What Is Page Authority & How To Increase It?

I have discussed Domain Authority already if you did not read that yet so read it first, Domain Authority: From Beginning To Advance Guide!

I recommend you to go and read it first if you read that post then it will be very easy to understand Page Authority.

Here is a little bit about Domain Authority,

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score produced by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

A Domain Authority Score is always under in range 1 to 100, The more your score is as good as your domain authority and the better your ranking.

In simple words, you can say DA means how trustworthy your domain is? Google always give high rank to the domains which they can trust.

Read More about Domain Authority from the Moz.

Page Authority is very similar to Domain Authority, Domain authority we talk about entire website or domain but In Page Authority, We talk about a single webpage.

Page Authority aka as PA, produced by Moz to know how well your webpage will rank in the search engine, Page Authority scores ranges from one to 100, the higher score you have the more chances of getting the high rank.

PA refers to a single webpage, it shows how well your webpage will rank in the search engine. and what is the value of that single webpage?

In simple words, you can say PA means how trustworthy your webpage is? Google always give high rank to the webpage which they can trust.

How to Check Page Authority?

Here is the list of the tools which you can use to know your webpage’s PA score.

MozBar by Moz

Page Authority checker
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MozBar is a chrome extension developed by Moz, it is all in one SEO tool in one extension. It is really helpful and easy to use tool to check page authority of any page you are browsing in your browser.

This is a very useful extension for the bloggers, it will not only help you to check Page authority rather domain authority as well.

Keyword Explorer

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This is also a service developed by the Moz, I have discussed this in one my posts. This is the best tools for the keyword research. You can also use it to find which keywords are ranking on your competitor’s website. You can use its 20 queries for free then after you need to purchase its premium place to use it.

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Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer
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Open site explorer is tools which help you to analysis inbound and outbound links as well with your Domain Authority and Page Authority too.

They are offering the 30-Day free trial to their new users, you can take a free ride for Moz tools by clicking here.

Above are three and the best tools to check page authority and domain authority as well. These all tools are by Moz.

Increase Page Authority

High PA Score means high rank, and everyone wants to get high rank on SERP to get high organic traffic. Here are the tips to increase your Page Authority.

Take Care of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the techniques which we use to optimize our Content/Posts. It helps to make our content or blog posts visible to the users and help search engine spiders/crawlers to index it easily.

Read more about On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO plays a very important role to increase PA score because Google loves SEO friendly content. 

Your webpage should be SEO friendly first to get high rank in the search engine.

Remove Broken Links

Your website has many of useful links and apart from this it also has some bad links which are affecting your PA Score.

If you are using WordPress then it is pretty simple of you to find those bad links and if you find then you can easily fix or remove them.

There is a plugin WordPress called Broken Links Checker which will help you to do so. You can download it from the link.

Broken Link checker
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Build Links

Create backlinks for the webpage for which you want to increase PA Score.

Create quality content first because everyone likes to link with the useful content which can help their users too.

Comments on others blog to get backlinks and enter URL of the webpage for which you wants to increase PA score.

There are more tips which can help you to get backlinks.

Link To Other’s

Many people think that external links are not useful and if you are one of them then you are wrong.

External links give a clear idea about your content to search engines, because of the relevancy of the links. 

External links play a very important role in increasing your Domain Authority and Page Authority as well. Total numbers of External links and Authority score the webpages you are linking with plays a very important role in increasing you PA score.

Make sure to link with the High DA and PA score web pages, it will help you to increase your PA score.

There are some more factors which will help you to increase your PA score:

Make your web page load fast

  • Create Quality Content
  • Interlinking 
  • Earn Social Shares
  • Use Images

Closing Thoughts

Many people get confused about what is more important? Domain Authority or Page Authority, I want to tell you that both are equally important but If you have a high DA Score then your web pages will get high Page Authority score.

Feel free to share your thoughts and queries in the comment section.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Page Authority & How To Increase It?”

  1. Thanks for this article Ravi. I have come across many article on this topic and improve PA. But, only you have covered up the importance of external links.

    Many bloggers have a misconception that when we link to other websites, we will loose our traffic and instead we could link to one of our own posts.

    That’s completely false. Google loves to see, how well we connect with other websites on our niche.


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