Everything About Long Tail Keyword In The Next 180 Seconds

Everyone wants to increase traffic to their blog. wants to get high rank on Google. and also wants to increase their Google AdSense earning. they always search for this to find an easy and working way to do so. Do you know? You can get all these by targeting Long Tail Keywords.

Some days ago I published a post on Keywords If you did not read that post so you should read that first before moving on.

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Here in this post, I am going to share you What is Long Tail Keywords? And how to find this?

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What Is Long Tail Keyword?

Long Tail Keywords, long tail

Whenever you search a keyword with Google Keyword Planner. Then you will get the list of many keywords some are single word keywords and some are two or three words.

Long Tail Keywords are the keywords which have three or more than three words/phrases. These keywords can explain more briefly about your products or blog posts which you are writing about. 

You can say Long Tail Keywords are attractive more that Short Tail Keywords.

For Example, Someone is selling shoes online if he searches keywords then some Long Tail Keywords he will find which are:

  • Party wear shoes
  • Shoes for men
  • Branded Shoes at Lowest Price
  • Shoes for Women
  • Buy Shoes online 
  • Casual Shoes for men
  • Sports Shoes for men

You can see all the keywords have three or more than three words.

Let imagine, You want to purchase shoes for the party, then what will you search on Google. Will you search Shoes? I think no. Maybe, You will search queries like:

  • Shoes for Party
  • Party wear shoes for men
  • Party wear shoes in budget
  • Black Party wear Shoes

People always search queries which fulfill their need. Let another short example to understand better, A man wants to buy a T-shirt under 500 rupees and he likes the black color. Maybe, he will search:

  • T-Shirt under 500 for men
  • Men’s T-shirt Under 500
  • Black T-shirt for men

Definitely, he will not search only T-shirt because It is not making any sense.

There are many benefits for targeting Long Tail Keywords. Have a look at infographic to understand better.

Benefits of long tail keyword, long tail, long tail keywords,

Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords

Finding Long Tail keyword is not a tough task, it is very simple and easy to find. There are many free tools to find Long Tail Keywords.

Google Related Search

You always use Google as you search engine. But do you know? You can use Google as a tool to find Long Tail Keywords. 

It is very simple to do, You just need to search your keyword in the Google search. Let see, You are selling t-shirt so you need to search T-shirt and scroll down the result page to the end. Then you can see some searches related to T-shirts like shown in the image.

Long tail keywords, long tail, keywords


I have mentioned this tools for Keyword Research, This is a very and easy tool to find keywords and long tail keywords as well. UberSuggest has one unique feature which makes it different from others, It will automatically filter result according to the alphabet.

Ubersuggest, long tail


AnswerThePublic is another great tool to find keywords. I like its animated background video which looks cool and funny.

AnswerThePublic, Long tail, long tail keyword tools

I like the structure of the results which is unique and make it different from others. 

Answer the public, long tail

These are some tools which will help you to find Long Tail keywords for your posts.

The Conclusion

I hope you understood everything about Long Tail Keywords. We will discuss more premium tools to find long tail keywords in our upcoming posts.

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