Auto Ads in beta mode first for testing. That means they collecting feedback and issues from the users and they will work on them to solve those issue to make it better.

This was my experience of 1 month with Auto-Ads, I am not only the one who has faced this rather there are many others publisher as well who have a bad experience with Auto-Ads.

Others Feedback About Auto-Ads

Here is some feedback from the people who have used it, I have collected it from the various forum and sites.

AdSense Auto ads Review AdSense Auto ads Review AdSense Auto ads Review

You can read a complete review here: AdSense Auto Ads Review (After Using for 2 Weeks)

After reading all those feedbacks, Now here is the step by step about how you can remove the auto ads from your site?

How To Remove Auto Ads?

I am sure you remember all steps which you took when you were enabling the Auto Ads on your website, I know you added a code on your website <head>, Maybe, you did with the help of any plugin or any other way.

The code you added that time is showing all the ads on your website, Yes, this only one code is managing all ads on your site.

So, For removing the auto-ads from your website, you need to login you AdSense account first.

Then go to My Ads>Content>Auto Ads, Here you can see that you have enabled the Auto ads.

Auto ads

It is totally depending on whether you enabled it through Global settings or Groups for individual sites, Just go to the settings and disable all types of ads showing on your website. This is because if there will be no ads enabled to show then no ads will be shown on your website.

Deactivate the In-Page Ads…

There are 4 types of In-page Ads, maybe you did not activate all of them. So, Simply deactivate all the ads by the toggle button.

In-Page Ads

Deactivate all Overlay Ads…

After deactivating the In-Page ads, find if you enabled the Overlay-Ads then deactivate them as well.

Overlay Ads

Click on the Save button, Do same if you enabled Groups for the individual sites.

Remove The Code You Added

I am sure you know the code you added when you were enabling the Auto-Ads for your website. You only now need to remove that code from your website.

There are many ways to add a code in the <Head> section of your website, when I was doing this I chose a plugin for this because it always makes easy to add code in header or footer.

I used Insert Header And Footer to add the code, There are many other plugins are available in WordPress directory.

The final step is to remove the Auto-ads is to remove the Code you added to your website’s header.

Now check your website and confirm that ads are still showing or not if you are able to see the ads still then clear the cache and the reload your website.

This is how you can remove the Auto-ads from your website…


At the end of this post, I just want to say that I am not the against of Google AdSense Auto-Ads, Google always provides best tools and services.

AdSense Auto-Ads is in the beta version which means Google is still testing it and wants to know how it is working, So, it maybe can create problems.

Google will solve all the problems we are facing with the Auto-ads, We have to wait for this…

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful if you did then must share it the others who are facing the same with AdSense Ads.

Share your reviews about the AdSense Auto ads in the comments section…

If you are facing any issue while doing this then just let me know in the comments section or you can also create a new topic in our forum by clicking here.

Remove AdSense Auto-Ads

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19 thoughts on “Frustrated From AdSense Auto Ads? Know How To Remove?”

  1. Personally, I did not like the Google Auto Ads. They were placing ads anywhere, and it was hampering the user experience. As a publisher, we do not have any control over their placement as well as the number of ads shown. And yes, I did not see any improvement in my Adsense Earning.

  2. I realized this right at the moment when I placed auto ads. But, still, sometimes I feel, the placements are okay when I check those long posts. But, if you are placing auto ads for short posts, then it is definitely going to hunt down your user experience.

  3. i tried this auto ads and my earn are dropped by good 50%, moreover on mobile the website got filled on adv everywhere making the website usability very bad.

  4. I tried auto ads on my site. It work pretty well with content on mobile. But desktop, it does not show up in right place very well, usually will break navigation. And it seems it will spend more time to learn the user’s behavior instead of layout structure of my site.

  5. Google auto ads works best with content on mobile than desktop but how can I remove google ads totally from my blog. I removed all the ads codes on my blog but some ads are still showing especially the auto ads.

    • It is happening bcoz you might not removed code yet… Remove the complete code from the place where you added, you may be used a plugin for adding code that time.
      Use the Google view page source and check whether is code there or not.

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post about the Google Adsense’s Auto Ads, i am also truly frustrated with it , it just hurts user experience, and not good as per my views. Your post is really informative and helpful. Keep up the great job!

  7. Google auto ads works best with content on mobile than desktop but how can I remove google ads totally from my blog. I removed all the ads codes on my blog but some ads are still showing especially the auto ads.

  8. Thank you for posting about this. I have enabled Auto-ads this morning on my website but did not add the code in the . When I checked my website a few hours after, I saw auto-ads appearing and it was not what I was expecting. I went back to my Adsense account to disable and followed all your advice on this post. I didn’t have to remove any code in the because I never added a code in the first place. I cleared cache and cookies on my website several times but Auto Ad is still appearing. It feels so frustrating. Doesn’t Auto Ad get removed instantly?


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