How Bloggers Make Money From The Blog?

Whenever, I told someone that I am a blogger, that time one question always came back to me which is, What is Blogging?

People always confused by the word “Blogging” especially in India and it becomes very difficult for us to answer their question.

Because this type of conversation will never end if you explained them about blogging then again one question will arise, What is the benefit of Blogging? 

If you said that I do blogging because I am earning from it then they will definitely shocked that how it can be possible? Can Someone really make money online?

I read a post on ShoutMeloud which I liked a lot because It is related to me, How To Explain Your Spouse’s Family that You are a Blogger?

I never got this situation where I need to explain to my spouse’s family because I too young for this. It will take some more year to come.

I got many questions on the Quora about how bloggers are making money from the blog? And many related to this.

Especially in India, Peoples never believes that one can make money from the internet. There is no doubt that India is growing like a rocket but it is still hard to explain it.

When I was started my blog and left my job, that time my parents were in tension about me and my future. 

Whenever I work on the laptop they were always thinking that I am playing games in it. But When I got my first income from the internet then my parents start thinking that I am not playing games on the laptop.

Don’t you know about my first Income? Because I did not share it, it was not a big amount but a really motivational for me. Money is not everything for me to blog, I love all the respects and appreciation which I am getting from my readers.

My father is always with me from when I started, he never understands what I am doing. But he blindly trusts me.

Today I am sharing in this post, How bloggers are making money online? and How you can too make too?

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Google AdSense

Everyone applies for AdSense after starting their blog, Google AdSense is the best monetization network powered by Google which helps bloggers to make money from their blog.

If you are just started then maybe it is tough for you to make a good amount from Google AdSense but after some months when you start getting high traffic on your blog, your Adsense increase will also increase.

If you don’t believe that one can make money from Google AdSense then see the AdSense earning reports of the ShoutMeLoud.

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Affiliate Marketing

I got my first earning from the Affiliate Marketing and this is the best method to make money from the blog.

Affiliate marketing is the art of promoting others products on your blog and get a commission on every successful sale.

There are many companies are running their own Affiliate programs and the big names are Bluehost, Amazon, AWeber, and Flipkart.

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Here is the proof of the Affiliate Earnings: A Blogger’s 5 Year Affiliate Earnings For Inspiration: $80410

Sell Your Stuff

A huge amount of a blogger income comes from selling his/her own stuff like eBook and Online courses.

Bloggers can also make money from the blogs by selling eBooks and online courses to their users. 

If you have really good knowledge about the niche you blog, then you should convert your knowledge to the eBooks and let them sell on your blog.

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Direct Ad Sell

If you have really high traffic on your blog then you should sell your website ad space to others. Advertising is the best way to drive traffic to the website and everyone is looking for the ad their company/product/service.

It is the easiest way to make money from your blog.

Sponsered Post

Sponsorship is another a good way to earn a good amount in less time from the blog, You just need to reviews products and services of others on your blog and they will pay for it.

Sponsered Post is like sharing your experience or feedback with your reader about any product or service.

And reviews post are the best way to increase affiliate income as well, you can place your affiliate links in the post to earn more.

Here is the list of the places where you can get sponsored Post Opportunity:


Bloggers are also making money by providing their services to the others.

This is the another a good option to make money online if you are expert in some skills like WordPress and SEO then you can provide your services to others to help them by taking charge.

It’s Your Turn

It was also shocking to me some years ago when I saw bloggers earning but after reading about blogging and affiliate marketing, I came to know that it can be possible.

I have shared all the ways which most popular bloggers and I am also using to make money from the blog so what are you waiting for? If you did not create your blog yet then when will you create?

I hope you like this post and found it helpful if you do so, then don’t forget to share this with others.

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