Why You Need To Setup An Office For Blogging

One Year Ago…

I was working for a company where I was a Data Entry Operator and I had to do multiple tasks there like web searching, Data Processing, Data Indexing, and Link Verification.

I was working there and getting a salary which was very low that can only support my monthly expenses, I was not able to fulfill my wishes with that salary. And the salary was not the only thing which I don’t like there.

I don’t like to work in a timetable like I had to punch in there at 8:00 am and punch out at 5:00 pm which was very challenging for me. It sounds like timetable where everything is set already.

I always wanted to be my own boss, I want to work from anywhere and anytime. there should not be any restrictions on the time. And salary should depend on How much I work?

After started StayMeOnline, I got everything which I want? Now I can work from anywhere and at any time.

I work from my personal room which is not good as the office but it is good than my office for which I was working. This is winter, no one wants to get out from the Rajai(Blanket) so in this situation, I don’t need to be ready and go for the office, even I can work from the Rajai(Blanket).

Having personal office for the blogging is one of my resolution for 2018, I am planning to set up an office from where I will operate my blog.

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Maybe, It will take some months to complete this resolution, But one day, I will reach.

I am working from my personal room which is just like my office where I can work alone. But I need a professional office. There are many benefits of having an office for the blogging which will definitely help you to blog professionally.

Well Organized

Well Organized Office

The main benefit of having a separate office for Blogging is, All things will be organized and all for the office users, and easy to use.

A room looks ugly when everything is misplaced everywhere. Organizing items like computer, books and other materials can give your office professional look and also make you productive.

In the office, everything set up on the desk like monitor, laptops, and other gadgets as well. It can make you more productive towards your blog.

Distraction Free Environment

Loud Noise

Can you write when the unwanted noises are with you? No! I will never. I always write the blog post in the midnight usually after 11:00 pm, because all members already slept. There is no one to disturb me while I am writing.

The bloggers who work from their home always gets noise from the children who are playing outside the room, if someone wants to watch TV in the home then It will not let you work. There are more noises like traffic and people voices outside your home.

If you are going to the office for work then you know that you have to work only not any other things like watching movies, playing, and any other activity.

But make sure, You office should be far from the public area like market, roads and marriage halls.

Looks Professional

Business Man

You are going to your office, you work there 5-8 hours every day. So it gives your blogging a professional look.

It is like you are the owner of any particular company and going to your office for the work and there is no owner of yours, you are the only one who manages all the things. If you have employees then you have to manage then which look professional.

Having a personal office for blogging can increase your reputation in your society. When people see you that you are the owner of any blog and also have an office where you work, they will be proud of you and your parents too.

More Productive

More Productive

You know that daily you have to go to your office and spend some fixed hours on your blog, every day you spend fixed hours or more than fixed on blogging. 

When your working hours are fixed then you mind knows that you have to work for these set hours and there will be no distraction exists that time.

More Creative

More Creative

Like you are fully organized into your office and all the things are going well, and no one is there to disturb you while you are in the office.

Then the chances of getting creative and innovative ideas will be the higher, you will get many ideas to work on.

Closing Thoughts

I know now you are aware the benefits of having a personal office for your blog, having a personal office is one of my 2018 resolutions. I will work hard to reach this, and you should work hard too.

I hope you like this post if you do so then share it with your blogging friends and them aware of the benefits of having an office for blogging.

If you have any experience which you want to share with us then will free to leave a comment below, subscribe our newsletter to get notification of new posts.

Ravi Dixit

Ravi Dixit is a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer, He is the founder of StayMeOnline Who Loves to help others. Travelling and learning new things online are his first love. "I only want a life without any boundaries- Ravi Dixit"

2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Setup An Office For Blogging”

  1. Hey Ravi,
    Thanks for sharing the benefits of having an office for blogging. Yes, it will help. But at the start, it is also very hard to set up an office with a very low earning. After some time you can do this and wish you best of luck with it. I will be waiting for your office pictures. 🙂

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