Boost Your Motivation For Blogging When You Are Demotivated (I Did)

Have you lost your motivation for blogging?

Yah, I can see… That’s why you opened to read it.

Writing blog posts daily is not an easy task…

Isn’t It?

When beginners start blogging, they fully motivated towards their blog. They consistently write blog posts, take care of comments etc…

But after a certain period, they get bored from doing all these tasks. It happens mostly with the beginners because, in the initial days of their blogging, they don’t earn even a single penny from their blog.

It makes the high impact of being demotivated from the blogging…

I felt the same thing some days ago, Today I am writing a post after 1 month and this time, it is the widest interval between two posts. I usually write one post in 3 days. and one post daily in the initial days.

It mostly happens with the beginners, when they don’t get any amount from their blog. They feel demotivated from blogging and think, they are wasting their time.

This is the biggest reason behind quitting blogging…

I was also suffering from the same and don’t able to write anything, don’t know what to do or what not to do. It took approx. one month for me to overcome from this demotivation level.

This motivation can destroy everything you earn from the day one of your blogging. Eventually, It will cause you to quit blogging.

In the most cases, it happens with the people who start blogging only for earning money. And they quit after some months when they see that it is not giving them back any single penny.

As I always say, blogging is not a make income fast scheme… It will take time, you can’t earn in working some nights or days…

Why You Lost Your Motivation For Blogging

There are two types of people who start blogging…

  1. Passionate
  2. And the second one for earning money

The people who start blogging because they are passionate about it and want to share their knowledge with the audience over the internet.

For example, A person who has good knowledge about the phones so he started a blog where he shares his knowledge about mobile phones. He also reviews the latest released phones on his blog.

He doesn’t care about the money in starting because he is doing what he loves about. Passionate peoples never get bored because they are doing what they love to, they are doing what they know about.

And the people who want to start blogging because they have come to know about the bloggers who are earning the huge amount from their blog and they think that they will also earn if they do the same.

They follow the same niche which others successful bloggers using, even if they don’t have a bit knowledge about that.

But after a certain time period, when they don’t get any single dollar from their blog. They quit blogging…

In the end, I want to say, follow the field for you are passionate about… Never follow anyone because might be, you both are good at the same skill. That person is successful because he is good at that.

Find out which you are good at, what you love to do, in what you are knowledgeable about… then go for that.

I have faced this stage recently and it was very hard for me to come back, I had implemented some methods to get back my motivation. And I am sure this will help you too if you are facing the same.

Methods To Boost Your Motivation

Before sharing those methods with you, I want to tell that everybody has their own ways to overcome the stress and demotivation. But now I am going to share some most used tips and methods by the people.

Here I am going to share the best tips which I used when I was demotivated. And I am sure that these will be helpful for you too…

Think Why You Started Blogging?

When you start blogging there must be any big reason behind that… Maybe you love to blog, you love to share your knowledge which you have about any specific thing… Or maybe, you started for money. Most of the cases, people start it for money, they found blogging as the easiest and genuine way to make money online.

But it is not true…

Read More: Super 6 Ways For Make Money Online

Even for the money cases, you started because you want to make money online and it’s really a good feel to earn money online. It gives a freedom from the 9-5 office job which mostly peoples need.

Must Read:

  • Cons Of Full Time Office Jobs

So, why you now forget about the goals you have sat at that time before starting your blog. Ask some questions to yourself:

How can you leave any your aim uncompleted?

Will you agree to be called a loser?


So, why you can even think of giving up… It is a sign of losers…

The second tip, I am going to share is going to help you a lot. It is the best tip I used when I feel demotivated ever.

Hope this will work for you too.

Take A Break

Yes, you read that right!

You should take a break from blogging when you are feeling demotivated and can’t write more blog post and can’t work on your blog. It happens much time that you don’t have anything write on and your mind is totally blank.

Read this to know how to find new blog post ideas: How To Get New Blog Post Ideas?

In such conditions, taking a short break can help you a lot, you can take rest from the blogging for a short period.

Go for a trip to new places or go where you like to go… where you feel comfortable. Travelling can help you to find new content ideas, new topics to write on.

I had gone to my village where I born, my hometown after a quite long time. I always wanted to go there and meet my grandparents… This thing gives my mind a relax, a good feeling and I forget about everything I was worried about. And enjoyed the moment I was in.

I met my all relatives there, it gave me a new feeling, a different feeling. It was totally different from the others days when I was in front of my laptop and reading or writing blog posts… Thinking about the new blog post ideas, doing keyword research etc.

I was totally in the new environment and forgot about the blogging and the tasks I was worried about…

When I came back to Delhi, I had spent a good time and totally happy. My mind was also fresh with the new ideas and ready for converting them into blog posts.

This tips worked for me and I am sure that it will work for same…

Start From The Step Zero

Start From The Step Zero

If you are starting a blog on any topic, you should start from the step 0 and then move one by one step ahead… For example, I have started a blog on Blogging and how to make money online.

So, I have started from the beginning and written post on What is blogging? because the readers should know each and everything from the beginning to end.

Let assume, If you did not write about What is Blogging? and How to start a blog? then how you can imagine that your readers will understand about how to earn from a blog?

In the end, I just want to say that you should first start from the beginning then come to cover the further step this will help your readers to learn completely.

Learn From Bad Comments


Maximum of the cases, Bad comments become the reasons behind the demotivation from the blogging. And in the future, it will become the reasons to quit blogging.

I still remember the first few comments on the blog “StayMeOnline”, I was outside my exam centre and waiting for the gate to be opened. I was getting bored and had nothing to do.

So, I opened my phone and opened the WordPress admin panel then I shocked to see that I got 6 comments. I started screaming there and opened those comments.

4 of them are in favour of mine but the other two was against, I replied all comments with the appropriate words. I tried to find the reasons why the 2 comments were in against.

I always take care of all rejection and all mistakes I did, Becuase the mistakes are the best teacher which can help me to improve myself. Mistakes help us to understand what we are doing wrong and give a chance to change those.

As a blogger, you get lots of comments some are in favour of you and some are against as well. Say thank you for the favour and take care of comments which are against you. Becuase this will help you to be a successful blogger.

The readers who are commenting against you, are helping you indirectly to improve yourself, your blog.

Read Others Motivational Stories

This also helps to boost your motivation for blogging, If you are a blogger then you must know about the other successful bloggers. And maybe, you read about their success story, how they succeed in blogging?


  • If they can then why you can’t

We all know about the Harsh Agarwal, he is a mentor for every blogger. We learnt everything from him and ShoutMeLoud, He started in Dec 2008 and now he is known as the no.1 blogger in India.

You can know more about Harsh Agarwal from here…

There are many others stories of bloggers like this one who succeed in blogging and can inspire you to blog.

Have A Fresh Start

Do you know?

Why everyone chooses January 1 to make new commitments, because we know that this is the first day of the year and the best time to plan something new.

You can do the same at any time, don’t need to wait for the 1 Jan…

Things to remember for starting a fresh start:

  • Find out the mistakes you did
  • Don’t blog for Money only
  • Why you got demotivated?
  • Try to not make the same mistakes again
  • Make a blogging plan
  • Find out what your reader want from you

Find out the mistakes and try to never repeat them again. These tips will help you to start a fresh start and you will never be demotivated again from blogging.


I was suffering from being demotivation last month, It hurt me and my blogging a lot. I know if I did not fight with this then I will lose everything I got, Ranking, traffic and the regular readers.

Writers Block can be another reason for getting demotivate from blogging, here is something for you: How To Overcome From Writers Block?

All the best ways to motivate yourself again for blogging, I have shared with you from my experience these are the best and effective.

I also like to listen to motivation songs which also make me motivated again.

And always remember this mantra: Never Give Up!

I am sure you liked the post and found it helpful for you… If you did then must share it with others to help them too.

If you have others ways to make yourself motivated for blogging so please share it with us. I would like to add that in the post.

Motivation For Blogging

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