What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

Are you not ranking in SERPs(search engine result pages)?

You know why?

Because you are doing a really big mistake. What is that?

Not targeting Long-Tail Keywords, yes this is the big mistake you are doing.

Long-Tail keywords are not only helpful in getting rank, rather, it will also help you to boost your CTR which will result in the conversion.

You might be wondering what are long-tail keywords and why use long-tail keywords. Right?

Well, this post will help you to get a deep knowledge of Long-Tail Keywords.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?’

Before knowing about Long-Tail Keywords, you should be known what is a Keyword?

Keywords are the words and phrases that define your content is all about. Keywords are the words or phrases that people search on Google or other search engines also known as “search queries”.

Like, if you want to know about the Blogging Tools because you want some tools for your blog then Blogging tools is the keyword.

Now look into, what are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-Tail Keywords are the keywords which have more than 3 words in their body. They are highly converting keywords which have low competition that’s why they tend to get rank easily.

Let’s suppose… you want to buy a Mi SmartPhone but you have less budget, let’s say 10k. What you will search on Google?

  • Mi SmartPhones
  • SmartPhones
  • Buy SmartPhones

NO! You will not search for any of these… Instead, you will search for something similar to following search queries…

  • Mi Smartphones under 10k
  • Smartphones under 10000
  • Redmi android phones under 10k
  • Buy MI Smartphones under 10k
  • Smartphones under 10k online

Your search query might be any of the above listed…

All keywords in the 2nd list are Long-Tail Keywords. Do you know why you will search for any of these keywords?

Because these keywords are specific for the result you want, you have decided that you want to buy a Smartphone and the brand will be MI because you like their phone or heard good reviews from someone else. But you have a budget of 10k…

These keywords will bring relevant results to your needs. You will get MI Smartphones and those will be under 10k price.

Let me show you something…

I have searched for “MI SmartPhones” and “MI Smartphones under 10k” both the keywords in Google. Here are the results…

Mi Smartphones

On the above image, You can see the no. of results in Google is very very high and there is nothing similar to what you are looking for.

MI Smartphones under 10k results

On the other hand, the result for the keyword “MI Smartphones under 10k” have only 32,50,000 results which are very less compare than the first search.

And Google also showing you the MI Smartphones which are almost under 10k budget at the top of the results.

So, you don’t need to go anywhere else, you have all the popular MI Smartphones under 10k in that list.

You just need to choose one and purchase through Amazon. Isn’t it easy?

If you look down to that list in the image, Google is showing a post about the 10 Top-Performing Redmi phones below 10000 that also suits your need.

Do you know why Google is able to do that?

Because your search query is very specific to what you are looking for and Google always try to show their searchers best relevant results.

Your search query tells Google:

  • You are looking for a Smartphone
  • The brand should be MI
  • You have a budget of 10k

It is clear now that Long-Tail keywords are more specific to searchers need, right?

Long-tail keywords are easy to rank because they have low competition compare than short-tail keywords. And they are more specific to searchers needs so you have high chances to get sales and conversions.

Why Use Long-Tail Keywords?

Here are the reasons why you need to use Long-Tail Keywords…

1. Long-Tail Keywords Have Low Competition

When it comes to SEO, all bloggers and webmaster following the same strategies and tactics… It became very HARD for newbies to outrank the people who are already standing in good positions.

Long-Tail keywords are unpopular keywords, means they have low competition. In more simple words, fewer people are targeting them for their posts.

You have a good chance to write content and grab the good rank in Google SERPs.

Let’s take the below example…

link building SEO results

On the above image, you can see link building which is a “head term” have 6,92,00,00,000 results. It means these much websites are already ranking for this keyword.

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE for you to outrank them…

what are long-tail keywords

On the other hand, when I searched for a long tail keyword which is “best SEO link building software” have about 4,05,00,000 results which are very less compare than the head term.

Look at the results of SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool for the keyword Link Building… All the keywords which have 3+ words have low keyword difficulty compare than short-tail keywords “building link”.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

You can easily outrank others and get the first position on the SERPs with killer content.

2. Long-Tail Keywords Get High CTR

As you saw in the first example where I did two searches, MI Smartphones and MI Smartphones under 10k. Long-Tail Keywords are highly specific to what searcher is looking for.

There are high chances of clicking on the result by searcher because Google will show him the exact solution of his search query what he searched for.

Searchers are more tend to click on the results that Google will show them when they search with a Long-Tail Keywords. Because it is more specific to what they are looking for.

For example: In the same example of MI Smartphones, the second search query is MI Smartphones under 10k is telling Google that searcher wants to buy a Smartphone and brand should be MI but he has a budget of 10k.

3. Long-Tail Keywords Can Help You To Rank For Single Keywords

As I already explained that Long-Tail Keywords are less competitive compare than the short-tail keywords. So, it becomes easy to get rank using them.

Targeting where fewer people are ranking is easy compare than targeting, where all big brands are ranking for the same term. They already applied all the SEO strategies to remain in the same place.

It is almost impossible to outrank them who are already a big name and ranking for the keywords you are going to target.

4. Long Tail Keywords Always Contain Head Terms

If you look, every Long-Tail Keyword contains head term… look in the image below.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

You can see on the above image that every keyword contain the head term “link building“.

It allows you to hit two targets at the same type with one fire.

5. Good For High Competitive Niche

If you are starting a blog where the competition is very high and all TOP blogs are already ranking.

Targeting Long-Tail Keywords is the best strategy you can use to get rank and you will get targeted traffic, the audience who are interested in your content.

Because ranking high with short-tail keywords will take time and effort. But if you rank for the long-tail terms then it will be easy for you to rank for the head terms of the same keywords.

6. Long-Tail Keywords Help In Voice Search

Have you ever used Google Assistance or Alexa to make a voice search?

The era is changing and the audience is moving to Voice search, it is more convenient to make a voice search instead of searching by typing queries.

For example, you can make a Google search when you are driving your car. You just need to say, Hey, Alexa, Hey Siri or Hey Google! What is a backlink?

And Google, Siri or Alexa whatever device you are using, will answer your query INSTANTLY.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

If you are targeting long-tail keywords and you get high rank for that keyword, then there are chances that Google will show an answer from your content when someone voice search for that.

Difference Between Long Tail And Short Tail Keywords In SEO

Short tail keywords are the keywords that have 3 or fewer words in their body. On the other hand, Long-Tail Keywords are opposite to short-tail keywords, they have more than 3 words in their body.

It is very tough to get rank for short-tail keywords, right?

Because they have high competition and all your competitors who have high authority blogs than yours, are fighting to get 1st position for those keywords.

And It is very tough for you to OUTRANK them.

On the other side, Long-Tail Keywords have low competition and they are easy to rank PLUS they are good for conversion also.

Below’s infographic will surely help you to know the difference between long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

Benefits of long tail keyword, long tail, long tail keywords,

How To Find Long-Tail Keywords Using SEMrush?

SEMrush is a bundle of SEO tools that helps SEOs, bloggers and content marketers to spy their competitors, keyword research, content idea generations and many more SEO activities.

SEMrush offers a keyword research tool that named Keyword Magic Tool which you can use for keyword research and for finding long-tail keywords.

I have written a complete tutorial that will help you to use SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, you can read that here…

If you are not using SEMrush already then you can grab the 7-Days FREE Trial by clicking here…

You need to add your card to get the Free trial of SEMrush but if you don’t want to proceed after 7-days, so you can simply ask them to deactivate your account by sending an email.

Open SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, enter your seed keyword for which you want to find long-tail keywords. Let’s say I want for Link building.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

Once you enter your seed keyword in the box and hit the Enter. You will get tons of keyword ideas for the keyword you entered.

You need to apply filter here to get filter-out long-tail keywords from the list of Keyword ideas that SEMrush has presented to you. You can add filters by clicking on Advance Filters.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

As I ready explained, Long-Tail Keywords are the keywords which have 3+ words in their body. They usually have LOW COMPETITION compare than short tail (head terms) keywords.

So, you need to filter out keywords which have more than 3 words and low competition. You need to apply a filter on words count “from” 3 to leave “to” field blank and KD%, leave “from” field blank and enter 70 in “to” the field, as shown in the above image…

Click on the Apply Filters button to apply the filter on the result.

Here you have the result for the seed keywords Link Building.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

You can see on the above image, all the keywords are having 3 or 3+ words in their body and also has low competition.

This is how you can find low competitive long-tail keywords using SEMrush keyword magic tool.

Other Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

There are many other tools also which can help you to find long-tail keywords to target. Here are the tools that you can use for Long-Tail Keywords…

Google Related Search

Google Related Search can be the best and free tool you can use for finding long-tail keywords for your content.

You just need to search your Seed keyword for which you want to find long-tail keywords. I am searching for the Link Building here again…

After hitting search for your head term, go to the bottom of the page and you will see Google related search at the end.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

This is the easiest and free method you can use to find long-tail keywords…

Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete is another easy method by Google you can use for this task.

I am sure you have seen this when typing any query in Google search box, Google shows you many other related terms to that keyword/query.

Here you can see:

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

These are the queries searchers are searching for the topic “Link building”. You can find for your head term using the same way.


AnswerThePublic is a great tool for keyword research, you can find questions focused keywords for your seed term.

You just need to enter your main keyword in the box and hit search. On the next moment, you will get questions keywords about your seed keywords.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

Question keywords tend to be long, so you don’t need to apply the filter to find long keywords.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

You can sort the data alphabetically and also export as CVS.


This is another a great tool for you if you are looking for Long-Tail keywords finder.

Soovle is a free tool that helps you to find keyword ideas from Google, Amazon, Youtube, Yahoo, Bind and Answer.com.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

It is very simple to use, you just need to head over to Soovle, and enter your seed keyword. Let’s suppose, I want keywords for “lose weight”.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

Isn’t it a pretty simple tool to use for finding long-tail keywords?


What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret of Ranking FAST in 2021

LongTailPro is a popular premium tool for finding profitable long-tail keywords. It has many other features as well in addition to finding long-tail keywords.

It used to be a desktop-based tool but It is a cloud-based tool now.

It is the best premium tool which you can use to find long-tail keywords. You can the free trial here…

Final Thoughts

If you are in a NICHE where the competition is very very high. Then targeting Long-Tail Keywords can be the best strategy to get rank.

Because your competitors are already ranking for the short-tail or you can say the head terms. It will be very tough for you to OUTRANK your competitors.

But once you get to rank for the unpopular keywords then it will be easy for you to rank for the short terms.

I hope this post helped you to understand the importance of Long-Tail Keywords in SEO. If it did, then must share this with others to help them too.

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