An Advance Guide For Off-Page SEO & Its Techniques

Many people get confused about the Off-Page SEO, they don’t have even idea about it even they think this is not important in SEO perspectives. But they don’t know that On-page SEO and Off-page SEO plays an equal role behind the rank of a website in the search engine.

I have already talked about the On-Page SEO and its techniques to get rank high in the search engine.

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Let me discuss Off-Page SEO today.

Basically, Off-Page SEO(aka Off-Site SEO) is the sets of the actions which A person do outside of his website to rank high in the Search Engine.

Off-Page SEO helps search engine to decide your website’s value in other’s mind. 

On-Page SEO is the bundle of the actions which you perform outside your website’s boundaries to get a high rank or to make your content visible to the visitors.

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“Off-site SEO” (also called “off-page SEO”) refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).  by Moz.

In more simple, Off-Page SEO helps Google to know your website’s value or popularity and is your website trustworthy for others? For Example, If A website or blog is linked to your website page/post and visitors are coming to your website that’s means you have quality content on your website, that’s why others are linking to you and people are visiting your website as well.

Below’s Example will definitely make it more easy to understand.

Let Imagine, You are the owner of a Garments Shop, In order to get more customers and sale, you will do these activities into your store.

  • Showcase latest trends dresses
  • You will give Deals and Discounts
  • Store decoration for attracting more customers
  • Keep the store clean always
  • Good Customers support with trained Staff

You will definitely do these activities to get more sale and customers, you can say it is like as we do On-page SEO.

But what you do outside your store to get more sales? Maybe, you take help of:

  • Advertisements(Banners, Newspaper ads)
  • Social Media Pages to Promote your store online if you are doing business on a big scale.
  • Online Store to sell your products online
  • Online Website to Increase Customer Reach

These are the activities which one can do to promote his business outside, it is just like as we do in Off-Page SEO.

I hope that example helped you to understand better.

I have seen many beginners thinks that off-page SEO means only Link building but it is not true 100%, there are many more non-link building activities are involved in this task.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

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Write Quality Content

Everyone Knows that Content Is King, So if your king is fit and brave then the people of your kingdom always be happy. (It just an example to understand the value of content)

If you write quality content then everyone would be like to link with you. You won’t have to work hard to get the link if your content is good.

Link Building

Links play a very important role to get the high rank, but the main point here is to understand first is Quality links are better than Quantity of links. Don’t run to get many links rather run to get high-quality links.

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It doesn’t matter, How many links are pointing to your site? but getting links from a high authority site is very important.

A link from a new blog is pointing you, it will not give you benefits, but a link from the high Domain Authority site’s is important and this will help you to increase your DA score as well.

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How To Build Links?

Below’s are some techniques which will help you to build links.

  • Submit your site to directories
  • Comment on other’s Blog
  • Forum Signatures
  • Guest Post on Other’s Blog
  • Add Signature to Email

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is known as an opportunity for the new bloggers to get their post published on other’s blog. Submitting a guest post not only give you backlines rather it will also promote your brand as well.

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Last Saturday, I took part in #ShoutersChat which is always conducted by the ShouMeLoud, and the topic was Guest Blogging. Here is the link to that post you should read it to understand Guest Blogging.

Guest Blogging to level up your blog – A Shouter’s Chat Recap

Social Media

Social Media is a very important part of Off-Page SEO, Yes I know that basically all links which we get from Social Media is no-follow links but it doesn’t mean that No-Follow links are not important.

Having Social Pages and sharing links work well to promote your blog and increasing your brand popularity as well.

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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is another popular way to get traffic to the website, Social Bookmarking sites like,, and I am using reddit to drive traffic to my blog and happy to say this is working very well.

It will help you to get traffic and brand promotion as well.

Read How I Double My Blog Traffic Using Reddit? to know my experience with the redReddit

Closing Thoughts

Off-Page SEO is equally important as On-Page SEO, if you ignore it then you are going to lose your high rank in the search engine.

Many people always think that they should take care of On-Page SEO and they ignore Off-Page SEO, But I want to tell them that they should use both’s techniques on their site if they do so then the chances of getting high rank will be high.

I hope you like this post and found it helpful If you do so then don’t forget to share this with others, or if you have any query regarding this then feel free to share in the comments.

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