Planning To Launch A Blog? 7 Things Your Blog Should Have From Day 1

Are thinking to Launch a blog in 2018? then you are in the right place.

A blog is a place where people can learn, increase their knowledge and skills.

We write the blog post to share some useful information with our readers. 

Many beginners make many mistakes which they should avoid to make their blog visible in the search engine, and make trustable for the readers.

I have seen that people are writing high-quality posts which no one has written before but they failed to get traffic on it to read it.

They write the useful and informative post but it doesn’t make any traffic, no one is interested to read it at all.

If you are one of them and facing the same problem then you are in the right place because.

In this post, I mentioned some important things which you should have before to launch a blog.

Custom Domain

custom domain

Maybe you are using a free blogging platform for your blog like Blogger and

If you are using any free blogging platform for your blog then you get a free domain which looks something like if your using Blogger or if you are using

If you are using a free domain then it will not give you SEO benefits, and it will be very hard for your to rank your blog in SERP.

Even your visitors will not trust on your domain because you have not a custom domain for your blog. It is like you are not serious about your blog.

Custom domain is the first thing which you should have before launching a blog.

A Self-Hosted Platform Is Good

If you forget to choose a self-hosted platform your blog then you are going to miss all the advance blogging.

Many of the beginners get confused between and, they think that they both are same but it isn’t true. They both are the totally different platform to get started.

But I want to tell you WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. I know you need to purchase Hosting and Domain but this is a very small investment for your blog.  I recommend you to choose if you are serious about blogging or want to make your living out of it.

Here is an infographic which will help you to understand which one you should choose? and why you should choose self0-hosted blogging platform? Vs

I hope you like that infographic this is a small comparison between and If you like that then don’t forget to share with your friends. That will also help them to choose.


Your blog’s branding is the identity of your blog which helps users to identify your blog easily.

ShoutMeLoud conducts a Twitter chat on Every Saturday at 7 pm (Indian time) which is always the great source of learning about new things. I always took part in that, you should also take part.

On the 11 November, they conducted #ShoutersChat on Branding For Your Blog which was awesome below is the link of that chat you should read this to understand the importance of the branding for a blog.

  • Branding For Your Blog – A #ShoutersChat Recap

For participating in the chat, You need login you twitter account and search for #ShoutersChat that’s it.

This is the 3rd most important thing which your blog should have from the day 1. For this, you should choose a good theme and Logo.

If you want to purchase a premium theme for your blog then recommend to purchase it from these two theme providers, links contain special discount for you:

Always remember before selecting a theme that your theme should not too colorful which is not good for the user’s experience and also for Google Adsense.

Must Read:

And your logo should be simple and unique, for this, you can hire a freelancer. You just need to go to and search for logo maker.

You can also use Free Online Logo maker to create a logo for your blog. If you want to know How to Create a Logo then you can read this post on popular blog ShoutMeLoud.

Social Media Profiles

Social Media

Social media plays a very important role in the growth of a blog/website. You should start it for the day 1 of your blog.

Social media helps you to engage your visitors and convert your one time visitors into regular readers. It will also help you get traffic on your blog whenever you publish a new post, make a habit to share it on all your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But it is not easy to share posts in all your social media profiles every time when you publish a new post. But has an easy method to do so, there is a plugin called Jetpack which will do it automatically for you. That’s the reason I was recommending you to choose as your blogging platform.

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So the first thing you need to do is create social media profile for your blog. As I did for mine, you can connect with Us on these.

At Least 5-10 Posts In Draft

I hope you were thinking to start your blog for many days or maybe a month back. then you should be ready with at least 5-10 posts in your draft. Because It will help you to launch your website from the day 1.

I have seen many of the beginners who have launched their blog but they don’t have any posts to publish on it. 

Let’s imagine, You purchase hosting and domain, then successfully sat up your blog. but you don’t have any content to post on it, it will take some day or maybe a week to create some posts and publish on the blog. 

On the other side, You have successfully set up your blog and you already have 8 posts in your Evernote draft or any other writer’s draft then you just need to copy and paste all that post to your blog. That’s it. You don’t need to wait to publish posts.

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Even I also did this for myself, I wrote 15+ posts before launching my blog.

An Email Subscription Form

Email Marketing

An email Subscription form is a very important thing which you should start from the day first of your blog. It will help you to convert your reader to your subscribers.

An email list will help you to get in touch with your subscribers whenever you want, You can send new post notification, new product updates, and many more things.

It is the best tip which every successful blogger can give you to increase your blog’s traffic.increase your blog’s traffic.

You can use AWeber which is the one of top email marketing tool. you can purchase AWeber at $19/month by clicking this link.

If you can not afford it then there are many companies which provide free email marketing, these are not good at the free plan as they are in premium but let’s have a try.

You can read these post that will also help you:

Submit Sitemaps

Submit Sitemap

I hope you know what is sitemap?

A sitemap is the map of your whole website it contains all the links to your site and helps search engine to index your website easily.

It is very important and you should create and submit a sitemap to your blog from the day 1. It will make visible your blog in the search engine.

If you are a user then it is very easy to create a sitemap. You just need to install jetpack or Yoast SEO plugin, you can read below post to understand how to create a sitemap.

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You can have a look at StayMeOnline’s Sitemap which is created by Yoast SEO plugin. 

After creating sitemap you need to submit it to the Search Engines which is easily more than creating a sitemap. These are the Search Engine’s webmaster tools where you need to submit your blog’s sitemap:

If you follow these tips then you will definitely get success in blogging.

I hope like this post and found it helpful if you do so then don’t forget to share this with your blog posts. If you have any query or suggestion so feel free to Contact Us and you can also leave a comment here. Subscribe Our Newsletter to get new posts notification.

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