How To Insert Ads in WordPress Post? For WordPress Users

have you seen ads when reading others’ post?

They have inserted ads within their post to increase their AdSense revenue.

Want to do the same with your blog posts?

what are the best places to put ads for high revenue?

  • Ads within the content
  • In Sidebar
  • Under the navigation menu
  • In the header
  • In the footer

These are the best places to put ads and they can earn huge revenue for you from AdSense and in the content is the best one.

Having no ads withing the posts is good, you are providing a good users experience which Google cares about.

But if you want to increase your AdSense revenue then you have to put ads between the posts(and it will not affect your ranking and not affect much user experience).

Basically, the fact is that if you want to increase your earning then you have to sacrifice with your content neatness. and it is not a serious issue everyone is putting ads in the content.

It’s quite Fine…

It will be a big issue when you will put tons of ads in a single post that will affect the users’ experience.

Note: Google recently removed the limitations of ads on each page, now you can put more than 3 ads on each page.

But with great power, comes great responsibilities.

Removing ads limit doesn’t mean, you should put as many as ads you want on your posts and pages. It will make a bad impact on the user’s experience.

Read Adsense Ad placement policies, this will definitely help you to understand better.

In this post, I am showing you the exact and the easiest way you can use to put ads within your blog posts in WordPress.

How To Insert Ads Within Posts?

1. Using Ad Inserter Plugin

Ad Inserter is the best WordPress plugin for ad management, It has 200,000+ Active Installations and maintained a 5-star rating.

It has more features that any plugins available for ads management in WordPress Directory. It is simple to use, you don’t need to have technical knowledge for placing ads on your site using Ad Inserter.

Step: 1 Go to your WordPress admin dashboard then Plugins>Add New and search for Ad Inserter. You will see like the below image so install and activate it.

If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin then here is a guide that will help you.

Ad Inserter WordPress plugin

Step: 2 Once it is successfully installed, Go to Settings>Ad Inserter and you will see a black box where you can put ad code.

How To Insert Ads in WordPress Post? For WordPress Users

Step: 3 In the Ad Inserter plugin, you get some cool features that will help you to show ads on different place of your websites like posts, pages, homepage, archives, and even search pages.

Advance features

In the insertion dropdown, you have many available options to show ads in various sections within a page.

It also provides a shortcode for each ad so you can easily put that shortcode wherever you want to show your ad. Even, it offers device targeting.

So, you have the option to show your ads according to the users’ device.

There are many other features are also available you would love them too.

If you want another complete simple plugin with basics features, then here you go…

2. Using Insert Post Ads Plugin

Insert Post Ads is a very simple plugin with very basic features that will help you to add ads within your content.

It allows you to use ads automatically within post or pages after a certain number of paragraphs.

Step:1 First you have to log in your WordPress as Admin. and install a plugin which called Insert Post Ads. If you don’t know How To Install A WordPress Plugin?

insert ads in post, staymeonline

Step:2 Click on the Insert Post Ads and check the post to show ads on the post. If you want to show ads on the page too then make sure to check page as well.

How to put ads in between post? StayMeOnline

Insert Post Ads

Step: 3 Now go to Google AdSense dashboard or any other you are using, for ads code. You can easily get it by going to Ads>Overview>By Ad Units and select the ad you want to get ad code for.

How To Insert Ads in WordPress Post? For WordPress Users

Step:4 Now create a New Ads. so click Post Advert>Add New Post. You can see two fields where first is asking about Advert title you can give any title which is rememberable for you.

Paste the code you copied from your Google Adsense in the Advert Code section.

New Advert

Step:5 I want to put the ads after the 5th paragraph of all my blog posts, so I’ve selected the second option in the Display the Advert dropdown which is After the paragraph no and enter the no as 5.

There is three option available in the Display the advert dropdown:

  • Before the content
  • After paragraph no.
  • After the content

if you want to add your ad in the post you choose the second option then fill the number as shown in the image. and click on Publish to make your ad live.

how to put ads in between post, staymeonline

Step:6  After clicking on Publish, you can test it by opening any of your posts in an incognito tab. Here is mine:

how to put ads in between post, staymeonline

This is how you can easily add ads within your blog post. This is the simplest process you can follow.

If you want to more ads on a single post then you can create more ads using the same process and display them in different places.

Other Best Ad Management Plugins

There are some other best ad management plugins available in the WordPress directory.



Adsanity is another simple and beginner-friendly WordPress ad-management plugin that will help you to insert ads on your WordPress website anywhere you want using widgets and Insert Ad button in the WordPress editor.

It supports both hosted ads as well as ads from the 3rd party like Adsense, Media.net and other.

It also offers you to insert code using shortcodes and you can insert on any specific page using custom ad blocks.

Quick Adsense

How To Insert Ads in WordPress Post? For WordPress Users

Quick Adsense is easy and simple ad management plugin for WordPress.

It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post. Besides, it can randomly place Ads anywhere within a post. It comes with a simple setting page, and it does not overwhelm you with complicated customizable options.


So, I hope to know you can easily place ads within your content.

BOTH, the methods I shared with you will work great.

I was using the Insert Post Ads plugin when I started my blog but later, I started using Ad Inserter.

And the two plugins I shared Adsanity and Quick Adsense work great for the same task.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful, If you did then must share it with other.

AND, let me know which one plugin you are using on your blog?

how to insert ads in wordpress post

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