The True Meaning Of LSI Keywords [Beginners Guide}

Getting high rank in the search engine is very tough work, isn’t it? This is the wish of everyone that his content gets the first rank in the search engine but it is not an easy task. Do you know about LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords?

LSI Keywords are one of the very important factors in On-Page SEO, adding these keywords in your post can increase your organic traffic and your rank as well.

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As we all know, that there are more than 200 factors which decide rank on a posts/page in the search engines.

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What Is LSI Keyword?

Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) is the words and phrases which are closely related to your main keywords which you are targeting. For Example, LSI Keywords for Blogging are:

  • What is Blogging?
  • Meaning of Blogging
  • Definition of Blogging
  • How to Blog?

LSI keywords basically help search engine to identify your content, help to know what your content is all about?

For Example, You are searching for the Apple, then Google will show you results according to your past searches like if you had searched about Mobile phones in the past then Apple means Apple Phone for you.

So, Google basically knows who you are? and in what you are interesting?  If you had searched for fruits then Google will show you Apple as fruit.

Like I always search for the Apple iPhone, And I did a search for Apple. Google Shows me Apple iPhone because I always searched for same.

But this time I want to search for Apple Fruit, then I make my query more understandable with adding one more word, I searched Red Apple or Apple Fruit.

This made my search more understandable for Google. Here are the LSI keywords for Apple as a fruit and as a Phone.

Apple (Fruit)Apple (Mobile Phone)
Red AppleApple iPhone
Fruit AppleApple Phone
Fresh AppleApple Store Online

Now you understood that LSI Keywords helps search engine to understand our post and users queries.

Like you don’t know what is blogging? and you are going to search for this, maybe you will search by these queries.

  • What is Blogging?
  • How to do blogging?
  • Meaning of Blogging
  • Blogging
  • What is the meaning of blogging?

By targeting LSI keywords we can increase our chances to get high rank and organic traffic as well.

If you are writing a post blog What is Blogging? and targeting LSI keywords as well in your post then you will get all those traffic.

Adding LSI Keywords in your post can maximize your post reach in the search engine.

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Tools To Find LSI Keyword

But the main problem with the LSI Keywords is, there is the minimum of tools to find them but in this post, I am going to share two most useful tools for finding LSI. 


This is the best tools for generating LSI keywords, but the main thing, This is totally free tools so you don’t have to pay for it.

This is very simple to use this, click here to go to the LSIGrph. The on the page, you can see a box like below’s image and enter your target keywords like I am going to search for On-Page SEO.


Here is the result of On-Page SEO


You can see all the keywords are closely related to your main keyword.

Google Searches Related

You have definitely aware of this tool If you don’t so let me share,

Whenever you use Google to search anything, after clicking Search Google will show you result on the Next Page. 

Scroll down to the end of the page then you can see this…Google Searches Related

These are the related keywords to your searched keyword, Google is showing that other peoples are searching for these keywords also.

Both are the best tools to generate LSI keywords, and very easy to use.

I hope you understood all about LSI Keyword and found this post helpful for your if you do so don’t forget to share with your friends. 

And if you have any query and suggestion then feel free to share in the comment section.

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