List Of Top 100 Blog Commenting Sites In 2021

Are you searching for the high DA blog commenting sites?

Well, you will get that here…

When I started my blog, there was a famous word in SEO, that was “backlink” which is still there. I came to know that building backlink is very important for getting rank in Google.

But as a beginner, it was not easy for me.

There were tons of methods one can use to build backlinks but all were the tough for me as a beginner.

Then I came to know about the quick method to build backlinks, this was a gig on Fiverr which I purchased and built thousands of backlink in less time.

However, this was the biggest mistake I made ever in my blogging journey. Because later I realized that all the backlinks were from irrelevant, spammy and low-quality website.

Which made a big impact on my Domain authority score, it went down from 27 to 19. So, I started disavowing them using the Google disavow tool.

Let’s get back to the topic, backlink building still tough.

But Comment backlink building technique isn’t really tough — what do you think?

You might be thinking that Comment backlink doesn’t work any more in 2021… If you think that same way— then you are wrong my friend!

You can build high-quality do-follow comment backlink in 2021, I have recently shared the list of 50+ CommentLuv enabled blogs where you can build do-follow comment backlinks.

I will cover more in this later in this post.

So, I am going to share the top 100+ high DA blog commenting sites where you can grab the blog commenting power from.

Does Blog Commenting Still Work In 2021?

Many has the misconception that blog commenting is not effective now, than it used to be at years ago.

But what I think, it depends on you. If you are doing it seriously, not only for building backlinks and spreading your links everywhere then — it works!

As you already know, that you can get a no-follow backlink when you drop comment on any blog. But you can also get a do follow backlinks through blog commenting.

Yes, many blogs uses CommentLuv commenting system which give incentives to the Commentator who drop comments by giving a do-follow backlink to his/her blog.

I have shared a list of 50+ CommentLuv enabled blogs which you can check out and build quality do-follow backlinks for your blog.

See what Matt Cutts says about blog commenting:

You need not worry if you are building links through comments which are relevant and meaningful to the blog.

In short, Blog commenting still works if you do it in a proper way.

Benefits Of High DA Blog Commenting

If you doing it in a good manner — you’ll be able to get most out of it.

There are some others benefits as well rather than only link building. Here are some of them:

Connect With Influence Bloggers: Commenting helps in connecting with the other influencers who are in the same niche.

Drive Referral Traffic: A good comment dropped on others’ blog can help you to drive some potential referral traffic to your blog.

Build Authority: You can build authority in your niche just by dropping a good and effective comment on others’ blog. You can try adding some value to the post or mentioning the things that author has forgot to mention. It will help others to know about your expertise within that particular topic.

Build Backlinks: Blog commenting helps in building backlinks, and I must say — A no-follow backlink from the high authority site plays a good role in boosting the SEO of a blog.

Not only Nofollow backlinks, but You can also get a do-follow backlink through blog commenting. You can learn more here, how to build do-follow backlink through blog commenting?

How To Write A Perfect Blog Comment?

A comment dropped for building a no-follow link never work. You’ll get a backlink but there will be no chance of other benefits.

Let me remind you, No-Follow backlink never passes the link juice or totally suggest Google bots to ignore the link.

So, how to write a comment that grab most benefits?

Read the do’s and don’t while writing a comment on the blog. These tips will surely help you to write a perfect comment.

Do’s In Blog Commenting

  • I have read on my posts that try to write more than 100 words in your comment. But I suggest that write a comment that adds value and help readers to learn more about the post. It can be in 50 words or 500 words, so word doesn’t matter.
  • Try to find out what the author has forgotten to cover in the post, cover those points in your comment.
  • Add your real name in the name field when leaving a comment on a blog.
  • Use your email which connected to your Gravatar account. If you haven’t created a Gravatar account then create it now.
  • Add author name in your comment. Like, Hello, XYZ! or something…

Don’t In Blog Commenting

  • Don’t add a link in between your comment. It will lead to land your comment in the spam folder or will be marked as the spam by author.
  • Don’t add your focus keyword or anchor text as the name.
  • Ask questions in your comment, a comment with questions get more engagements.
  • Avoid commenting on blogs that uses Disqus and Facebook Comments commenting system.
  • Don’t just end up leaving a comment just for appreciating the author, like: Good post, information post etc.
  • Avoid commenting on irrelevant, porn, gambling or spammy blogs.

Tools To Use For Blog Commenting

Here are some tools that will help you to do blog commenting effectively:

Grammarly: Grammarly will help you to write your comment without making Grammatical mistake.

Gravatar: Gravatar is a globally recognized unique avatar service. Create an account with the email that you always use for commenting. It will show your Avatar on every site you commented on with the email your register for your gravatar account.

Drop My Links: Drop My Links will help you to find high DA blog commenting sites to drop your comments.

Moz Bar: It is a free Google chrome extension by Moz that will show you the Domain Authority and Page authority score of sites you visit. It will help you to know the DA of the blog where you are going to comment.

List Of Top 100+ Blog Commenting Sites

I have made the task of finding high DA blog commenting sites easy because I have collected the top 100 blog commenting sites where you can drop commenting to get SEO benefits:

High DA Blog Commenting Sites Related To Blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO & Social Media Marketing

H1Ad Articles15
GiganticList Articles28
Wall Class Field Articles24
Classifields Factor Articles18
Advertise Era13
Yoast SEO Blog77
Just A Girl And Her Blog59
Elegant Themes Blog86
Matthew Woodward51
Magazine3 Blog42
Traffic Generation Cafe49
Niche Pursuits52
Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog60
Authority Hacker48
Inspire To Thrive39
Human Proof Designs44
Yaro Blog55

Health Related High DA Blog Commenting Sites

100 Days Of Real Food64
Fit Bottomed Girls61
The Full Helping59
Hive Health Media50
The Fit Foodie45

High DA Lifestyle Blog Commenting Sites


Travel Related Blog Commenting Sites

Dangerous Business55
Inspiring Travellers 48

Finance Related Blog Commenting Sites


List Of High DA Technology Blog Commenting Sites


FAQ About High DA Blog Commenting Sites

You might have some question in your mind, this FAQ section will help you:

What is blog commenting in SEO?

Blog commenting is the easiest method to build backlinks, where you need to go to a relevant blog or website that has the comment feature enabled. Drop a quality comment with your post or blog URL to get a backlink.

How do I find DoFollow blog comments?

You can use an easy to use the tool here to find DoFollow blog commenting sites. The tool is You can use it to find CommentLuv enabled blogs which provide a do-follow backlink.

What are the benefits of Blog commenting?

If you do blog commenting in a effective way, you can get many benefits out of it:
1. A No-Follow or Do-Follow backlink
2. A quality comment can drive good amount of referral traffic
3. It will help you to show your expertise


You can use the above list of high DA blog commenting sites that you can use to build comment backlinks for your blog.

But don’t try to do commenting only for building backlinks, rather try to provide value, share your expertise to other audience.

I hope you liked this post and found it useful if you did then must share it with others.

High DA Blog Commenting Sites
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