Let’s Welcome 2018: My New Year Resolution+ Merry Christmas

It is the end of 2017, only 6 days are remaining in this year. And everyone is waiting for 2018 Everyone is excited and ready to welcome the New Year 2018.

This post is going to be short because there is something which I want to share with all of you. First of all, Merry Christmas to all of my Readers. And thanks from the heart for reading and visiting our posts.

Merry Christmas

I wish Santa make your all wishes come true.

Here is your Christmas Gift.
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We have started in late 2017 I think from last of September but it motivates me a lot that you are liking to read post and visiting blog.

I can see my Analytics dashboard is increasing day by day and your valuable comments also motivate me as well. Thank you guys for appreciating me.

When I started, everyone told me that niche I chose is very competitive and it is really hard to get success for me but I didn’t take care of that, I always like to be different from the rush. I just focus on producing helpful content for my readers. And Happy to know that you found it helpful.

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Today you will definitely celebrate Christmas then don’t forget to share your moments with us. We will be happy if you do so and I will share that on here @StayMeOnline. You can share your Christmas Pictures and Videos with us on:

After 6 Days New Year is coming what are you planning to do? What are your Resolutions for 2018? Don’t forget to share your Resolution with us on our social pages.

Let me share your My Resolution for 2018, I will be working hard to make all of them come true.

1. Office    

An Office is the first thing which I like to set up at the start of 2018, I wish that day come very soon in my life when I’ll set up my Own Office for the Blogging.


I don’t like to work in the timetable jobs like 9am-5pm I hate that, But Blogging gives me the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime. That will be a place from where I can operate my blog it doesn’t matter which time I work, Which clothes I wear in office? I can work in Pajamas also.

Currently, I work on my laptop from my bed and sometimes from the chair which is not comfortable for me.

An office which has 3-4 rooms, First is for Gaming, secondly is for blogging and all the computer stuff will be in that room and the last one is for creating videos you can say for vlogging. I am thinking to grow my YouTube Channel as well with my blog in 2018.

Everything will be there which I like, there will be no distraction at all which I am suffering from currently in my Home. Even I have my personal room but it is good to work or especially record videos from there. 

My office will be far away from my home, my parent will also be happy that my son is going to his job because now they are thinking that my son is jobless and don’t want to work. They don’t have any idea, what am I doing nowadays? It is very difficult to understand for the Indian parents.

It is very difficult for a single person to manage a blog, it required many tasks like producing content, content promotion, replying comments, SEO optimization, and social media management and all this is very tough for a single person to do.

2. A Bike

I love to riding a Bike, I want to purchase a bike for my self soon but before this, I have to apply for Driving Licence, Because I did not apply yet, so sad 🙁

I and my father always argue for purchasing a bike, he wants that if I would like to purchase a bike in the range of 40,000 to 50,000 rupees then they will be purchased for me. He always suggests to purchase Bajaj Platina, and TVS bikes because of the mileage they have, but I like to purchase superbikes like KTM Duke, Pulsar RS and other. 

My favorite bike is KTM RC200 which I wish to purchase.


It is very costly Bike that’s why my father is saying simply “Earn first then Buy it” but his offer is still available for me to purchase bike under 40,000 to 50,000 rupees which I don’t like.

I will try for this hard in 2018 and I hope, I’ll get this before the end of the year.

3. Skyrocket Traffic

Skyrocket Traffic

As I mentioned above that I have started StayMeOnline in the September 2017, and as a starting stage of the blog, I am happy with the traffic and the appreciation I am getting.

But It is not enough, I want more. Recently, I did some experiments with the Reddit and StumbleUpon to driving traffic and they are working great to drive traffic for me.

Must Read: 

I am learning more and more day by day that also helps, my main goal is to skyrocket StayMmeOnline traffic stats in 2018.

My this resolution will help me build a community to help people more.

4. Skydiving

This is the one thing which I want to do since my childhood, Whenever I see skydiving video on the YT it increases my love towards SkyDiving. SkyDivingI want to do this solo, but I know for this I have to get the certificate of the solo jump then I will be able to do so. And It will costs too high for me so I can not do solo jump in 2018.

I will try to do a Tandem Jump definitely. I am waiting for that day. I hope I will fulfill this resolution before my birthday which is on 26 July.

Closing Thoughts

Every goal requires hard and smart work with the full focus to come true, I will be working hard to accomplish all my goals. All my need is your support, without you it cannot be complete.

After reading my Resolution, don’t forget to share your New Year Resolution with us, feel free to leave in the comments.

Be in touch by connecting with us on the Social Networks and Share your Christmas and New Year Special moments there.

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