What Are LSI Keywords? Importance Of LSI Keywords In SEO

Ranking in SERP is not easy that it used to be, isn’t it?

But targeting LSI keywords in your content can make this tough task, somehow EASY!

Because LSI Keywords in content is one of the factors in the 200’s that decides the rank of a webpage in Google.

LSI Keyword is one of the very important factors in On-Page SEO, adding these keywords in your post can increase your organic traffic and your rank as well.

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LSI Keywords help search engine to understand your content better, for example: if you have written a post about Apple. LSI keywords help Google to know whether you are talking about Apple a fruit or Apple as a brand.

Google is not a human being who can understand your post, It looks for the LSI Keywords to know what your post is all about.

This post is going to help you to better understand what are LSI Keywords and how you can find them.

What Are LSI Keywords?

LSI( Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are the words and phrases which are closely related to your main keyword which you are targeting. For Example, LSI Keywords for Blogging are:

  • What is Blogging?
  • Meaning of Blogging
  • Definition of Blogging
  • How to Blog?

LSI keywords basically help search engine to identify your content, help to know what your content is all about?

For Example, You are searching for the Apple, then Google will show you results according to your past searches like if you had searched about Mobile phones in the past then Apple means Apple iPhone for you.

So, Google basically knows who you are? and what your interests are?  If you had searched for fruits then Google will show you Apple as fruit.

For me, I always search for the Apple iPhone, And I did a search for Apple. Google Shows me Apple iPhone because I always search for the same.

But this time I want to search for Apple Fruit, then I make my query more understandable with adding one more word, I searched Red Apple or Apple Fruit.

This made my search more understandable for Google. Here are the LSI keywords for Apple as a fruit and as a Phone.

Apple (Fruit)Apple (Mobile Phone)
Red AppleApple iPhone X
Fruit AppleApple Phone
Fresh AppleApple Mobile Phones Store Online

Now you understand LSI Keywords help search engine to understand the content and the searchers’ query and provide the relevant results.

Let’s have another look, Imagine You don’t know what is blogging? and you are going to search for this, maybe you will search for these queries.

  • What is Blogging?
  • How to do blogging?
  • Meaning of Blogging
  • Blogging
  • What is the meaning of blogging?

By targeting LSI Keywords in your post, you can have high chances to get rank in SERPs. Because as you now know, LSI Keywords help Google to better understand your content.

There is one IMPORTANT thing I want to make clear:

LSI Keywords are not synonyms, rather they are the words highly related to your main keyword aka seed keyword.

But using synonyms on your page is not a bad thing. Rather, it will help you in on-page SEO.

For example, “running” which is synonyms of “jogging” is not the LSI Keyword for “Jogging“.

Why Does Google Use LSI Keywords?

Gone those days, when Google shows results only based on the relevancy of the page to the given search query.

Keyword density was the most important factor for ranking in Google back days. When a keyword repeated again and again on a page, it clearly shows Google that this post is all about that term.

You might know, keyword density was horribly abused and spammed.

Google is SMARTER now… Google looks forward to providing a better experience to the searchers. Now Google began looking for LSI Keywords.

The reason, it helps Google to find keyword-stuffing and penalize them.

Because if you are writing about the Apple iPhone, your post will also contain keywords like Apple iPhone X, Buy Apple iPhone, iPhone X, Price of iPhone X etc.

On the other hand, if someone stuffing keywords to get high rank in Google. The page will only contain that particular keyword again and again.

Earlier days, If a post written on Digital Marketing. Google looks for the only keyword Digital Marketing in the content.

But now, it looks for the related term like SEO, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Content Marketing and so on because all are related to Digital Marketing.

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What Is The Difference Between LSI Keywords And Long-Tail Keywords?

You might get confused between Long-Tail Keywords and LSI Keywords…

They both have some difference which makes them separate from each other.

Long-Tail keywords are the words and phrases which contains more than 3 words in the body and also contains the seed keyword.

But on the other hand, LSI Keywords are related to your main keywords but it is not compulsory that LSI keywords should contain seed keyword.

They are the related terms to your main keywords and helps Google to understand your content for better.

Tools To Find LSI Keyword

Here are the LSI Keywords generator tools that you can use to find LSI keywords for your blog post.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush keyword magic tool is the all-time favourite tool for me that I use for every type of keyword research, be it long-tail keywords or LSI keywords.

SEMrush is not a free tool, it is a premium tool that cost $99.95 per month but you can get 7-days free trial by using this link.

Enter your seed keyword in the SEMrush keyword magic tool and hit the enter. On the next screen, you will see an option “Related” as shown in the image below.

What Are LSI Keywords? Importance Of LSI Keywords In SEO

It will show you all the related terms for your seed keywords.

What Are LSI Keywords? Importance Of LSI Keywords In SEO


LSIGraph is a totally free tool that you can use to find LSI keywords.

This is very simple to use, click here to go to the LSIGrph. On the page, you can see a box like below’s image and enter your target keywords. for eg. I am going to search for On-Page SEO.


Here is the result for On-Page SEO


You can see all the keywords are closely related to your main keyword.

Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete is the simplest and fastest tool you can use to find LSI Keywords. You just need to enter your main keywords in the Google search box.

What Are LSI Keywords? Importance Of LSI Keywords In SEO

As you enter your main keyword in the box, Google will instantly show you the related words that people are searching in Google.

Google Searches Related

You have definitely aware of this tool If you don’t so let me share,

You might be seen some related searches that people search on Google for a particular keywords at the end of the Google search result page.

Do a Google search for your seed keyword and scroll down to the bottom, you will see some keywords listed as shown in the below image.

Google Searches Related

These are the related keywords to your searched keyword, Google is showing that other peoples are searching for these keywords.

LSI Keywords Generator Tool

A very simple to use tool to generate LSI keywords for your topic. You can add up to 10 seed keywords to get the related keywords.

What Are LSI Keywords? Importance Of LSI Keywords In SEO

Add the seed keywords and hit the Generate LSI Keywords button at the right side. On the next screen, you will get LSI keywords for the same word you added.

What Are LSI Keywords? Importance Of LSI Keywords In SEO

FAQ About LSI Keywords

You might have some questions in your mind, I have tried answering all of them in the FAQ section.

What does LSI stand for?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, LSI keywords are the words and phrases that are closely related to the seed keywords.

What are latent semantic keywords?

Latent Semantic Keywords aka LSI keywords are the keywords which are closely related to the seed keywords you are writing about. It helps Google to better understand your content.

Earlier days, Google looks for keywords relevancy to decide the rank of a webpage. But now Google is smarter than before, now Google looks for the related keywords of the main keywords to decide relevancy for the searchers’ query.

How do I use LSI keywords?

Using LSI Keywords in a post is very easy, you need to put LSI keywords in your post.

It is more helpful when you crossed the Keyword density for your main keyword, you can put LSI keywords rather than seed keyword.

How do i find my LSI keywords?

Here are the tools you can use to find LSI keywords:

  1. Google Autocomplete
  2. Google related search
  3. LSIGraph
  4. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool


LSI Keywords are the keywords which are semantically related to the seed keywords. These are the keywords that help search engines’ bot to understand your content for better.

LSI Keyword is one of the 200 ranking factor that decides the rank of a webpage on Google.

I hope this post helped you to understand LSI Keywords if it did then must share this with others.

And if you have any query and suggestion then feel free to share in the comment section.

What are LSI Keywords

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