OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

OptinMonster Review


OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that helps in creating attractive and high-converting opt-ins such as popup, subscribers form, in-inline forms, full-screen form etc. It can help you to boost your sales and no. of email subscribers.

Do you think collecting email is a good move for blogging?

Yes! You got this right, I am going to talk about the same thing in today’s post, and going to introduce the best tool for collecting emails…

When I was just started Blogging 2 years back, I was grabbing emails of users from the comments section, I was thinking that this stupid move will skyrocket my emails list.

But I was quite wrong, I realized this when my subscribers(I made them by myself, against their choice) were starting unsubscribing from my emails list.

This was quite fixed that they will unsubscribe from the list but I was not aware of that time. I was a beginner and just started some weeks ago.

As many beginners make mistakes, I did too…

When I realized that I am grabbing someone’s email and putting them into my email list without letting him know about it, I deleted the whole list of emails and planned to start from the 0.

I was using MailChimp as my email marketing provider… I didn’t have the coding knowledge to create a cool subscription form was equal to impossible for me(I was wrong).

Buffer Blog share a complete study, How We Doubled Email Signups in 30 Days: Our Strategies to Get More Email Subscribers. You can see SlideUp grabbed 36.7%(Most) emails for them…

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!
Source: Bufferapp

Email marketing never worked for me until when I come to know about OptinMonster

What Is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a tool that will help you to create cool and attractive Optin Forms for your website which will help you to increase your email subscribers and sales.

I was seeing opt-in forms on others’ websites or blogs, thinking that they have excellent knowledge of coding so that’s why they can create cool subscription forms.

OptinMonster had changed my thinking completely, I realized that one can create cool subscription forms without having a single bit of coding knowledge.

Let me introduce you to OptinMonster then you will know, why I am saying this?

Features Of OptinMonster

Drag N Drop Builder: OptinMonster’s powerful drag & drop builder allows you to create visually stunning opt-in forms that are optimized for the highest conversion rates.

Multiple Campaign Types: Choose the perfect campaign type to display the most attention-grabbing offers to your visitors for maximum engagement. There are many types of campaigns you can create like…

  • Lightbox Popup
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat
  • Slide-in Scroll Box
  • Floating Bar
  • Countdown Timer
  • Sidebar Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • Coupons Wheel Optin
  • Content Locker.

Campaign Triggers: Detect your visitors’ behaviour and use smart triggers to always display the right campaign to the right person at the right time.

Targeted Campaigns: Use precision targeting to create campaigns that generate more leads, attract more subscribers, and make more sales.

Seamless Integration: Create campaigns that react and adapt in real-time so you can easily personalize segments and target incredible conversions.

Actionable Insights: Get the stats that matter and tools you need to take action and improve your lead-generation strategy.

What About The Pricing?

We’ve discussed the features of OptinMonter above and I’m sure you started loving it… Now it’s time to move to the Pricing…

How much will it cost you if you decided to purchase it?

Here is the pricing of OptinMonster:

There are 4 plans for every time of business if you just starting and don’t have enough budget to spend on… Then I will suggest must go with the Basic Plan.

What do I like Most About OptinMonster?

However, OptinMonster has many features which one can like… But here are the features that I like most about it…

Pre-Built Templates

In OptinMonster, you get many Pre-Built beautiful designed Templates that you can select to use in your campaigns. So, you don’t need to create a template from scratch.

In every type of campaign, it can be any type like Slide-In, Pop-Up or inline… You get pre-built beautiful templates, you just need to change colour if you want and edit the content, that’s it.

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

Drag-N-Drop Builder

OptinMonster has a Drag N Drop builder which makes it easy to create and design an Optin.

It is very handy to design an Optin form using OptinMonster, you just need to Drag the elements which you need in yourOptin & edit that on your own way, that’s it…

Countdown Timer For Sales And Events

Do you publish limited-time deals on your website?


Do you host any events or webinars?

If yes then it is going to be the best tool for you… If you promote limited-time affiliate deals or host any evens then OptinMonster will help you do this more effectively and help you do get the high conversion.

You can add a Countdown timer in your Optin forms to create an impact on visitors, it will give you high conversion.

If you are hosting a giveaway on your blog then you can add a countdown timer in your Optin to let visitors know when will it going to end, so they will take part fast.

Here is How to Create a Countdown Timer Campaign?

Variety Of Campaign Types

OptinMonster is not just limited to any specific type of campaigns, instead, you have varieties of different types of Campaigns that you can create with OptinMonster.

Here is the list of Campaign Types you can create with OptinMonster:

  • Pop-Ups
  • Fullscreen
  • Inline/After Post
  • Slide-In
  • Floating Bar
Types Of Campaigns

Detailed Targeting Options

This is the best feature I liked about OptinMonster…

You have full control over your Optin, you can choose:

  • On which pages/posts it should be shown
  • When it should be shown
  • And to which country’s visitors to show Optin
  • You can create Exit Opin(I like it most), It will show up your Optin when visitors are going to leave your website/blog.
  • Show your Optin on any specific date
  • And many more in Display Rules…

Read More:

Easy Integration With WordPress

Do you think that you need to play with codes for showing Optin on your WordPress site?

Hold On! You are wrong…

Integrating OpinMonster with WordPress is so easy, like a piece of cake.

OptinMonster has a plugin for WordPress users which you can download from here… you just need to Install & Activate that plugin using your OptinMoster API.

You can read about the same by clicking this link…

These are the 6 featured which like most in OptinMonster, if you decided to purchase the OptinMonster right now, then click on this link to get 50% Off on Any Plan Of OptinMonster.

Now let me show you, how can you create your first Campaign in OptinMonster…

How To Create Your First OptinMonster Campaign?

Here are the steps you need to follow for creating your first OptinMonster Campaign:

Step #1: Click on the Create Campaign Button showing on the right side of the dashboard.

Create New Campaign

Step #2: Now it will ask you to choose the Campaign Type you want to create… You can choose any of these:

  • Full Screen
  • Pop-Up
  • Inline
  • Slide-In
  • Floating Bar
Types Of Campaigns

Step #3: Now choose a Campaign Template, As I already said that OptinMonster has many pre-built templates which you can take in your campaigns. The exactly same you need to do there, use a template to create your campaign…

Choose Campaign Template

Step #4: Now give a name to your campaign, it will help you to remind what this campaign is used for. And add or select a domain where it will be shown.

Name Your Campaign And Choose Website

Step #5: Recheck or change your Optin’s Display Settings… In Display Settings, you can change Cookie Duration, Cookie Success Duration and Cookie Seen Duration, and some more settings.

If you aren’t familiar with Cookies then must check this…

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

Step #6: Now design your campaign and give it a unique and attractive look, click on Optin Settings then Optin View Style to change the Background Color, Border, And you can click on any element to design that.

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

Step #7: Add & Customize Fields to your Optin if you want to, You can add fields in your Optin Form as shown below…

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

Step #8: Now Configure the Display Rule of your campaign, By it, you are configuring When and who can see your campaign.

This is the best feature that I like about OptinMonster, It makes OptinMonster more useful for increasing conversion.

You can leave these settings on Default as shown below image…

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

If you want to add some specific rules to make your content visible for only targeted visitors then must read: How to Use Display Rules to Customize When a Campaign Will Appear

Step #9: Now Integrate an email provider into your Campaign for collecting emails to your list. OptinMonster has a huge list of Email Providers which you can integrate, almost all email providers they cover…

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

If you are using MailChimp then here you go: How to Connect OptinMonster with MailChimp

Step #10: Connect Your Campaign to your Analytics account. By doing this, you can monitor the performance of your campaign.

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

Read This: How OptinMonster Uses Google Analytics to Measure Conversion Analytics

Step #11: This is the last Step, Publish Your Campaign. Now your campaign is ready to publish so what are you waiting for, publish it.

OptinMonster Review: Why you should start using it? Right Now!

Read this if you don’t know how to embed to your site: How to Embed Your Campaigns On Your Site


This is how you can create your first OptinMonster Campaign…

If you are still wondering about using OptinMonster then wait a minute and read these before making any decision:

Even, I have seen a huge jump in the number of subscribers of the StayMeOnline 10-Day Blogging Course.

After using it, I am recommending it to if you also want to grow your email list or sales… You can get 50% Off if you buy from my link.

If you liked this post and found it helpful then must share it with others…

OptinMonster Review
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