6 Super Working Ways To Reduce Forms Abandonment In WordPress

Do you want to reduce Form abandonment in WordPress?

Are people not filling your entire form?

This is the biggest challenge you ever faced, A customer is interested in buying your product but before filling entire order form he quits because of any reason.

You lost a sale, RIGHT?

You may be using many types of forms on your Website, like:

  • Order Form
  • Pre-sale questions form
  • Post submission form
  • Survey form
  • Newsletter Subscription form

What Is Form Abandonment?

Before proceeding further, you should be clear with the meaning of Form Abandonment. If you are already familiar with the meaning then you can jump to the next step.

When a visitor/user/customer start filling your form and stop before filling it entirely and then exit from that page to another page of the same site or another site, known as Form Abandonment.

Forms are a way for you to connect with your users for any suggestion, queries, pre-sales questions, placing an order or anything it could be. If they are not completing the form that means you are losing the connection between you and your users.

And you are losing an opportunity to get a sale or new subscriber that you can’t afford to lose.

So, How can you get those customers or users back who abandoned your form?

Before moving ahead, we need to know the reasons why people abandon forms…

Why People Abandon Forms?

There are tons  of reasons behind forms abandonment but let me share some most common reasons that create forms abandonment:

  • not secure website
  • not mobile-friendly forms
  • too long forms
  • too many advertisements on the form page

Now let’s move the methods you can use to reduce form abandonment…

1. Get Partial Data From Abandoned Forms

Your customers filled some fields of your order form and before completing entire form, they exit from the order page.

You lost a sale… RIGHT?

But if I tell you that you can get the data your customers filled on that order form even they didn’t fill it entirely and submit it.

Yes, you read that right!

You can capture partial entries from Abandoned forms. Not, all WordPress forms plugins have this feature but WPForms has this.

So, you only need to download and setup WPForms in your WordPress site.

But for using this feature, you need to buy their premium plan. So, you can buy WPForms Premium by clicking on this link.

After buying WPForms premium plan, Download and Setup it.

Once you setup it on your WordPress site, you are ready to proceed…

Download and Activate Forms Abandonment Addon

WPForms offer an addon called Forms Abandonment, you can download and activate it if you have an active premium plan.

For the Addon, Go to WPForms>Addons from your WordPress Dashboard and find Form Abandonment Addon and Install.

Install Form Abandonment Addon WPForms'

It will be activated automatically once it installed…

Create your Forms using WPForms

If you have existing forms on your website then you need to replace all them from WPForms’ forms.

Creating a form using WPForms is very easy, you can create a form in only 5 minutes. Here is how you can create a form using WPForms…

Go to WPForms>Add New in your WordPress Dashboard. You will see a setup page like below’s image:

6 Super Working Ways To Reduce Forms Abandonment In WordPress

Enter your form name(Whatever you want to give it) and select a pre-built template, It will save your time. However, you can go with a Blank form if you want to create your form from scratch.

I am going with Simple Contact form template to show you how you can create a Contact form using WPForms.

After selecting Simple Contact Form template, you will see WPForms builder interface on the next screen.

WPForms form builder

You will see available tools on the left-side which you can use to build your form, WPForms is a drag-n-drop form builder so you don’t need to add codes or have any technical knowledge.

There are some other options available in the Settings tab on Left-Side:

  • General: All basic settings related to form like name, Submit button text, Submit button processing text and many more.
  • Notification: Notification related settings are here, whenever a user submits a form you will be get notified.
  • Confirmation: You can change confirmation message(which will be shown to users when they submit the form) from here.

WPForms form has a very easy process and simple settings, So, You can create a form even if you never created any form before.

Enable Form Abandonment

Now, you need to enable Form abandonment to capture partials entries.

Go to Settings>Form Abandonment in the form settings. and tick the

1. Save only if email address or phone number is provided


2. Always save abandoned entries

WPForms Form Abandonment

Add Form to a Post Or Page

Now your form is completely ready to save partial form abandonment entries, you can place it anywhere you want, whether on a post or page.

For embedding a form, Click on Save button on the right top corner and then click on the Embed button beside the save button.

Embed WPForms form

You will see a shortcode as in the above image, Copy it and paste anywhere you want to place this form.

A Form also can be added from the WordPress editor directly, Click on the Add Form button and choose the form you want to add from the dropdown.

6 Super Working Ways To Reduce Forms Abandonment In WordPress

View your Abandoned Form’s Partial Captured Entries

You have placed your form successfully and also enabled Form Abandonment. So, now your form is capturing partial entries of abandoned forms.

You can view all those entries by going WPForms>Entries and select form for which you want to view entries from above dropdown.

View abandoned forms entries

As you can see on the above image, WPForms captured Name and Email of the users who abandoned your form by any reason.

Send Retargeting Emails

Write a Personalized email and send to all the customers or users who abandoned your form and convenience them to order again.

Once you captured abandoned entries, Now you can send a personalized email and tell them about their abandonment and convince them to order again.

Retargeting emails are proven to reduce order form abandonment if you follow this step you can get your customers back.

Here are some ways you can use to get the most out of retargeting emails:

Use a Personalized Email Template: Writing a different email for each email address separately will be a time-consuming task. Create a cool and attracting template which you can send to all of them at once.

Attract to Take Action Urgently: Try to create a sense of urgency so your customers will take action quickly. You can use these words in your Email template to attract users to take action:

  • limited time
  • hurry
  • the sale is ending soon
  • rush
  • deadline
  • last chance
  • offer expires
  • one day only
  • don’t delay
  • act now
  • final

This is how you can capture partial entries of abandoned forms and get your lost sales back.

2. Use Exit-Intent 

Exit-Intent Popups OptinMonster

Using an Exit-Intent pop-up is another best strategy for reducing Form abandonment.

Let’s assume, you are visiting a website and by any reason, you are about to exit. Suddenly, a pop-up with a great deal appears on the screen which attracts you to make a purchase.

And in another second, you purchased the same product from the same website you were about to exit.

You need to do the same with your website, you can use OptinMonster for creating Exit-intent pop-ups.

OptinMonster is a great tool which will help you to create cool and attractive Optin Forms for your website which will help you to increase your email subscribers and sales. Read more here…

You can use exit-intent pop-ups to convert visitors into customers by showing them customized offers.

3. Form Should Be Secure

29% of people who abandon a form and exit from the website because of the lack of security.

A website that doesn’t have SSL or not compatible with GDPR, Visitors always afraid to enter their personal details.

So, an SSL certificate should be added to your website which can ensure users that your website is fully safe before entering their details in forms.

Second thing is, you should make clear about what personal details you collect and how you use it, especially if your visitors are from the EU.

4. Keep Forms Short

Who has time to fill a long-form? people get irritated if too many questions asked or they need to fill too many fields.

Keep your forms short to engage your visitors, make sure your fields are simple to fill.

Use the following questions to audit your forms:

  • What information am I asking for?
  • Why do I need this information?
  • How will this information help me serve the customer?
  • What format will I need this data to be in?

5. Forms should be Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, Most of the people use Mobile devices to surf the internet. RIGHT?

It is said that 84% of people prefer to use Computer or Laptop to fill the online forms, according to below’s infographic.

6 Super Working Ways To Reduce Forms Abandonment In WordPress

Source: TheManifest

But what will happen if someone wants to fill a form on the go? Then the mobile device will be used here, So make sure your forms are mobile-friendly as well.

6. No Advertisement On Form Page 

There should be no obstacle on the Forms page, it can stop your visitors from filling the forms which will result as the visitor will not fill form and exit from your website.

Advertisement is also an obstacle, advertising other product or service can make visitors confused which one they should choose. They will have many options to select which one they should buy.

Even if you are showing Google AdSense or any other ads network ads on your form pages then you should stop doing this right now.


Forms Abandonment is really a big challenge for businesses, or if you are selling any product or service on your website.

These are the 6 working methods I shared with you to reduce forms abandonment on your website.

For forms, I will recommend you to use WPForms the no.1 form builder for WordPress. Here you can get 50% Off on WPForms…

I hope you liked this post and found all 6 methods useful for you if you did then must share it with others and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get notified for new useful posts.

Reduce Forms Abandonment

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