MrBeast Net Worth 2022: Top 3 Lessons To Learn From Him

MrBeast is not a new name in the industry, it is the name that everybody knows. He is quite a famous YouTuber who creates interesting videos and give away millions of dollars to strangers.

MrBeast YouTube channel has over 83 million subscribers, his channel is known for its entertaining videos that people love to watch. He gives away millions of dollars to random people in the form of cash, cars, boats etc.

MrBeast net worth is $25 million(as of writing this post on December 2021)

So in this post, we are going to talk about MrBeast net worth and will learn some lessons from his success.

Who Is MrBeast?

Mr Beast Net worth

MrBeast Biography

  • Name: Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast)
  • MrBeast Age: 23 years old
  • DOB: May 7, 1998
  • Birth Place: Kansas, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Status: Single
  • MrBeast Net Worth: $25 Million

MrBeast(aka Jimmy Donaldson) is a famous American YouTuber, businessman and philanthropist. He is also the founder of MrBeast Burger and co-founder of Team Trees.

He has also raised funds over $23 million for the Arbor Day Foundation which is a nonprofit membership organization for planting trees. His main channel “MrBeast” has over 83 million subscribers(as of December 2021).

MrBeast youtube subscribers

Now as per the number of subscribers, you can imagine how famous this YouTube creator is. MrBeast is also known for donating millions of dollars that including cash, cars, etc. to random strangers.

Hmm! you might be thinking how does he make so much money to give away? If you can not stop your horses then jump to this section.

MrBeast In Numbers

  • MrBeast has a net worth of $25 million
  • Over 83 million YouTube subscribers, as of December 2021
  • He is just only 23 years old
  • Raised $20 million to plant 20 million trees
  • Over 7 million followers on Facebook
  • Over 12 million followers on Twitter
  • Over 15 million followers on Instagram
  • Donate over 100 cars including Lamborghini 

MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) Early Life

Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998, in Kansas. He is graduated from the Greenville Christian Academy in 2016. Started uploading videos on YouTube under the handle “MrBeast6000” when he was just 12 years old.

Jimmy briefly attended college but dropped out to pursue his YouTube career full time. At the beginning of his YouTube career, he was just posting video game commentary, reaction videos and funny compilations.

MrBeast Turning Point

In 2017, Jimmy uploaded a video “counting to 100,000” on his YouTube channel. In this video, he spent 44 hours counting to 100,000. The video went viral on YouTube and gained 24 million videos, as of now.

How Does MrBeast Make So Much Money?

MrBeast who is aka Jimmy Donaldson is an American YouTuber having over 83 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel (MrBeast).

He gives away millions of dollars worth of products that include cash, cars, gifts, houses, boats etc. He gave away more than 100 cars that including Lamborghini.

So, this question might arise in your mind that how he became so rich at the age of just 23…

MrBeast basically earns from the three following methods:

  1. Sponsorships
  2. YouTube Ads
  3. Selling own merchandise

Let’s talk about each of these methods that MrBeast uses to make money:


MrBeast has many brand deals for his YouTube videos that pays him a big sum of amount and it becomes the most income driving way for MrBeast. His list of sponsors includes Quidd, Dragon City, Honey, Apex Legends,

Let me give a quick introduction to all his sponsors:

  • Quidd: Quidd is the first sponsor of MrBeast videos who gave him $10,000 which Jimmy later donated to a homeless person.

Quidd is an app for collecting and sharing rare digital goods such as trading cards, chat stickers, GIFs and 3D digital figures from famous shows and series like Funko, Game Of Thrones, Marvel, Star Trek and so on.

MrBeast promotes the Quidd app through his videos and get a good sum of money as sponsorship from the brand.

Quidd Mr Beast
  • Dragon City: Dragon City is a mobile game where you breed a dragon and build your island. Battle with others and level up your dragon.

Dragon City is also a sponsor of MrBeast videos including “Giving $100,000 To A Homeless Person” and “$70,000 Extreme Hide And Seek – Challenge” to name a few.

Mr Beast Dragon City
  • Apex Legends: I am sure you already know about this action game. It’s free to play battle royal shooting game which has been launched recently.

Apex Legends sponsored MrBeast “$200,000 Youtuber Battle Royale” and “Donating $100,000 To Shroud In Real Life” videos.

Mr Beast Apex Legends
  • Honey: It is a free Chrome browser extension that automatically finds and applies the discount code at the checkout page. If you have watched some videos of MrBeast then you probably saw him recommending this tool.

There are many other sponsors also that pays MrBeast a good sum of money for promoting them, it also includes the popular crypto trading platform CoinBase.

The sponsorships are the biggest contributor to MrBeast net worth.

YouTube Ads

MrBeast YouTube channel has more than 83 million subscribers and his videos easily cross 50 million views as you can find in the below screenshot from his YouTube channel. Some videos even crossed 153M.

Mr Beast Videos

That’s very huge numbers!

I am not sure whether you can imagine or not, how much money he is making through YouTube ads. But that’s a really big amount.

Selling Own Merchandise

MrBeast sells his own merchandise through his own online store called Shop Mr Beast. On the store, you can wide range of products including:

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Backpacks & bags
  • Accessories
  • and more…

Another good contribution to MrBeast income comes from selling his own merchandise. He also runs a delivery-only fast-food restaurant chain called MrBeast Burger which is being operated from 900 locations in North America and Europe.

MrBeast Awards 

MrBeast has been nominated for many prominent awards that including “Breakout Creator” at the Streamy Awards in 2019. In the same year, he was nominated for the “Ensemble Cast” and “Creator of the Year”.

In 2020, he has won the 10th Streamy Awards in various categories that include:

  • Creator of the Year
  • Live Special
  • Social Good: Creator
  • Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO

Also in the year 2020, MrBeast has won the 12th Annual Shorty Awards in the category “YouTuber of the Year”.

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Top 3 Lessons To Learn From MrBeast

MrBeast has achieved great success with his constant efforts and hard work. He was not born MrBeast, it happened with time and because of his hard work.

So, here are some lessons that you can learn from MrBeast’s journey:

#1. Experiment, Experiment & Experiment

MrBeast has done a lot of experiments and he kept doing experiments until he found what works. So, the experiment is the key to success. If something is working for someone, that might not work for you.

If you closely look at his main channel “MrBeast”, you will find that he has started his YouTube career by uploading gaming videos first back in 2012 but it did not work! Then he started giving tips on how to get more views on YouTube to beginners, it again failed!

But he did not stop doing experiments. He started his journey in 2012 but his life turning point came in 2017 when his video “counting to 100,000” went viral which took him 44 hours to record the video.

After that video went viral, he started creating similar types of videos including spending 50 hours buried alive, spending 24 hours in slime, spinning fidget spinner for 24 hours continuously and so on.

So he did not stop even he was not seeing the results, it took 5 years for him to see his first viral video. Until that day, he kept doing experiments to find what will work for him.

#2. Consistency Is The Real Formula

You might have heard this “consistency is the key to success” and MrBeast proved it true!

He is very consistent when it comes to uploading videos, even now when he got huge success in his career. He is not only uploading videos to his main channel, but rather his other channels also with consistency.

MrBeast has a consistent pattern of uploading videos to his main channel, he uploads 2 to 3 videos every single month on a consistent basis. Look at the screenshot below.

mrbeast youtube videos

#3. Say “Yes” To Diversification

Along with the MrBeast, Jimmy has some other channels also where he covers different things, this list includes:

  • MrBeast Gaming: The channel where jimmy uploads his gaming videos including Minecraft, GTA and other games he plays. It has 21.3 million subscribers.
  • Beast Philanthropy: Channel by Jimmy Donaldson where all the charity and donation happens. The channel description has clearly stated “100% of the profits from my ad revenue, merch sales, and sponsorships will go towards our Food Pantry!“. The channel has currently 6.78 million subscribers(at the time of writing).
  • Beast Reacts: A reaction channel by Jimmy Donaldson and his friend Chris where they both reacts to Internet’s viral videos. The currently subscribers are 10.8 million on this channel.
  • MrBeast Shorts: Currently having 10.8 million subscribers, you can find videos less than 60 seconds on this channel.

Top 11 Inspirational MrBeast Quotes

Here are some most inspirational MrBeast quotes:

There were lots of smiles and personal relationships that we’ll all take forward in supporting what we do—creating original content for our subscribers.

That’s where it makes things a little weird on me, because if I make them pay taxes on stuff then I look like a piece of sh-t, but if I pay taxes on it — on something that’s already not really profitable.

I’m numb to money.

Everyone was having a blast doing something unique and fun.

I think on YouTube, it’s different, and people just haven’t realized it: positivity is just as clickbait as negativity.

I’m motivated because I want to support my mom and my family.

There was a lot of teamwork involved in planning the event.

As a YouTuber, I’ve been able to meet a lot of the creators online, but we don’t have many opportunities to meet in person and share our personalities.

I remember thinking like every day back then like I’m never gonna be YouTuber, but I really want to be a YouTuber.

Even though these are some of the biggest YouTubers in the world.

My mindset was just ‘reinvest everything I make – every time I got a paycheck, that was the month’s budget.

FAQs About MrBeast Net Worth

Here are some frequently asked questions about MrBeast and his YouTube channel:

Who is MrBeast?

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson is an American YouTube star, businessman and philanthropist. He has born on May 7, 1998, in Kansas, United States.

What is MrBeast net worth?

The net worth of MrBeast is over $25 million dollars as of December 2021.

Where MrBeast lives?

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson lives in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.

How MrBeast makes money?

MrBeast makes money in three ways, sponsorship from brands, YouTube ads and selling his merchandise through his online store

What is the real name of MrBeast?

The real name of MrBeast is Jimmy Donaldson. He is a famous YouTuber that wons the MrBeast YouTuber channel.

Who’re the sponsors of the MrBeast YouTube channel?

Here are some of the sponsors of the MrBeast YouTube channel:
–> Quidd
–> Honey
–> Apex Legends
–> Dragon City
–> Coinbase

What is the age of MrBeast?

MrBeast age is 23 years old, he was born on May 7, 1998, in Kansas, United States.

Final Words On MrBeast Net Worth 2022

MrBeast is extremely popular because of his entertaining videos and donating nature. He donates a lot of his earning to random strange people in form of cash, cars, gifts, boats etc.

He started his journey in 2012 but everything got changed when his video “counting to 100,000” went viral in 2017. He kept doing experiments until he found the thing that worked for him.

His journey is so inspirational to others, isn’t it? Don’t forget to share your feedback about this post in the comments section below.

MrBeast Net Worth
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