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I got an email from the StayMeOnline Contact page on 14th Nov. This is from one of our visitors who’s name is Arunesh Gupta. He had some problems with his website. he wants my help.

When I got the email, I was using my laptop (its mean I was online). So immediately I opened my mail inbox and read email.


We had some problem with which he wanted my help. So, I was online and I have read his mail. He had given his two contact numbers to contact.

Then I called him and ask him to contact me on any of social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, or whatever he likes. He liked my facebook page and messaged me.StayMeOnlie

I asked him that How can I help you? So he simply said that he has a 17 days old blog. He applied for Google Adsense but his account did not approve by Google AdSense.

I asked few things, Which platform are you using? and when you applied for Adsense?

He said that he had applied 12 days ago and he is using Blogger.com as the platform.

I clicked on his blog link that he mentioned in the message. There I found some of his mistakes which may be the reason for disapproving.

  • Missing Disclaimer Page
  • Missing Privacy Policy page
  • New blog. Blogspot Account Should be 6 Months old before applying for Adsense.

I had faced the same problem 1 year ago that time I was using Blogger.com. I had applied and got rejected because of any reason which I don’t know but now after 1 year, I know why Blogspot users got rejected.

My conversation went very long with Arunesh. And I had explained him everything which he wanted to know. He understood very well.

After that conversation, I decided to write a post for the Blogspot users to solve their queries about the Google AdSense.

But before this. You should read the reasons why your application rejected.

Today I going to share some tips for the Blogspot users to follow before applying Google AdSense.

Content Is King

[Tweet “Quality Content Is the Road To Success”]

Content is King. When you own a business. Content is always the king to get success.

Google loves Quality Content if you write high-quality content so Google will help you to get high rank in search. Help you to get Organic traffic.

The first thing you need to do is write the high-quality blog post before applying to Google AdSense. Your application will be reviewed by AdSense and they take 3-5 working days for this whole process.

Another thing is you should have enough numbers of the posts on your blog. You should have at least 20-30 posts before applying for Google Adsense. Most of the beginners got the insufficient content reason for rejection of Google Adsense.

Google adsense


They will review every single thing from design to content. This tips will help you to create High-quality content.

  • Choose Unique Topic
  • Do proper keyword research
  • Use relevant Images in the Post
  • Use proper heading and bullets to give a look to Your Posts.
  • Use Grammarly Tool to make your post spellings and grammar error free
  • Your Posts should be long enough

This tips can increase the quality of your content and make user-friendly.

Improve Design

Design matter a lot while you are applying for an AdSense account.

Do you like a website/blog with a dark color theme. and text with yellow color. It’s like uuuuhhhh. It is dirty. isn’t it?

Make sure that your blog design is good. you can ask your friends to give feedback on the  Design of your blog. Because others can found our mistake easily but we can not find our own mistakes.

Before applying AdSense, Improve your blog design and make it cool. Your design should look professional, Your blog design should neat and clean, and Important thing it should load fast.

Create A Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Most of the beginners don’t know about Privacy Policy and even they think that they need Privacy Policy page.

Before this, You need to know What is Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy page is a very important page of a website. Privacy policy describes that your blog is not a scam, Its aim is to Online Business. Privacy policy describes that you take care of users privacy and you will not share their details anywhere and their details are in safe hands

Privacy Policy describes what your blog is about? what will they get on your blog? and what should do or what to not do?  Adsense mentioned in their Policies that A privacy policy is necessary for an AdSense account.

The last thing which I want to say that you have to create a Privacy policy for your blog. You can visit Privacy policy page of the popular blog to get ideas about how to create a Privacy Policy Page?

There are many websites which can create Privacy Policy page for free.

But I recommend you to create a Privacy policy page by yourself.

Create A About Page

Create a about page

If you have an About page on your blog then your application for the Google AdSense will be approved. Or if you don’t have About page then AdSense will reject your application.

About page is the identity of your blog. This is the page where your users can know who are you? and they can know about your journey, your past. About page make a relation between you and your visitors.

If you want to more about the About Page then I have written a separate post on it. You can read it.

  • What Is About Page? Benefits & Importance

Create A Disclaimer Page

create a disclaimer page

What is a Disclaimer Page?

disclaimer is generally any statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in a legally recognized relationship. In contrast to other terms for legally operative language, the term disclaimer usually implies situations that involve some level of uncertainty, waiver, or risk. by Wikipedia.

You can not miss it. Because this is another an important page of the Website/blog. If you have a Disclaimer page on your Blog then the chances will increase to be approved. But if you miss it then you will be rejected definitely. Because AdSense mentioned it clearly in their Policies that A disclaimer page is necessary for AdSense account.

Create A Contact Page

contact us

A contact page is a place where people can contact you. Contact page makes easy for the users to find you and get in touch with you.

You can add a form on the contact page for your visitors to send their queries, suggestions, and anything they want by using that form.

You can add your social media profiles link on the page so your visitor can easily connect with you.

It also increases trust and engages users more effectively with your blog. And a contact page will prove that your blog is not a scam.

Custom Domain

When we create a blog on Blogspot platform. We got a domain name like title.blogspot.in.

For applying Google Adsense, You have to buy a custom domain for your blog. Remember one this, You can not get approved for the domain which you got with your Blogspot account.

You can get a domain easily from the Domain registrar like Godaddy and Namecheap.

Must Read:

Change Platform(BlogSpot Users)

When I was applied for the adsense 1 year ago. I got rejected. Many of the new bloggers rejected because of their blog is new.

Adsense has a policy for the Blogspot users that Blogspot blog should be 6 months old before applying Google Adsense.

I recommend you to migrate from Blogspot to WordPress.org(Self-hosted) and purchase a Hosting for your WordPress blog. There is a list of some best WordPress Hosting.

If you improve your blog using this list then you will be approved for Google Adsense.

🙏 One Humble Request!

I’ve put a lot of effort and done lots of research in writing this post to provide value to our blogging community. I will be glad if you share this post on social media. Sharing is caring 🤗

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24 thoughts on “List To Follow Before Applying Google Adsense”

  1. Hello sir
    Helping article, can you please tell me, how much minimum numbers of articles needed in blog before applying for adsense?

    • Thanks,
      You must have 25-30 post at least. many blogs got approved even in 15-20 post because of the quality of their content, the design of their blog. I recommend you to have at least 25 posts.

  2. Hi Ravi Dixit that is amazing article.i want to ask you that is it right that before applying for adsense approval our domain should be at least 2 months old.

    • Thanks, Habib
      If you are using Blogspot platform then your blog should be 6 months old. But if you have quality content and all important pages with the cool blog design then it doesn’t matter how much old your blog is? and for other platforms like WordPress, it doesn’t matter that your domain should be 2 months old. Your content should be useful. I hope you understood.

  3. Good Information Sir.
    I Have Own Blog And Today I Decided For Applying Google Adsense but After I Read Your Episode I Decided M not Apply For ADSENSE Before One Months 🙂

  4. Hi SMO,
    Let me know, why every link on your Blog first go to VIGLINK and then to original destination.
    Great Post, Loved it.


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